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The fall of the celestial plain

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The fall of the celestial plain

Post by Amaterasu on Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:52 am

The celestial plain... what was thought by many dragons humans and beings to be a myth... but theres more to the story then what many think

Amaterasu the japanese sun goddess lived here and protected it with her own life and for the celestials sake, the celesitals were humans but many took the form of a pure sun gold dragon or a regular white wolf, but many years ago the celestial plain was attacked...no one but amaterasu knows this.

Flash back

Many celestials fled to the ark of yamato created by the moon tribe as a ark to escape in while amaterasu stayed behind to fight orochi by herself, bareing her fearsome claws, amaterasu lept towards orochi. Orochi reared its terrifying heads, readying its fangs for battle. The two beasts struggled wildly, Thrashing in the oncoming darkness.

Mysterious and terrifying, the spectical continued, amaterasu summoned gusts of divine wind to counter orochis flames. Amaterasu fought gallently to gain the upper hand however... Orochi, protected by a mystical power was not easily bested. Amaterasu was covered in gashes, her majestic white scales died crimson, stood out of breath before the eight headed serpent.

Amaterasu only knew of one thing, the beast could not be deafeated by her claws alone but only by the power of the chosen one so She dragged the beast down to the world below known as earth and awaited for the chosen one to be born... however, the ark of yamato had fallen to the world after a genoside on the ark, many monsters hid in its shadows and slew all the celesitals on boared, it fell right into a frozen lake in the middle of the icewing territory but the ship itself is still big enough to be seen by nearly all dragons from their territories.

End flash back

Amaterasu looked over to where the ark of yamato is and sighed, she could still remember what happened
this place is beautiful... but it would be even better if the ark wasnt there...

((how is it? Comment if you liked the story!))

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Re: The fall of the celestial plain

Post by Kokoro on Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:57 pm

Oooooh! Its very interesting! I like it! Smile And I think you should write more and share it!

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Re: The fall of the celestial plain

Post by Shiningwater on Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:47 pm

YES! Including myself, I know of 3 storywriters on here. MOOOREEEE!! You are a good writer. :3
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Re: The fall of the celestial plain

Post by Amaterasu on Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:15 am

well to be honest this is one of my BEST works yet i wrote it down on paper and im going to tell it in class for english rarely do i put commas or full stops in my work so it might take a while for me to come up with the other part... oh go one then i will give you a teaser

"O wild goddess of the sun how many years has it been, since we battled each other. 200 years?, no it was a lot longer then that"

"Yea? well ammy can powerslash you back to your imprisonment!


"Hey ammy doesnt it feel like we met lotsa girls lately? when was the last time we ran into a man!? i half hope they dont take advantage of me.. heh heh heh"

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while other people use english text to speak japanese... i can do better... just watch

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