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1000 Members!

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1000 Members!

Post by Rayla on Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:12 pm

Like.... seriously. I know like 1/10th of all the people on the site are active, but still! This is something big! We need to have some kind of celebration! 1000 people! I mean, just think about that huge number! Remember how this site looked a year or two ago compared to now! So much has changed!

And now, a word from our sponsors:

Thank you for your input, mysterious black shirted man! We now return to our regularly scheduled celebrations!

But seriously! Thank you everyone! You're all awesome potatoes! NO WAIT. POTATOES CAN NOT SIMPLY DESCRIBE YOUR AWESOMENESS. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME BAYGELS! There it is <3

Now, a word of thank yous for all the staff!

Celestia - Thank you for always being there for the site, even in its times of most dire circumstance. Even when the site felt like it was going through a phase of death and loss, you brought it back up! You made the site what it is today, so thank you.

Sly - You are an awesome baygel. Remember that. You've been one of the best admins I could ever hope for on this site! You're so nice, and friendly, and always willing to help! Even If I only got to know you recently, when compared to the other admins of the site, I know you deserve it. Even if you never gave me my rank of Baygel Queen >: I

Hyruu - Where do I even begin here? Hyruu, you are fabulous! You always make me smile whenever I come on the site, and you happen to be chilling out in the chat! You're an absolute pleasure to roleplay with! If only we didn't have to work, and we could just roleplay all day! Wouldn't that be fun? Actually no, that'd get kind of boring. But you get my point XD

Tenebris - Congrats, new recruit! You're an admin now! How about that? You know, when I first met you, I'll be honest, you weren't my favorite staff. But after roleplaying truly enjoyable roleplays with you, and having some lovely conversations, I've gotten to know you, and I have to say, you're quite a good British chap, my friend. <3

Cosmos - *Flails intensely* Cosmos, you are the most fantastiful, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, awesome person ever! We had the best times, back when the site was first starting. I still remember. My very first roleplay, EVER, on this site, back with Trinyah, was with you! Back when you were still a mod (Or maybe you were even just a member, I dun remember XD), and not even EarthWing leader! You always seemed to support me in whatever weird or dumb ideas I came up with, and would throw baygels at me if they were too insane. So, yeah, thanks a lot <3 Stay awesome, bae.

Arkhor - You are a cool SeaWing, Arkhor! I got to say, between you and Atlantis, it was a hard decision about who my mate would be! But I chose you, because you made a mate topic, and Atlantis was a lazy butt <3 You are so fun to roleplay with, just like everyone else, and you never pressure me to make big, long posts like most other roleplayers do! So yeah, keep being awesome, Arky <3 FYI Rayla might have a mate, and may join the SWs, so that's something to look forward too :3

Aero Dynamic - Okay, I never actually imagined you'd become staff, Aero! And even if you did, I never thought you'd do such a good job at it! Not saying you'd do bad, I was just blown away by how well you grade apps! You're like a miniature Tempest! Except not a FireWing o3o But yeah, Aero, you were one of my closest friends on the site before I left, and you are still a really good friend of mine! You've made so many people very happy on this site, and I just want to say, congrats!

Oculus - Don't think I forgot about you, you little potato. <3 To be honest, I never liked you when you joined. I always thought you hated me or something. But after I came back, and I started to chat with you more, I realized that you were a lot nicer once I got to know you. A lot nicer. *Glares at skype* You are a wonderful admin, and honestly, a great leader, no matter what people say. You're the reason the NightWings are still relevant! Without you, Nightflare might have taken over an caused mass genocide, or something crazy like that! So yeah, keep doing what you're doing, Occy <3

Baldirak Draco Sapiens - Just like Cosmos, you are my other EarthWing bae! Unlike some of the other staff, I liked you ever since I met you! You're a great person to be around, and you're amazing at being a moderator! You've also got some pretty nice traditional art skills! *Applauds the skills* If I had an awesomeness detector, it would probably explode because I was holding it Cheeky But if I adjusted it to find the next most awesome person, it would most certainly point to you. Smile

Tempest - Probably the only person that joined after I left, and one of my most recent friends, Tempest! You are a great staff member and just a great person in general! You have such experience with roleplaying, and you really offer me a more advanced level of roleplaying, and make me strive to advance my skills in creative writing as a whole! You are a great staff member, and super duper nice and fun to be around! You go Tempest! Very Happy

So yeah, great job all you staffies! Keep up the good work! And, to tie up the deal, baygels for all! Baygels for Everyone

But again, seriously! We need like, some super special event for this! Come on admins, get on it! ;3

Virgo♀ - IceWing Queen(Age 14)
Rayla♀ -  Demi Goddess Rogue(Age 40)

Damian♂ - IceWing Guardian(Age 17.5)
Yalaruh♀ - SkyWing Hatchling(Age 0.6)
Qualzexcta Jaguasa Dermain♂ - SeaWing Guardian(Age 21.5)
Nightflare♀ - NightWing Citizen(Age 31)
Virsha♀ - EbonWing Trainee(Age 10)
Rektani Lozain♀ - EarthWing Instructor(Age 65)
Xia♀ - EarthWing Intertribal Affairs Adviser(Age 28)
Jansi⚥ - FireWing Keeper of Heritage(Age 26)
Uranus♂ - LightClaw Warrior/Slave(Age 16)
Alphonse♂ - Rogue(Age 17)


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Re: 1000 Members!

Post by Hyruu on Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:45 pm

Yay Bagels! *noms his bagel*
I totally agree it would be better not to have to work, can't really go in the chat box anymore since most of my time home is playing, so just gonna timeout ><

It's technically not the first time we have 1000 members, we had them before making the big cleanup of users that never posted anything and didn't visit recently ^^

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Re: 1000 Members!

Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:01 pm

I know, being a mod was the last ting I thought would waver happen on this site! And I never really knew how many people I've made happy. I'm glad that you like how I grade apps and that I'm one if your friends ;3;
I know that you have some really creative ideas, and it's a shame that not all of them are able to come to life.
But let's celebrate our 1000 members and the rest of the staff, this site wouldn't be what it is without its members and staff!
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Re: 1000 Members!

Post by Artemise on Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:02 pm

I agree xD

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