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Ryuu (Flameclaw Reptillian)

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Ryuu (Flameclaw Reptillian)

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:21 am

Phantom Or Shardas Reply to this message as "ACCEPTED" if aprooved, or note what needs to be fixed and then reply as "ACCEPTED" after said thing is fixed

Name: Ryuu
Nickname: Rōnin (masterless samurai)
Tribe: Rogue
Rank: N/A
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Family: Parents (deceased)
Mate: Aria (deceased)
Draglets: Sirus – 16 still in tribe

Ryuu is a deep red draconian resembling more of a dragon than some lizard, except he stands at 7 feet and 6 inches tall. His scales are thick and staggered overlapping pattern. He has a crimson fin down the back of his neck with rows of spikes on both left and right sides of the fin, at about an inch and a half away from the fin. His scales on his throat (front neck) chest, belly, underbelly and all the way down the underside of his tale are an overlapping plate scales.

His horns are long and jagged coming to a lethal point and slightly curved up. He has a series of stubby spikes at his brows. And some long spikes on the back of his cheek bone and jawbone. His eyes are Fire red with an orange horizontal slit pupil, like he glaring all the time. His tongue is black, the membrane on the sides of his jaw is red, his teeth are thick and sharp (seee picture for detail) he has spikes on his chin.
He has no spade on his tail instead it comes to a scaly tip, his wings is a little over twice his height and a spike on each of his five wing fingers, the membrane of his wing thick and dark red.

Personality: Ryuu is a nobleistic, honor seeking, prideful warrior, a samurai in reptilian form, Ryuu will fight for honor, fight for a noble cause, he takes pride in his ways. He will help others in need and only if he thinks they deserve it. He has a strong will resisting all dishonorable temptations to the best of his ability. He is wise, thinking over things thoroughly like a philosopher. He is tactful and will make sure every detail known and possible is covered.

Ryuu will defend his friends till death takes him, he will pursue those who harm his friends till the earth swallows him, He will fight evil till times end. In short he will never give up on anyone he will never leave them behind.

Strengths: Combat skill – He WAS the best fighter in his tribe, undefeated.
Special Powers: He has pyromantic powers just like a dragon, and he likes to use those powers as though he were a dragon.

Weaknesses: he tries to keep it a secret but Ryuu suffered and injurie from his last battle, this left him with a random but rare crippling mental pain. It feels like his mind was shattered and went through a meat grinder. This was the cause of a warrior who cheated using dark magic but none but Ryuu knew.

History: Ryuu was born into his tribe and raised in the philosophy of a warrior, educated in his youth, when he was old enough to wield a sword his father soon began to train him as a warrior. When he was 16 he received his first sword and armor of a typical soldier, eventually when he was in the library he found read about human warriors of combat skill greater than any other, greater than their own warriors, he asked he general to go and find these ‘samurai’ learn their ways learn their combat skill and come back to teach their own warriors that skill that outmatches their own. After some argument the general accepted his offer, and Ryuu packed his belongings kissed his mother and father goodbye and set out, when he did arrive at the human settlement of these ‘samurai’ a month later, they treated him as a hostile at first till he laid down his equipment and sword and told them he meant no harm of any kind, that he was here to learn their ways and hopefully become a samurai.

The first province just ran him out like cowards, eventually while roaming their land he heard that once province held the greatest warriors of all, so he ventured there told them the same reason he was there, this province had a good sense of honor and let him in. but for months they only educated him never once letting him touch a sword, one day the village was under attack by an hostile province, it was an surprise attack, Ryuu took up his old sword and ran out to fight the enemies, they were skilled, constantly pushing Ryuu back barely able to keep up in blocking, but he managed, tripping them with his tail and stabbing them while they were fumbling on the ground. He fought hard and desperately mostly trying not to get killed. Eventually the hostiles were driven out but many were killed. The others noting of his skill and honor in defending a few villagers from the dishonorable enemy samurai, spoke to their master of him, and their master then let Ryuu train as a samurai.

It took years but Ryuu trained hard putting on his mind, body and skill into learning the way and combat of the samurai. Years gone by, hostiles attacking once or twice a year and defeating them each time, and finally after years he was given his first sword, due to his size he was given a Nodachi, and extended Nodachi, at three and six inch long blade and a handle large enough to fit both of his hands, on the side of the blade wrote Ryuu, meaning Dragon. That is where he got his name he has now, the blade was of the finest make, a steel stronger than titanium, stronger than ANY metal in all the land, because it was not made with coal but another material the province of these samurai kept a secret. Their village built on top of such material.

At this point Ryuu was to head home and train he kin of the way, but by now he has grown accustom to their ways and kept the honorable path and stayed, eventually he earned a second extended Nodachi. To him these swords were like normal Katana’s for a normal human, he was 25 by then.

10 years later, their enemy had finally launched a full scale assault, the samurai and Ryuu fought long and hard, but eventually by overwhelming numbers they lost, and rather than be executed the enemy aloud their lord a honorable death a samurai’s death. Ryuu was the only samurai of the lord left, where the elite warrior of the enemy who stood 8 feet tall used a dark power knocking Ryuu unconscious, Ryuu was awake to watch his lord’s samurai death. The enemy offered Ryuu two options join him, or face exile and become a Ronin. Ryuu chose exile rather than join the dishonorable lord and his samurai. For three years after that day Ryuu roamed the lands never returning to his home tribe as they would likely label him as some traitor, and sure enough the flameclaw leader saw him as such so he never returned. To this day Ryuu roams the land seeking vengeance against his enemy… in the the way of bushido.

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Re: Ryuu (Flameclaw Reptillian)

Post by Avian on Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:14 pm

I would generally accept this if I was an admin like the great Shardas or Phantom. His description seems to be realistic just like a Ronin would be, following the Bushido code; seeking honor for his master, even at the cost of death. Also, you have "Ronan" in there somewhere. Use Ctrl+F and type it in to find it.

P.S: Does he use Japanese quotes?
P.S #2: I noticed this at first, and I'm too lazy to read(actually, too busy), but doesn't Ryuu mean Dragon in "Nihongo(Japanese)"?

This has my SUPPORT

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Re: Ryuu (Flameclaw Reptillian)

Post by Phantom on Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:38 pm



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Re: Ryuu (Flameclaw Reptillian)

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:42 am

I dont know, but it is japanese nonetheless, it means, "Dragon, Imperial" but yes he will use japanese quotes, the way of hte samurai "Bushido" is his way of life now, and part of his culture


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Re: Ryuu (Flameclaw Reptillian)

Post by Twilight on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:02 pm

Nice description Smile Corrode, Aqua Splash, and I aren't the only ones with a reptilian anymore.


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