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Jansi, the Flirt

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Jansi, the Flirt

Post by Jansi on Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:07 am

Personal Info
Name: Jansi Yughazil
Alias: Jansi, "Flirt"
Age: 27
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Very flirtatious. This is, quite easily, the essence of his being. He is a very romantic, alluring personality, and can seem almost irrisistible when it comes to flirting. However, Jansi is a very intelligent dragon, as well, and is not just some mindless flirt. He likes to put thought into his compliments, and make the target feel like he really loves them, and he's not one to get too inappropriate with his flirtatious jokes, unless he sees that the one he's flirting with is into that kind of thing. He's one to flirt with anyone, and anything, and doesn't really enjoy fighting, since he was never any good at it. But other than that, Jansi can be rather lazy. She would rather just lay out in the sun than actually do anything.
Interests: Flirting > Relaxing > Traveling around Pyrria > Warm weather > Spicy food > Talking about others or themself.
Dislikes: Snow or Cold Weather > Stubborn Dragons, though they'll still try to flirt with them > Having to do work > Combat
Fears: Monophobia(The fear of being alone) and anuptaphobia.

General Appearance
Height: 50 feet tall in male form, 45 ft in female
Scales: They are a variety of colors. They can shift between light and dark red, depending on if they want to be female or male. Light red is when they're female, dark red is when they're male. They have a lighter underbelly, with fire running down it.
Eyes: Red in male, yellow in female
Appearance: Large, slender female form, with a bulkier male form. She is able to transform between these different appearances at will, with large spikes running down the back of the male form, and smaller, skinnier spikes down the female form. They have often been told this would be good for disguise, but they usually don't listen to people who tell them this.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWings
Inheritance: Half FireWing, Half LightWing
Rank: Keeper of FireWing Heritage, or Scholar
Family: N/A
Mate: Nobody, yet Wink
Hatchlings: None, yet Wink

Skills and Abilities
-Intelligence: Despite their flirtatious nature, Jansi is actually rather intelligent, and he likes to read in his free time, when he isn't flirting or chasing after the dragons of his, or other, tribes. He likes to bury his face in works of dragon anatomy and psychology, in order to best his manipulative personality.

-Cunning/Charisma: Jansi can be quite the trickster when he wants to be, and he is very good at thinking on a dime. He is able to use his intelligence to better influence people, and is a very good talker, often persuading others into love.

-Intimidating: Even if Jansi hates fighting, and is much more of a lover, his body can be intimidating to other dragons. While he is generally smaller than most FireWings, his simple appearance is enough to give people a weariness of him. And he is certainly someone you would want protecting you. Jansi doesn't try to dissuade people from thinking this, and accepts it willingly.

-Knowledge of the Dragon Body: Jansi is aware of all the weakspots of the dragon body, and he can easily exploit these. Things like pressure points, that can leave a dragon stunned or easily push larger dragons back
Special Abilities:
-Hermaphrodite: This is more or less a natural chameleon ability. Jansi is able to blend into his surroundings through little chromatophores in their skin, changing their scale color. However, Jansi doesn't use this ability for chamoflague. Rather, they use it to appear different genders, depending on who they're flirting with, due to the fact they're hermaphrodite. His actual camoflague abilities are rather weak.

-Hot Body: Jansi is able to light his neck, chest, back, and tail, on fire. However, this is mostly for an intimidation factor, or to swoo the one his is flirting with. While he is able to kick it up to cause burns and other things to opponents, he doesn't usually know how to control it if he tries to do it for anything more than flirtation. That doesn't mean he hasn't practiced with it, though. Touching his body, if you are an enemy, can cause you to get burned. But if you are the one he's trying to swoo, it will feel like a gentle warmth.

-Fire Breath: This is the average breath attack that most fire dragons possess. It involves shooting out a spray of fire, that can cause burns, and spray up to ten meters.
-Relatively Weak: Despite his intimidating posture, Jansi is actually rather weak, physically. He hasn't trained, which is why he prefers to be a scholar rather than a guardian. He knows next to nothing on the finer points of combat, and despite knowing pressure points, he doesn't know how to properly execute these.

- Earth/Water: To dose a flame is a thing not easily accomplished. A flame is like a wild horse. It needs something special to keep it down. Water and earth are too things that can do this. Jansi is 2x weaker to attacks from these kinds of dragons

-Not Interested: Jansi does not care to use his intelligence or anything to prosper the tribe combat wise. Rather, he simply wants to be left to his romance life. He can be rather lazy, and not take things too seriously, which can lead to him getting seriously injured.
Combat Style: If Jansi is forced to fight, he will lure dragons into a sense of security, then hit them in their weak points.

History: Unknown
RP Sample: Tis Rayla/Iizusa

Jansi⚥ - FireWing Keeper of Heritage(Age 26)
Rayla♀ -  Demi Goddess Rogue(Age 40)

Virgo♀ - IceWing Queen(Age 14)
Damian♂ - IceWing Guardian(Age 17.5)
Yalaruh♀ - SkyWing Hatchling(Age 0.6)
Qualzexcta Jaguasa Dermain♂ - SeaWing Guardian(Age 21.5)
Nightflare♀ - NightWing Citizen (Age 32)
Virsha♀ - EbonWing Trainee(Age 10)
Rektani Lozain♀ - EarthWing Instructor(Age 65)
Xia♀ - EarthWing Intertribal Affairs Adviser(Age 28)
Uranus♂ - LightClaw Warrior/Slave(Age 16)
Alphonse♂ - Rogue(Age 17)
FireWing Hatchling
FireWing Hatchling

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Re: Jansi, the Flirt

Post by Ignatius Sikum on Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:31 pm

This is almost good to go, however just like one thing needs to be fixed.

Fears: Monophobia(The fear or being alone) and

This sentence just needs to be finished off or the and taken away and I think it's good to be approved.
Awesome artwork though for Jansi though ^^

Ignatius Sikum
Ignatius Sikum
FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

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Re: Jansi, the Flirt

Post by Ignatius Sikum on Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:43 pm


Ignatius Sikum
Ignatius Sikum
FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

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