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Ignatius Sikum Empty Ignatius Sikum

Post by Ignatius Sikum on Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:28 am

Ignatius Sikum Latest?cb=20141214141347
Personal Info
Name: Ignatius Sikum
Alias: Iggy, Ignatium, basically any nickname which he is given. However, on formal occasions, he does prefer to be called his full name, Ignatius.
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Due to his experiences in the past, Iggy is an extremely abrasive and incredibly harsh on others who try to speak to him. He doesn't enjoy a lot of company, preferring to let his actions speak louder than words. Due to this, he would often tell even hatchlings off because they are pathetic with certain things, like taking care of themselves. He absolutely can't stand others being 'pathetic' and pitying themselves. If he sees that, he'd more than likely tell them to get a grip and shut up.

Ignatius is naturally a dragon who seeks to be alone as he is rather anti-social, preferring not to really talk when he meets up with others. That being said, he would still talk if he needed to or when he needed to, and would stand by what he has said to the ends of the earth. Therefore, in a sense, Ignatius is also incredibly arrogant, thinking that he knows best as he holds fast to what he declares.

Other things to contribute to his personality is the fact that he acts as if he is completely horrible with kids, this is simply due to the fact that he had lost his own daughter many years ago. However, Ignatius knows exactly how to interact with children and could potentially be a bit more of a father-like figure to them.

The father-like figure, however, would still consist of him being quiet around others and more than likely scolding them for any mistakes which they make due to their incompetence. Ignatius is a dragon who has had his trust broken so many times that he prefers to not allow himself to become attached anything in the world, too bitter and inwardly saddened to even try to interact with anything anymore.

Ignatius used to be an extremely harsh dragon, this about him will never change. However, inwardly and under the bitter cape of despair and fury, he can be quite a caring and loving dragon. But this would mean a lot to him as he would be going against a giant fear of him, the fear of feeling more than something like caring for someone else.

  • Almost complete silence - Ignatius dislikes others speaking, preferring little to no conversations.

  • Smaller creatures - Surprisingly, Ignatius actually enjoys the company of things which are smaller than he is. Mainly because if they go against him, he can just put his paw over their muzzle and force them to stop talking.

  • Hunting - Ignatius enjoys a good hunt, even if its hunting other dragons to fight them. He just enjoys it.


  • Noise - Self explanatory, he doesn't like excessive noise, like others shouting for the sake of shouting.

  • Giant dragons - They just can't be pushed around by him, and he greatly dislikes it.

  • Small talk - Ignatius can do small talk, but he doesn't exactly enjoy doing it.


  • Emotions greater than nothing - By this, Ignatius fears actually caring for something or someone. This is because it's always been stripped from him in the past, and he just things it will happen time and time again. He doesn't trust things to not happen.

General Appearance
Height: 30 feet tall and around 50 feet long. He is a naturally short FireWing, made even smaller due to his SkyWing heritage.
Scales: His scales are multiple shades of reds, oranges and grays.
Eyes: Blue. A very nice shade of blue as well.
Ignatius is quite a bulky dragon, everything about him practically screams that he is incredibly study and able to man-handle his way through things. He has almost a constant scowl on his face, as if someone had taken away his dinner, or skimped out on the meat. Ignatius however, on formal occasions, has a much more of a relaxed expression. His face also has a pair of long ears, with a mane which is a firey red on the side and chin, but a golden yellow on the top of his head.

He has extremely muscular legs, the front pair being tipped with 4 clawed paws and his hind legs having 3 short ones. Ignatius also has a sort of protective coating on rear legs, a deeper shade of red which is tougher than the rest of his hide.

His wings are large, thick and leathery, with two spikes which act like claws that he can strike with if his opponents are close. They are made like a toughened thigh bone, incredibly sturdy and incredibly hard to break.

Ignatius has a tail which also has a thin cover to protect itself. On the very tip of his short and sturdy tail is a tuft of fireproof fur. On this fur, as well as his claws, main and wing spikes, is a thin layer of his aura which he can ignite. This is explained later on in his special abilities section.
Ignatius Sikum Teostra_by_baihu123-d32t9lq

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWing
Inheritance: 10% SkyWing and 90% FireWing
Rank: FireWing Guardian.
Family: Who would want to claim to be related to this rather arrogant dragon? However, that being said, he had parents and a sister. However, they were brutally murdered when he was only a few months old. He has none left alive.
When he was a little younger, he also had a mate and a daughter, which were able to dissolve his harsh personality into a caring and happy dragon. However, they too, were killed by NightWings while he was on duty.
Mate: Inferno, deceased.
Ignatius Sikum Latest?cb=20150303040807
None anymore.
Hatchlings: Flicker, daughter, deceased.
Ignatius Sikum Monster_hunter_baby_lunastra_by_hectorherrera-d3kk008
None anymore.

Skills and Abilities

  • Strength
    Ignatius, like almost every FireWing, Ignatius is incredibly strong when it comes to sheer strength. Being the rather arrogant dragon he is, Ignatius also isn't afraid to show that he actually has strength to him if someone he knows or cares about is insulted. With his strength, he is also able to fight others with his experience with fighting when he was young. Ignatius has incredible paw-to-paw fighting skills and isn't afraid to ram his opponents with his strong horns. His tusk-like teeth also are incredibly study and are able to bite through many objects. If given the chance, he might be able to bite through EW scales, but he isn't game enough to try something that tough.

    Due to his bulk, he isn't afraid to take hits in order to use his fighting skills to really cripple his opponent, and neither is he afraid to take hits for his loved ones. Or former loved ones.

  • Fire
    Ignatius, like almost every FireWing aside from the few who can’t, Ignatius has the ability to breathe a constant stream of extremely bright and hot fire. His fire is able to light up even the darkest of places. This flame can reach up to 135 feet in front of him. The temperature of his fire is at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (F). He is able to use this approximately once every 3 posts.

  • Speed and bulk

    Ignatius Sikum TeostraFlames
    ~Despite his heritage, Ignatius is quite quick and nimble on his feet. He is able to outrun a fair amount of his own tribe, and due to his constant practice with his speed, he is can go to leap off speeds of 80mph for a tiny burst. He cannot maintain these speeds for more than a post and can only be used if he rebounds off an object. For example, if he were to be running in a straight line, he can leap onto a rock wall, then rebound off from that to gain more speed and strike at what was behind him. The maximum speed which he can maintain is around 65MPH at a constant run.

    ~Ignatius, by nature, is also quite bulky. He is able to take a significant number of hits before he falls. By significant number, it all depends on where he is hit. For example, if he were hit in the wings, it wouldn’t take him down very quickly at all. However, if he were hit in the legs or face, or something which supports his movement, he would fall in a few powerful strikes. By powerful, if something experienced in combat hit him, he would fall quite quickly. But something weaker, he wouldn’t fall so fast.

    For example, if an EarthWing were to hit his feet, he would be downed in two strikes.
    FireWings would need three hits.
    IceWings would need four hits.
    LightWings would need five hits.
    NightWings would need six hits.
    SeaWings would need seven hits.
    SkyWings would need eight hits.

Special Abilities:

  • Fire Aura
    Ignatius Sikum has a constant aura around him which somewhat hovers in the air around him and up to 35 feet either side of him when he has it activated and in standby mode. Ignatius also has the ability to expel it similar to that of a breath. However, when he is in public or not needing to fight, the aura is directly in contact with his hide and normally rests under his wings when he is public. While it is hovering around him, all it does it sit there harmlessly, until he ignites it.

    Ignatius Sikum 2e536a0b87dbe93ce473f7dd82926ce1

    ~He can breath the aura onto the ground to leave a line across it, which can reach up to 300 feet away from him. At the end of the line, he can form larger orbs of his aura, up to 15 feet in diameter. Ignatius can then ignite the line which he left along the ground, which travels up the line and to the orb in a split second. The orb detonates into an explosion of up to 100 feet in diameter, and reaches temperatures of 1800 degrees F. He can have many trails up and ready to go, but he must set it up. The line cannot be blown away by wind, and if it's covered with dirt, it simply floats to the top of the dirt. However, it can be washed away and he has to set this ranged explosion up before he can use it.

    ~Ignatius can condense the aura around his body and coat himself in it. This acts as a heat shield, which can burn any non-fire resistant dragon which touches him. Due to its temperatures, even water cannot get close to it and evaporates before coming into contact with the shield. However, if he's dumped into the ocean, the shield will be put out and the aura returns to hovering around him.

    ~The final thing which he can do is a supernova. He will pin himself to a target, or if a target has pinned him, he will most likely use this ability. The supernovas temperature reaches 2300 degrees F. The supernova happens by him biting down on his own fangs to cause a tiny spark, or through sheer willpower. This spark or willpower ignites the aura instantaneously, and it reaches to around 100 feet in diameter around him. This ability, even if it could be used as a sort of a finisher, has a few drawbacks. He can be burnt by this ability, incredibly dense ice would stop the majority of the heat, but would most likely be destroyed by the explosive force. He Ignatius, once the supernova has started, cannot end it. So if he uses it out of anger, then he's a bit stupid, but due to his arrogant nature, it's more than likely to happen.

  • Ignition
    ~Ignatius is able to ignite his horns, claws, tail, maw and claws on his wings to temperatures of up to 1500 degrees F. This would allow him to be able to burn other dragons if he managed to cut through their scales or plating. However, it also seals the wound with the temperatures at which he has these flames at. They can be extinguished with absolutely excessive amounts of sand and dirt, or a perfect hit with a powerful wind attack.  
    Ignatius Sikum Latest?cb=20140821092411


  • Intelligence - Ignatius, despite his incredible combat skills, isn't incredibly smart. He wouldn't think through situations and would act more on being spontaneous and relying on sheer strength to overwhelm his opponent.

  • Provoke - Ignatius is INCREDIBLY easy to provoke. Literally anything insulting towards himself or a potential future mate, etc, would cause him to react rather violently. If he has been provoked, he is rather hard to calm down, only those of higher authority would be able to bap him on the snout and get him to think about his actions.

  • Long range - Ignatius is weak to long ranged attacks, having to rely on his speed to get out of their stike range. He can't stand up to other SkyWings easily at all.

  • Naturally cold environments - Iggy struggles with cold environments as they cripple him badly, despite his normal firey temperatures. He feels as if he needs to make the entire area warm so that he can somewhat function in them.

  • Flight -Ignatius doesn't really do well in air combat, only relying on his wings to transport him from place x to place y.

Combat Style:
Ignatius prefers to take his opponent by surprise. Jump in there, strike, and keep striking until they beg for mercy.

Ignatius was born to a family with his sister as well. To their parents surprise, he was almost a spitting image of his father.
His sister;
Ignatius Sikum Latest?cb=20140324133338
His mother;
Ignatius Sikum Latest?cb=20111011051012
His father;
Ignatius Sikum 20140925180506!Teostra

They lived in a den not too far from the FireWing border, only into the NightWings own territory by a few miles. However, it would prove to be that these few miles would lead from life to death. When Ignatius was just a few weeks old, his father was taking him home from hunting, three freshly killed deer slung across the older dragons shoulders. The grass was crushed beneath their feet, but something felt off. Leaving Ignatius behind in a pile of rocks and rubble, his father ran ahead to the cave to be met by two other NightWings, their claws stained by the blood of his mate and daughter. Needlessly to say that, stricken by anger and fury, his father fought heroically against the two NightWings, before he fell, the deer still across his shoulders.

Ignatius, after hearing his fathers final roar, would crawl back to the cave in time to witness the true demise of his father. He was left dead in the open, his mother and sisters body by them both.

The young FireWing would run, terrified, until he ran into a family of around seven dragons. One of the children was quite dark compared to the others, with a flaming mane like his fur-like one. He had been intrigued by her and her family allowed him to stay with them until he grew older and was mature enough to leave. He aged a fair few years until something horrible happened.

Ignatius Sikum 81a2cfac19b33614013d4f98fb77792c

In a daze of confusion, Ignatius was awoken to a raging fire. The cries of his mother and father screaming for the children to leave would always burn into his memories. He remembered diving into the water, trying to lead the other younger hatchlings through the waters and out into the open... Only for a tree to come crashing down and pin them in the cave which they were going to try and escape from.

Ignatius thought that only he was alive, and was drawn to be bitter at the world for taking both his families. Driven by anger, Iggy would tear down anything that stood in his way, burning and destroying whatever was against him. For years the young male dragon would build up his strength be destroying and attacking various things which came against him. Relentlessly he fought, his eternal bitterness driving him forward to becoming stronger.

But this dragons anger and rage was calmed by a very calm and collected dragoness who would slowly learn to break his outer shell. She introduced him to the FireWing tribe and prove to him that he could become a guardian. Or something even greater than a simple rage bringing dragon. It would give himself a reason to live. Trusting this dragon, he had done what she had suggested and became extremely fond of her, incredibly attached to her. The two were practically inseparable.

Ignatius Sikum A5406bf9caa49cc8e17d58100015d2d2

Eventually, when he was 28, she became his mate. The two had an adorable hatchling, one which looked exactly like her mother. The same beautiful eyes, the same blue coat... Everything.

Ignatius Sikum 5417503454eed

His daughter was only young when he found out that his old ‘sister’ had actually survived the burning fires many years ago and, when he had confronted her about the whole situation and asked how she had survived... All she would tell him was that it was an accident and she had no idea how the fires had formed. Iggy, after only a few weeks of hearing that his sister would be given rulership over the FireWings, was furious. He knew how the fire started and he knew that it was her fault. Ignatius would spend time with his family to try and keep his mind away from the painful truth, only to be dragged away on a request.

However, no good would come of this either.

His mate was taken from him by a pair of black dragon while he was away. He came back to the home empty, and a pair of guards awaiting him to bestow the bad news...

RP Sample:
Dancing across the night skies, a tongue of orange fire pierced the dark skies, emerging from the cold and dried out forest which one housed small creatures under roots of the trees. The flames rose high over his head, as they came from his horns due to a deep anger burning within him. A passion mixed with a skewed motive of reclamation, Ignatius continued to lumber through the forest. Underneath his paws leafs and grass alike would wither and curl, threatening to explode into a raging inferno due to his naturally heightened body temperature. The great FireWing rose his head to the sky, his maw and deadly fangs parting as he let loose an uncontrollable roar of anger.

For reasons kept hidden from the world, Ignatius’s anger refused to be quenched, a deadly build up of both sorrow and fury bubbling beneath his hide. To keep himself in check, he allowed the anger to well inside him, causing his flames to spark and dance across his horns, wings, tail, and paws.

A sight which would never be seen again unless he allowed himself to be truly enraged.

He remained in a state of anguish, his heart torn from his chest whenever he thought about anything. How he had failed them. That he had failed his family. That his mother and father were banished, brutally murdered by a few NightWings who decided that they wanted his parents' den as their own.

Ignatius Sikum Monster_hunter___teostra_by_zedotagger-d8xz4bz
Ignatius Sikum
Ignatius Sikum
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Ignatius Sikum Empty Re: Ignatius Sikum

Post by Sly on Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:08 am



Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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Ignatius Sikum Empty Re: Ignatius Sikum

Post by Arkhor on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:04 pm


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