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The totured hatchling what wonders the lands alone.

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The totured hatchling what wonders the lands alone.

Post by Frost on Thu May 26, 2016 11:22 am

It was a cloudy and imperfect day for Frost the dragon. He growled and looked for some food. He grins as he sees some deer for the taking. He swoops down and grips the wiggling buck in his talons. He rips off its head as blood and shards of bone fall towards the ground. He chews on the head along with the skull with his sharp steel hard teeth. He shallows and lands near a river and gulps down some water. He sets down the buck and begins to rip into its carcuss. Blood batters his lips and muzzle. He uses his talons as knives to cut into the tough parts of meat and fat. He is half way through with the carcuss now and yawns. The sun begins to set as night appoarches. He sighs and yawns."Time for bed I think. What to do with the rest though? I don't want to waste it."
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Re: The totured hatchling what wonders the lands alone.

Post by Tekirii on Thu May 26, 2016 11:44 am

Tekirii was digging beneath the grand levels of snow before she emerged to peak around and up into the sky, she was further off the city than she had assumed. She grinned and ducked back down beneath the snow and continued to dig aimlessly, after several minutes a just too familiar scent caught in her nose and her smile dropped. Blood. She dug a way upwards and she emerged quickly her head, neck, forelegs and wings out of the snow. She was struck by the strong stench of blood and she glanced around, the snow was no more white and glistening in the sunlight but red. Pools of blood surrounded her and she watched as it soaked into the snow then glanced at her paws, they too were covered in blood and she shrieked jumping out of the snow. She fell on her back and began rubbing her fur along a clean white spot of snow attempting to get rid of the sticky and vile liquid.

Once her fur was rinsed she looked at the crime scene, a deer carcass laid in the pools of blood, and in its centre a hatchling tearing its head cruelly from its body. She grimaced and took a few steps froward, she smiled at the hatchling "Hello there, and who might you be?" she questioned friendly "Has the deer done something to you for you to treat it so merciless? There are easier, cooler ways of ending a creatures life" She grinned at the hatchling attempting to adapt her words to the hatchling.

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Re: The totured hatchling what wonders the lands alone.

Post by Fallen Soul on Thu May 26, 2016 11:51 am

I don't mean to seem rude or a mini mod but Frost, I don't think you ever got your application approved, you can't role play yet.))


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Re: The totured hatchling what wonders the lands alone.

Post by Hyruu on Thu May 26, 2016 4:10 pm

((Indeed, you need to get approved first before rping. Did you make the improvements that were asked ? If so bump the sheet))

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