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The Ebonwing Potentate Hierarchy

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The Ebonwing Potentate Hierarchy

Post by Tenebris on Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:20 pm

The Ebonwing Potentate Hierarchy
-Sigil of the Ebonwing Potentate-

Contrary to popular beliefs, the Potentate is not a unified nation ruled by a powerful central government but is in actuality a confederation of the fiercely island states and provinces whose inhabitants are tied together only through the Tenebris’s personal political intrigue, ideologies and mutual culture. Tenebris in his wise and calculating nature, foresees that the Potentates lack of land connection will see the Isle split by those seeking territorial gains. And so he gave the title of Dukes to the highest members of his inner circle, each responsible for managing his own territory in the form of Duchies but subject to the Archon in matters relating to its rulership. The independence of the Duke is to counterbalance the power of the Archon once Tenebris leaves this world should he proved too tyrannical as a leader, as well as to ensure mutual but non-violent competition amongst each of the Potentates Dukes.

Apextorium titles
The Dukes and lower Nobles are known as the Apextorium, directly connected to the Archon and his court. The status of becoming a member of the Apextorium can only be bestowed upon by the Archon himself, however current titles may be passed on in a hereditary system by inheritance to the “Apexs” heir. A number of titles make out the Apextorium.

The Apexs of the Islands; Agnus, Saeclum and Tremendae all hold the title of Duke. While the  islands of Laus, Beatus, Macero and Absconditus are ruled by those carrying the title of Lord.

The ruling cortege of the Potentate is constitutionally bound by Tenebris and his inner circle as the executive branch of the Government. Each of the Dukes which make up the Higher aristocracy of the Potentate are bestowed roles and ministries to preserve the rule of governance

The Archon’s Cabinet.

  • Archon, Head of State - Tenebris. Honourary titles; Lord protector of the Isle of Aterna Dominus, Arch-Duke of the Potentate.

  • Majordomo - Loque. Honourary titles; Duke of Agnus, Grand Magistrate of the Magisterium.

  • Crown Prince - Vesanus. Honourary titles; Duke of Tremendae, Minister of Slavery

  • Lord-Commander Militant - Nerokius. Honourary titles; Duke of Saelcum

The legislative body of the Potentate is known as the Senate. The Senate is divided into two houses: the Magisterium and the Publicanium. The Magisterium is the upper house and is responsible for making laws and choosing a new Archon if there is no approved heir. Members of the Magisterium are known are the Apextorium and thus serve as the Archons direct court, the head of the Magisterium and second constitutionally to the Archon is the Majordomo Loque. The Publicanium is the lower house, and in contrast with the Magisterium it holds no true power and is considered a bureaucratic body. Senators of the Publicanium are elected officials from the Medarti.

Military structure

The actually standing Military of the Potentate is rather small compared to the other Tribes of the world due to the minor population. Known as the Eclipse Guard, these warriors train to serve the Potentate and undergo both physical and mental conditioning to prepare them for their task. Usually in the entourage of the Apextorium the Eclipse Guard is trained beyond most other military factions in the world, focusing essentially on combat engineering. It is the duty of the Guard to combat the “sedition” of the Thallarti as there is ever a need to suppress the slave rebellions what occur frequently. In times of open warfare the Thallarti are usually drawn into serving as militia and auxiliary units.

Military ranks of the Eclipse guard.
Commissioned Officers;

  • Lord-Commander Militant

  • Commissar

  • Justicar

Non-Commissioned Officers;

  • Decurion

  • Uhlan

  • Eredh

Soldier ranks;

  • Sapper (Field Engineer)

  • Farein (Private)

Intellectual institutes regulated by the Royal Apothecary society
The Royal Apothecary Society, sanctioned by the Archon is a  is an alchemical body of Scholars, Healers and intellectuals based in the Apothecarium wing of the citadel of Shadow’s Refuge. The Royal Apothecary Society is broken into three groups: Research and Development, Testing and Implantation. R&D is staffed by Mages and intellectuals with a talent for alchemy. They make a variety of toxins from run-of-the-mill nerve gas, delayed poison and flesh dissolving sprays, to more magical potions such as fire potion (which burns the drinker from the inside), and even one that makes the drinker insane, assuming the mannerisms of another race. They are also in charge of roaming to the mainland on the continent to look for ingredients for their foul concoctions. This group resides solely in Shadow’s Refuge and reports directly to the Master Apothecary.

Structure of the Royal Apothecary Society.

  • Master Apothecary

  • Grand Apothecary

  • High Apothecary

  • Apothecary

  • Junior Apothecary

  • Apprentice

-Map of the Isle of Aeterna Dominus, dominion of the Ebonwing Potentate-

Tenebris's Bio
A look at one of Tenebris's Publications as a Scholar

"Destiny isn't a matter of chance, its a matter of choice. Only we can claim our Destiny when the path opens" ~ Tenebris lamenting.

"Oftentimes in reality, the realists are in the position of the antihero. Neither those on the side of good, nor the side of bad really trust them, as their truth is universal." ~ Tenebris, Archon of the Ebonwing Potentate.

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