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Pishya the Tracker

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Pishya the Tracker Empty Pishya the Tracker

Post by Pishya on Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:20 pm

Pishya the Tracker Pishya_by_fluffycockatrice-dah2kfp
Personal Info
Name: Pishya
Alias: Not yet! A nickname of his could probably be Pish though, even though he hates nicknames.
Age: 30 years old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual, he doesn’t much care for gender when it comes to mates, as long as they get along  

Who would have thought that a dragon could be so snooty and self obsessed?

You could find this young drake lounging around by a clear pool, staring into his own eyes as if he was his own lover. With the way he stares at his reflection, no one could blame you if you thought that at any moment he’d lean in with puckered lips.

Anyone would think he couldn’t form any meaningful relations, considering he seems to be enamoured with himself, however Pishya values family and friends as much as he values his ‘beauty’. He’s a protective dragon who’d rather die than sit by and watch his friends be torn apart! He often boasts of this (as well as his looks) to anyone who’d listen in such a dramatic fashion anyone would think he was going for an acting award that would not be invented for another thousand or so years.

He often gets bored listening to anyone talk about anything but himself, but he can rattle on about hobbies he does in his spare time for hours! He gets on well with people who have the same hobbies as he does, since then he can talk about something that also interests him with someone else, although sometimes this can turn into rivalry.

He’s monogamous and can’t stand the thought of his partner cheating on him, and because of this he often gets very clingy and jealous. God forbid if the one he was dating got clingy towards him, however. He enjoys his alone time a lot, and hates it being spoiled. He gets aggressive and cranky when he doesn’t have his ‘me time’, often lashing out and snapping at innocents.

As a hatchling he was very sheltered from the world, and was raised in a happy and ideal home environment with loving siblings and parents and first world problems. Because of this he’s unapologetic to those who have been through hell on earth, and naive to most of the real world.

He’s incredibly good at masking his emotions, which would make him a class a actor! He has a great control on his body as well, so his scales won’t change colour depending on his actual mood. However! If something really bothers him they tint towards what ‘colour’ he’s feeling.

Treasure hunting! Pishya has always horded pretty things, he loves going out on hunts and trading his wares
Being alone. Pishya always needs some time to himself, and gets uncomfortable when he doesn’t get it for a long period of time.
Hatchlings! Who would've thought it? Pishya thinks theyre just the cutest little things, he wants some of his own one day but he would more than likely be a terrible father if he doesn’t improve how he is now.
Family! There's no reason not to love your parents, thinks the snoot lord. He’s often very unapologetic to those who have been hurt by their parents.
Mud! Eck, does this really need explaining? It gets everywhere! It’s hard to get off! Its sticky and feels gross.
Others who talk too much about themselves. Hypocritical, right? Pishya wants to talk about himself, dammit.
Thieves and scammers! How dare they take his junk? It’s his and no one else's.  
Fears: Pishya has a huge fear of the dark. He just can’t stand being alone in a dark room without anyone else or any light around him. It isn’t that serious but it makes him incredibly uncomfortable. He also has an irrational fear that one day when he returns home his entire family would be dead, but that’ll never happen! Right?
General Appearance
Height: 42 ft tall
Scales: Pishya has “dot scales” with are better seen when he’s in the light, they sparkle shades of red, green, and cyan.
Eyes: Icy blue eyes
Appearance: A rather chubby dragon, he has two large horns on his head near his ears that jut out to the sky and a fluffy mane that runs down his neck to his shoulders, his muzzle is slim like a greyhounds and he has delicate whiskers on the end of them, he also has a little stubble of fur on his chin which he hopes will grow into a beard. He has a long, rather flexible tail that he uses to grip onto trees when he’s out climbing.
His belly is defined with scaly plates, and his wings are more made for gliding from tree to tree rather than flying long distances. His belly is rather close to the ground.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: The light wings!
Inheritance: Pure Lightwing!
Rank: Tracker
Family: NPC Mother and Father
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: He is incredibly good at camouflaging himself, he has almost complete control over this ability and often uses it to his advantage when out in the wilds. As a great actor he can also feign his emotions and feelings towards others, making him either a great diplomat and manipulator.
Growing up in the jungle has allowed him to practice climbing and scaling of trees, he can also recognise and track things with ease.
Special Abilities: He has the ability to perfectly camouflage himself and change the colour of his scales and even mane, this stops at his eyes however which he cannot seem to change the shade of! He also struggles to do this in complete darkness.
Weaknesses: He cannot stand to be hit, he’s a very weak dragon physically, and bleeds way more than he should. While he’s fast he doesn’t recover easily and would sooner surrender early in battle than die a champion. He would also do absolutely anything to protect his friends and family, and suffers from extreme jealousy issues.
Combat Style: He has a clumsy style of fighting, which needs refining and tweaking. He’ll mostly always go for the neck of the dragon if he’s trying to attack, but other than that if he’s the one being attacked his first instinct is to escape.

History: Pishya grew up in one of the most ideal environments anyone would suspect, his parents had a rare, happy marriage and he was cared for and loved. He didn’t seem to want to do much with his life as a hatchling, as he was happy being cared for and pampered by his parents.
He did, however exhibit great promise with his powers of camouflage, as even at a young age he seemed to have control over it. When he wanted to get away from the world and the hustle and bustle of his siblings he would hide away, letting his camo help him. His parents, although a little annoyed by his habit, were supportive and wanted to encourage this talent.
And so as he got older he practised his talent, but didn’t do much else than join the trackers. His history is still much in the works.

RP Sample:

The white dragon was a stark contrast amongst the warm leaves of the forest, the sun filtered down onto him and illuminated his scales, making them shine a rainbow of colours. He was comfortably lay on a low hanging branch, gazing below into a the beautiful and serene blue pond directly below him. The water was so clear and mirror like, and he could see his face clearly.
He had a thin muzzle, which was framed by a flurry of wispy whiskers that jutted from around his maw. He had a stubble of hair on his chin, which will one day grow and flourish into a beautiful beard. His ears were round and adorable, and his horns were thick and handsome.
He was perfection.
Or well, he thought he was. Pishya was always so enamoured by himself, and a day like this was common in his lazy and relaxing life. He was so wrapped up in himself he wasn’t aware of his surroundings. His tail lazily uncurled and recurled around the branch, showing he was indeed awake.

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Pishya the Tracker Empty Re: Pishya the Tracker

Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:11 am

Sorry, I'm oh a phone so it won't be all pretty like usual <3

Would you like your name changed to Phisya btw?

Need to say his height in numbers.

What is he a purebred of?


Bump when ready
(Sorry, just standards! )
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Pishya the Tracker Empty Re: Pishya the Tracker

Post by Pishya on Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:39 pm

I'll fix those things up! but while I do, I want to ask whats wrong with pishya as a name :'^D


Always open to RP <3

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Pishya the Tracker Empty Re: Pishya the Tracker

Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:50 pm

I was just asking if you wanted your username changed from flufflycockatrice to Pishya ^^

Approved 1/2
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Pishya the Tracker Empty Re: Pishya the Tracker

Post by Pishya on Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:55 pm

oh!! i totally misunderstood!

I should really, so yeah i do!


Always open to RP <3

Ask me about art trades!
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Pishya the Tracker Empty Re: Pishya the Tracker

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:53 pm

2/2 approval
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