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A Change of Flame

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A Change of Flame

Post by Kenina on Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:53 pm

Nothing was going right. The FireWings while prosperous as Kenina had intended weren't expanding. They hadn't taken over any territory and no new opportunities had presented themselves. Kenina paced upset back and forth in the confines of her personal room. Her mate though impressive in physic was a fluke when it came to ruling or even following simple orders standing at her side. He had no intellectual capability what so over. Now she could forgive his lack of any use if he would simply giver her a hatchling but no he seemed incapable to do even that. What's more this news that the great Astral was dead was awful. In fact ever since Astral's death that's when all of Kenina's opportunities ceased to present. There must be a connection some how. Astral's death didn't make sense either. They say she died from a poison, but no poison could kill a full god and even if it could Kenina had studied Astral's teachings enough to know the goddess would never be ignorant to its presence. It remains though that the religion of Astralogy has died with Astral's disappearance. Kenina stopped her pacing suddenly in her room. Maybe this was it. Maybe this was her great purpose and great contribution to her goddess. She knew her teachings better than anyone and her prosperous leading of the FireWings spoke for her ability to run a very large group. Clearly it was her destiny to revive Astralogy and find out the truth behind the absent goddess. But she had put so much into the FireWings. It seemed she was at a major decision a major turning point in her life. She enjoyed the comfort of her current life and wished very much to cement her family as the monarchist rulers of the FireWings for all eternity but without Volcanis granting her a baby that seemed impossible. Her destiny was more important.

The next day Kenina went out looking for her replacement it took her a month be she finally made her decision. A FireWing older than herself. Unfortunately this FireWing had a genuine disdain for both IceWings and SeaWings. Which is a shame. Kenina firmly believes only a FireWing leader impassive to the IceWings could take them over. She didn't have any political adeptness but that didn't seem to have hindered Oculus any. She did seem though like she would be quite the expansionist. Perhaps she would succeed where her own subtlety had failed. Inviting the FireWing Tempest to her palace Kenina gave her a run down of everything with no time to process. Kenina explained to Tempest all the hopes, dreams, and plots she had for the FireWings. Her only explanation for leaving was she had to go on a personal journey. Kenina stamped a document making the transfer of power official and left Tempest to figure it out. Taking a deep breath Kenina jumped into the air leaving her palace behind. Her first destination the location of Astral's supposed demise.
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