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Secret of the Demon's Curse [Open to All] Dragon10
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Secret of the Demon's Curse [Open to All]

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Secret of the Demon's Curse [Open to All] Empty Secret of the Demon's Curse [Open to All]

Post by Rayla on Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:12 pm

It was midnight. The air was hot, and her heart was beating quickly. Her eyes were slits. Two months. It had been a whole total of two months since she had seen her father. His wilted figure appearing to her through her journey, alongside her close, long forgotten friend, Shiningwater. Both gods had treated her kindly. Well, kindly enough. And how had she paid that kindness? Rudeness. Of course, she would never admit this, and in her mind, she had done the right thing by acting so incredibly ludicrous towards him. But still..... the thought of seeing Aari again. The palace. Of meeting the SeaWing queen once more. Of being able to swim through the crystal clear, ocean waters once again. But, on the bright side, she was heading towards the ocean. But this thought did not make her smile.

In fact, Rayla was actually rather upset. Even though she ran through the woods with the breakneck speed of a zipping cheetah, the light weight of the backpack casually thumping up and down, she couldn't help but think deeply about this. However, the more she thought about the decision, the more she was beginning to think falling through with it was a bad idea. And the more she thought about this, the more she wanted to throw an ice bolt at the closest tree. Not to mention that FireWing she had met a couple months ago.... for some reason she still couldn't get him out of her head, either. But why? Ugh! This was so frustrating! Why was she getting so caught up on the tiniest of things?

A scowl would appear on her face, as she leaped over a log, her wings just barely grazing the tree top branches. Furious, her thoughts racing, she'd spin around in mid air, landing with her front paws, and launching a loud blast of hydro energy at the nearest tree. Somehow, it missed, and instead blasted at the log, shattering it into splinters, and sending sharp pieces of wood everywhere. This all happened before her back feet even touched the ground. She then stood there, panting, her eyes slit and brimming with rage.

"Shardas f**king d*** it!" Rayla would roar, firing another blast of white energy at a tree, causing the base to give out, and sending the tree crashing to the ground in a shower of splinters. Rayla, furious, would buck, practically knocking a few other trees over. After her little outburst, she would let out a tired sigh of frustration. "Of all my stupid luck. Thanks a lot, Kelarth! Really appreciating this!" she said, her voice so coated in venomous sarcasm, you'd think she'd been drinking it in the gallons.

Furiously, she'd glare back at what remained of the log, then looked back at her wings. They were only slightly bruised, but it was still a sudden surprise. Kind of like if you were to feel something tickling your skin, you'd jump too, even if it was just a tree branch. Though, Rayla was mostly ticked off because of her contemplation. These thoughts running through her head were setting her off, and she didn't like it. Now, you also may be wondering why Rayla wasn't in her reptilian form. Well, simply because it was a lot faster to travel as a dragon, even if she wasn't flying. She simply had a lot more stamina. Plus, judging by how long she had been traveling, she would be arriving by the ocean very soon.

"Of all the asinine things..." Rayla would swear, averting her eyes from her wing and glaring back over at the tree. She would then mutter some swears, and start heading out once more, though at a slower pace. She knew she'd be reaching the water soon, and she didn't want to run straight off a cliff. So she would continue to walk through the woods. About roughly five miles away or so, the trees would gradually end, coming to a coastline, with a beautiful beach, and a nice place to camp out. Rayla still had a little ways to go, though, and she had decuded to slow down, walking casually now. She was also quite tired, and understandably, her temper was flaring.

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