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Burning Ashes (Open To All!) Dragon10
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Burning Ashes (Open To All!)

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Burning Ashes (Open To All!) Empty Burning Ashes (Open To All!)

Post by Aviur on Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:50 pm

Three. Two. One.


The tree exploded with a loud crackle that echoed through the plains and forests of the Rogue Lands, followed by the stench of smoke as a huge stream of black erupted from the smouldering remains of the tree, revealing Aviur's location to all who cared. He didn't care though. He was too busy having fun and wrecking things.

He was playing god right now.

Grinning and laughing, Aviur whipped around and blasted another tree with fire, sending that one smoking as well. He then unleashed a torrent of flames that consumed thr ground around him, leaving a smoking black circle that marked where he stood. In the middle. In the middle of his small game of nothing but burning ashes. He loved fire.. He loved how it moved. He needed more fire! More fire! MORE FIRE!

Losing himself in his fantasy world of flames and ashes, Aviur leapt into the air, twisting his head all around as he blasted flames into the air, letting out a cry of pride as he did so, his tail lashing about as he scorched the tops of the unfortunate trees around him.

Falling back to the ground, Aviur landed with a loud thud, clumsily touching down, or rather, crashing down onto the ground. Flapping his wings, Aviur hopped onto a nearby rock and curled up on top of it, deciding to rest his throat for a moment. His teeth would go black at this stage. If he wanted to impress the ladies and bachelours, he'd have to have nice breath, not a stinking exhale of ash and smoke. It was best he kept his breath clean. Ah well, at least he was enjoying himself.

Panting softly, Aviur rested his head on the rock, enjoying the side of the few trees he'd burned and the circle of ground he'd scorched. The smoke streams had formed a huge cloud of the ash, rising into the atmosphere, accompanied by the tremendous heat the flames held. Beautiful. Fire was the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

Sighing longingly, Aviur watched the smouldering flames flicker and dance wildly, hypnotising him with their graceful movements.

Burning Ashes (Open To All!) Fire_Dragon_1

I am Fire, I am Fury
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FireWing Citizen

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Burning Ashes (Open To All!) Empty Re: Burning Ashes (Open To All!)

Post by Aviur on Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:48 am

BUMP Very Happy

Burning Ashes (Open To All!) Fire_Dragon_1

I am Fire, I am Fury
FireWing Citizen
FireWing Citizen

Male Posts : 104
Reputation : 3
Location : Inside The Inferno

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