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Urgent announcement

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Urgent announcement

Post by Sly on Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:56 pm

Greetings all of DRF!

Before I begin, I’m going to let every one of you know that I did not want to write this but current circumstances have warranted this sort of action.

During my time here on DRF, even before I was granted the position of staff, I have seen many members. There are those who are willing to help others, which is something I greatly encourage and think you deserve a pat on the back for. This is the sort of behaviour I want promoted across the site, to ensure that DRF remains a child-friendly and a cheerful community open to all.

I do not want to enforce any rules, demanding users to be kind and such always, but a user has let me know that there are still some who are trying to poke at old wounds and cause unnecessary drama that has been resolved ages past. I do not need to remind anyone that the new members guide stated that DRF is a FRIENDLY community and not a place for anyone to rant, flame, grieve or curse at another member simply because of their feelings. Although I understand you may bear grudges against others, or that you rose from unfortunate circumstances, it saddens me that some users vented all this out publicly, even if the problem has already been resolved and it makes absolutely no sense why anyone bothered to cause another drama. While I did mention that all these frustrations need to be carried in PMs, there is a HUGE reason why I insisted this.

That reason is so that NO ONE else in the public forum or the chatbox will see it.

This means I do NOT want anything that can potentially cause distress to another user ‘leak’ out of PMs. And when I mean leak, I mean telling another user what was in their PM.

Let me enforce another rule from here on that once you leak ANY private information from PMs to the public chatbox or to another user, you and the other party involved will bare FULL responsibility of the consequences that happens thereafter. As such, if any unnecessary drama arose again, you will also be punished.

Again, this is not a rule that I want to enforce at all. Due to current circumstances, I have no choice but to let this be known to all of DRF. Please understand that all I wanted to do is ensure the community remains a peaceful and friendly site. The last thing I want is anyone trying to stir more trouble and distress among the community. This rule is not to cause any fear or restrict your freedom, but it is to “douse the last of the flickering flames”.

That will be all.



Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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