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Venturing Into Light [Private/Hyruu]

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Venturing Into Light [Private/Hyruu]

Post by Roiya on Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:05 am

It was the early morning, and dawn hadn't struck yet, sunlight was hidden beneath the night stars and fading moon. It was so early, that even the sun wasn't out yet. But, it was still close to dawn. There, amongst the LightWing borders, strolled the NightWing wanderer, sitting on a flat surface of a rock, near a cliff. She grinded her talons against the cold surface and began to descend into a position of comfort, laying down.

It was practically a hobby to wander about Pyyria, since she didn't have any pressuring duties in the NightWing Tribe, she took the opportunity to expand her horizons and relationships with strangers. Mapping out caverns and thickets of which she could find useful for personal uses later on in her life. Her crimson eyes peered up the the night ether, stars speckled it like some art piece. It was truly something you didn't often get to see in the swamps of the NightWing Swamps.

Regarding the LightWings, she assumed that they were all hidden away in their territory at this hour, hoping that they wouldn't notice her. "How lovely. Heh." She giggled softly, laying there.


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Re: Venturing Into Light [Private/Hyruu]

Post by Hyruu on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:36 pm

Hyruu was on the lookout for the prey he had been stalking. Hunting at night made the tracking more difficult, but shorter as well. And right before the dawn was when the preys were the least aware of dangers. The starry night was making it pretty easy to spot the trails, though. There wasn't a cloud in sight, and both the moon and stars provided enough like for the grey dragon to see relatively well in the dark.
His trail was getting him close from the cliffs. It was rare for preys to venture that far from the center of the territory. Actually, this reminded him of when he was only living in the outskirts of the territory. But as he reached the cliff, another trail got his attention. These weren't a prey's trail. They were a dragon's trail. And the trail was fresh. Hmm, suspicious. Hyruu knew he was the only Lightwing to have gotten where he was right now recently. Frowning, he followed the trail. This was harder than he expected. Whoever that dragon was, he probably was a tracker as well and tried to mask its trail. Unluckily for them Hyruu was there at the good time so the scent was still lingering. Otherwise the grey dragon would have lost the trail pretty soon... It was a sweet smell, with an exotic perfume that was intriguing him. This wasn't the scent of a Lightwing, he was sure of it.
The Tracker managed to follow the trail up to the border of the cliff. The smell was becoming clearer and cleared, sign he was getting to its origin. And soon there he was. The grey dragon blinked as he spotted a black dragoness laying on the rocks near there. He started to growl, announcing his presence to the intruder. With all that happened with the presumed Nightwing assassin, he could only be cautious.
"May I know what brings a Nightwing close to the borders of the Lightwing territory ?" he abruptly asked her.

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