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Argenka, the Smith

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Argenka, the Smith

Post by Argenka on Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:42 am

Personal Info
Name: Argenka
Alias: 'Hot head' is one her parents dubbed her as when she was a hatchling for her crude temper.
Age: 20 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual  
Personality: Argenka is, like most firewing dragons are by heart or by nature- Hot-headed- Though she is not permanently angry all the time she does, however, have a tendency to blow up at the slightest of insults and when things do not go her way. She can sometimes reel herself in if she feels it's not worth blowing up over, of course, if the thing bothering her continues to bug her then she might just let herself become angry enough to start blowing fire out her nostrils. When she is not angry she very head-strong and stubborn, often not budging in her opinions or when she feels like not doing something another is doing.
Argenka isn't entirely someone with something up her butt, however, she has her moments of softness when she is calm and in a serene like state where she knows nothing is going to bother her or make her angry again. It is very rare to see her calm and not slightly annoyed/bothered by anything. She honestly wants some peace in her life and would try anything to get a bit of calmness before the storm of her emotions.
Argenka is not one for crowds nor she is one for people, she doesn't necessarily hate people she just doesn't like talking to anyone that just make small talk. She's indifferent towards people but if they are interesting towards her then she might talk to them long enough to hold a conversation.
Interests: Argenka is a woman of simple tastes in her hectic life, she enjoys smithing very much as it's one of the few outlets she has for her anger. She also enjoys sitting by the lava pools dotted around the palace when she makes a visit, she finds the bubbling mess of lava and fire to be calming to her. She also finds solace in traveling, stressful but it helps to see no places than her home and the endless forge. She enjoys the heat of the territory and loves the feel of the intense heat upon her scales.
Dislikes: She hates being annoyed above all else, anything that causes her annoyance is something she will directly hate with every fiber of her being. She also hates being teased, she can acknowledge that she has some negative traits that outweigh her positive feats but being teased on that is something she can't take mentally. She hates anything that is sweetly flavored or even mildly spicy in taste.
Fears: Argenka is very much afraid of the dark, she's head-strong and very much able to take on what she can but something in the dark, something unknown and unseen makes her uneasy, making her fear what lies beyond her lit room.

General Appearance
Height: She stands at about the lowest height a firewing can be, 35' feet.
Scales: Her scales are nearly reptilian in the shapes, specifically alligator. Her scale color orange with tints of red scales down her back.
Eyes: Her eyes are a bright yellow color with a small ring of red around the edges of the iris.
Appearance: Argenka's general appearance is that she appears to be dragon-like, her horns curling on the sides of her head, she was built physically strong, muscular features. Her jawline is angular, her snout ends in a bit of a hook with her nostrils flared. Her scales are shaped and arranged like that of an alligator's, it's a thick hide and she has a distinctive red diamond pattern going down her back to her tail and ending at the back of her head. She stands on all fours, her wings being separate from her arms but like the rest of her is strongly built for flight and able to carry herself over distances on both her legs and wings.
Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Argenka is a part of the firewing tribe.
Inheritance: Argenka is a purebred firewing, her inheritance with such a pure lineage grants her the basic ability to breath fire at the highest possible temperature.
Rank: Vulcan
Family: Argenka was raised by their mother, her father died of an illness that he refused to cure since it would get in the way of his work. Both her parents were Vulcans in one of the small villages she was born in. Both were as strong but stubborn as well, she inherited both the best and worst traits of them though she is a littler smarter than her father was.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: She can be very focused and task-oriented when she is working in the forge, crafting or filling orders. She's very skilled in crafting, she has hands with very fine finesse when it comes to smithing. She's physically capable of holding her own in a fight when it comes down to it, she's also direct and straight to the point in a conversation.
Special Abilities: Argenka's ability is able to generator a constant heat around her body, she is able to keep this high body temperature that burns about as hot as half a firewing's fire breathe. She can keep the heat but cool is down when she wants to, she can only hold the heat for a couple of hours before it cools down on its own.
Weaknesses: despite her armored skin, she has a very soft underbelly and a slight injury in her left leg that cripples her if she puts to much pressure on it.
Combat Style: She's very aggressive in her fighting style, she prefers to hit them hard and heavy until they yield as she doesn't want the fight to get dragged out too long. If it doesn't drags on then she will get tired as she will have exhausted her strength to quickly to be able to keep fighting.

History: Argenka was born in one of the small villages at the ends of the firewing's territory, her parents were both smiths they were true to their craft and taught their child the same when she was of age. Both taught her how to treat the metal and how to shape it into her desired item. She took to the craft well and become their apprentice, they taught her and in return, they both got to spend time with their daughter however later on in life, her father caught an illness. It hindered him when he worked and caused him some mild pains, he refused to sit and relax and continued to work on orders and fill them. He was stubborn to the bone and devoted to his work, it ultimately killed him when Argenka was 15. Without her father to help fill the orders and bring home food her mother become increasingly busy with running their small store as well as providing food for a hungry child and a starving mother.
Argenka soon took up the mantle her father left and become the one to fill the orders they get while her mother worked to provide food for them booth. years later, Argenka still runs the shop with her aging mother still, she runs errands and transports their good all over the territory, the traveling is good for her well-being and keeps her from becoming angry fast.
RP Sample: Argenka turns to the customer, she eyes them with a bit of disdain. They have been talking and giving her little to information on what they want this weapon to look like beyond it being 'sword-like'. She knows she's a smith and what a sword is like but with no specific details she cannot go through with the order. She lets out a long, drawn out sigh before she spoke.
"If you can't give me the details straight away then maybe you can check back later, when I'm in a better mood for a blabber mouth like you." She said with a bit of a growl, her patience wearing thin at them stalling this and not giving her specifics to give them. If they can't think straight then they don't deserve her patronage at all.


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Re: Argenka, the Smith

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:41 am

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Re: Argenka, the Smith

Post by Arkhor on Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:47 am



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