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Matimeo is Here

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Matimeo is Here

Post by Matimeo on Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:25 am

The above picture does not belong to me.  
This picture is Samarskiy's and I have his permission to use it.
Here is his profile page.
Personal Info
Name: Matimeo Milez
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: He speaks with few words.  If someone asked him a yes or no question, they would get a yes or no answer.  Other questions like: "How did you-"?  He would probably use only five words or less to answer.  Overall he is a very quiet individual.

Surprisingly, he is not shy about meeting other dragons, as he often makes the first move.  Walking up to them, saying, "Hi."

He does keep conversations short and quick though, preferring not to establish deep relationships with others.

He has a curious nature and it can lead him into trouble.  Whether that be exploring dangerous places or offending someone by asking, "Why?" and getting, "Mat its none of your business."  

His strongest quality is his confidence, when he makes a decision about something, that's it, its final, no going back.

Interests: He enjoys exercising.  The workout methods he employs are flying through the air for increasing amounts of time around his home, and stepping/marching/running/running at top speed (if there is a special word for dragons 'running', I don't know it, forgive me.) over various types of terrain.

His top flight speed is 35 mph. His running top speed is 10 mph.

  His goal is to have the endurance to fly around the world three times without collapsing from exhaustion.  

He also likes reading murder mysteries, and its his thing to do when the weather or "mother nature" is too horrible to try going anywhere.

Puzzles are something he enjoys solving, whether it is a game puzzle or something that is not explained.  Like someone leaving and not returning when they said they would.  He enjoys finding out what happened, doing his best to solve the problem.

Dislikes: Bad weather (Like storms or hail), spicy food (anything even with a slight bit of spice is uncomfortable in his mouth), food that looks like it has a high fat content, and waking up early in the morning.

Fears: Total Isolation: or being alone and never seeing anyone ever again.  
Darkness: He cannot see what lurks inside it, this fact freaks him out to the point that he will not sleep unless there is a light of some kind.
Butterflies: There is just something about those tiny flapping things that makes him fly away like the devil himself is chasing him.  

General Appearance
Height: 50 feet
Scales: Looks like small circular rings and they cover everything except his arms, legs, wings and head.  The scales do have hundreds of small spikes covering them as extra protection.  

Eyes: are yellow with black pupils and when he is angry the eyes will 'leak' a red vapor.  (The red vapour does not have any function-its just a weird thing his eyes have always done.)

Appearance: To start with most of his body is similar in colour to a 'dark pink.'

Now some details:

He has a long face.  It is noticeable if you were looking at the sides of his face as you would also see that he has quite a long jawline.
When he fully opens his mouth it looks like a sideways V and the teeth inside are shorter at the back than at the front.

 Underneath his mouth is his chin which has some spikes underneath it.  These spikes are similar to the ones on his scales except a lot longer and very few in number.

He has two black horns at the top of his skull. These horns run directly above his eyes to just above the beginning of his neck.

 His wings are red, and he has a full wingspan of 30 feet.

 His arms and legs are muscular and all have small sharp claws.

 His tail accounts for more than half his body length.  The tail has big spikes on it, but the tip of his tail has the largest spike.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWing
Inheritance: All FireWing
Rank: Trainee
Family: His parents, Berad Milez and Ally Vice
Mate: None yet.
Hatchlings: None yet.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: He is able to fly at a speed of a third is maximum or no more than 11mph for half a day or run at less than half of his max speed or 4 mph for two hours without stopping.  This is due to his self imposed training (he has been doing for ten years now) that includes breathing exercises, and dieting.  

Special Abilities: Supersize(No its not fries.  Please give this ability a chance.): touching a small object, like a fallen leaf or a rock, Mat can increase its size to Mat's own size.  Mat's size (as tall as mat is and as long as mat is) is the limit for how big he can make an object.

He cannot make objects smaller.  

His power or special ability will not work on living things.
A further explanation is below:

The object's weight (which mat used his power on) will be appropriate to what it would normally be if it was that big.  For example a boulder that mat didn't use his powers on and was his size would weigh the same that a rock that mat made his size would weigh.

After six hours the object that has been increased in size by Mat's power will return to its original size as if Mat had never even encountered it.

He can only use this power once each day.  

Weaknesses: His scales are weak (or you could say do not protect him from) against slashing or slicing types of attacks. (what claws normally do.)  This is because there are small gaps (not visible) between his circular scales.  

Sensitive Hearing: as he hears particularly loud or high pitched sounds; The sounds get registered by his brain and his brain says, "Hey, lets just stay in shock for a good thirty seconds to a minute".  So all his muscles freeze up and he is basically in a paralysed state until that time is up and is brain gets out of shock.  

Its a very uncomfortable position to be in, to be paralysed and he always looks back on it later wishing his ears weren't such a hindrance to him.


 Combat Style: He enjoys aerial combat and launching attacks from above his opponents.  

History:  There is not all that much to say.  Matimeo's past was pretty straightforward.  He hatched from his egg and learned about life from his father a Smith for The FireWings and his Mother a healer for the same tribe.  So he learned about helping to develop stuff like equipment and helping to heal others, but he never became an expert at either.  It was probably because he got bored of hanging around at home and went off to start exploring without telling his parents of course.  He was a small dragon when he ran away, only ten feet tall at the time and that time exploring was rough to say the least.  Every time he encountered a new creature it either ran away from him or tried to kill him.  The former was ok, if a little disappointing to see that the rats and small rodents he never even got to say hello to, turned heel and skittered away into the undergrowth of nearby foliage.  The latter he still has nightmares about.  The salamanders that literally tried to bite his claws off, were very terrifying.   Eventually he managed to find his way back towards the Fire Wing encampment, but he was afraid of his parent's anger at him running away, so he hid at the outskirts of the camp.  A healer he had never met before, spotted him as he returned to his hiding place, she asked Mat's name and what he was doing.  At first Mat didn't want to answer her but, a few long moments, he somehow got the feeling that this healer who's name was Verity, did not bear him any ill will.  After a few more conversations Mat truly trusted Verity and Verity in turn, looked after Mat.  She asked what he wanted in life and helped him achieve this through advice and basically took whatever actions she could to assist him.    

Frequently she brought up the topic of his parents, and after a year or two of her badgering him to go see them he did as she told him to do.  

The reunion was worst than he thought it would be, his father having seen his long lost son after so much time said, "Where The Hell have you been?!  You are going to pay more than you know for making us grieve, thinking you were dead!"  And so his father beat him into the long hours of the night, and only as the sun was beginning to rise was his mother able to stop him before Matimeo was injured permanently.  

He limped away that morning back to Verity and she had sympathy for him with a knowingly sad look in her eye as she healed him.

After a few weeks his father had cooled down and when Matimeo went to visit his parents again, it was actually a good time.  They had pleasant conversations and actually talked like a lovingly family should about each other to each other.  

Now that his parents knew where he lived, on the outskirts of camp, Mat was able to interact with the locals of the camp and became an official trainee.  

And for the past ten years he has been enjoying his own personal training: flying and running exercises.      
RP Sample:  Mat woke up from an usually long nightmare.  The image flashed in his mind that he couldn't seem to shake off; A giant man with a thick club swinging down at Mat's skull with mat able to do nothing but stare in horror.  Just as it seemed his head would be split like a broken egg-he woke up in a cold sweat with his body shivering from his head to his toe's claws.  He didn't know much about why he had the dream or what the thing with the club in his dream was.  As he had never seen such a thing before or imagined it, dream or not.  

He decided to talk to Verity about it, maybe she would have some answers about the questions spinning in his mind.  Thus, he quickly made his way to Verity's 'Den.'

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Re: Matimeo is Here

Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:25 am

Hello there and welcome to DRF, I'm Aero Dynamic, a forum moderator, and I'll be grading your app today!


You mention that he likes running at his top speed, so what is his top speed? Also down in strengths you mention that he fly for half a day and run for two hours, so is that at his top speed or a somewhat slower speed?

Special Abilities

Just wanting a bit more classification ^^

You mention that the object turns to his size and to what weight it would be, but does it stay that way forever or is it a temporary thing?

Also would he be able to make say a SkyWing his size if he really wanted to or does it not work on Dragons/ other living species (Think of a human like that o.o)


Bump when ready
Aero Dynamic
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Re: Matimeo is Here

Post by Matimeo on Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:13 pm

Hi, Aero Dynamic it is nice to meet you. Thank you for welcoming me and taking the time to review my application. Very Happy

I think I addressed the points you made about the character's interests, strength and special ability.



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Re: Matimeo is Here

Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:49 pm

Approved 1/2 ^^
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Re: Matimeo is Here

Post by Hyruu on Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:20 pm

Approved 2/2

Characters : Hyruu, Asher, Loque, Mei, Aakesh, Seyn, Rhune, Nara, Nisha
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