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Paths (Open/Skywings)

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Paths (Open/Skywings) Empty Paths (Open/Skywings)

Post by Swirlwind on Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:26 pm

(Because Swirlwind needs to be in a topic)

Today was a beautiful morning! Jumping out of the bed, Swirlwind the young Skywing moved over to the mirror in her room. She loves to admire the reflection of herself, not because that she thinks she's glorious but this reflection has some similar properties with her. "Howya you today? I have a feeling that I might have a good day!" She chuckled at the mirror, "Oh gosh, I'm feel so good too! I feel like YOU need to do something special to celebrate it!" The mirror nodded, though it supposedly was her reflection talking but it was actually Swirlwind speaking to herself... "Hahaha! I guess so! I still have to choose an rank to train into... My family were both inventors, should I be like them or..." Swirlwind said to the mirror, it was true that both of her parents were inventors and they were going to be so disappointed in her if they find out about this. The badly-drawn drawing of some dragon (who is from another tribe which will be explained later :/). "I see..." The mirror reflection spoke, "You still want to be Skywing adviser, that's a long away. Why don't you start researching in the library?" "Oh that's a great idea! I can learn the ways of being adviser myself!" Swirlwind clicked her fingers in agreement to this plan. "I'm gonna need a disguise to start with, I don't want to get caught not doing my supposed duties..." She went over to the chest where she kept all the clothes there and got out a black wig and fake mustache and went them on and then walked back to the mirror. "Fantastic! No one will recgonise you with these stuff or be suspicious!" The mirror said, "Brilliant! Now on to researching!" Swirlwind ran over to the library.

When reached the library, Swirlwind goes to find a book that is filled with problems that requires advises to. She had found one and flicked over the pages for a question, "Let's see what we have here... OOH! Juliet wants to kill herself because her husband is banished and she will be forced to marry a dragon she doesn't knows. One solution to this was to play dead, can you think of another? ... Um...." Trying to figure out a better solution than playing dead, Swirlwind sat down and goes into her thinking trance...

(Sorry if this is read to read)

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Paths (Open/Skywings) Empty Re: Paths (Open/Skywings)

Post by Yalaruh on Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:31 am

(Question. Is your character at the royal library, or just at their home or a regular library? If you're at the royal library, I can let you meet the princess of the SkyWings <3)

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