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Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) Dragon10
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Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid)

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Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) Empty Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid)

Post by Tamira on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:01 pm

Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) Gold_dragon_by_benwootten
Personal Info
Alias:Tammy, Mira, The Dragoness of the Swamp, The Swamp Dragon, Swampy
Personality:Tamira is a dragon who loves to talk to others and she’s generally quite a loving dragon. One could describe her as an extrovert, but some might say she just likes to make others feel welcome as she always gives off a rather nice first impression upon meeting her. Despite being an awkward dragon who has a hard time coming up with good topics to discuss, she always tries her best at almost everything, even if she fails terribly at it.

Tamira is unfortunately awful at admitting her wrongs, or that she’s bad at something. It just makes her want to prove others wrong even more and most of the time, she doesn’t really know her limits.

However, despite her warm exterior, it is to be noted to not bring up topics that are personal as it’s a somewhat taboo topic. She always strays far from those topics if she feels like it’s going to be directed at her anytime soon. But she will ask you the usual pleasantries, how you’re doing, are you healthy, any problems, etc. She’s a dragoness with a lot to hide and thus, she’s also good at keeping secrets. Tammy also doesn’t really like making promises with other people, but she can keep promises. She’s a rather cautious dragon and she’s quite alert of her surroundings as well. There’s almost never a moment where you would catch her off guard. Thanks to that, some might say that she’s not her true self half of the time.


  • Playing games of all sorts
  • Underwater explorations- if she’s able to


  • Making promises between another person
  • Her alias, just Tammy is fine

Fears:Betrayal by another

General Appearance
Height:70 feet (ground to head), 100 feet (head to tail)
Scales:Mud brown with tints of turquoise blue at the edges of her body (wings, legs)
Eyes:Forest green
Appearance:Her features are close to a pure EarthWing’s, but she still has a noticeably slimmer build and isn’t quite as bulky. She’s quite clearly smaller than the average EarthWing. She has wingspan of 85 feet, and her wings are thin, but long. She also has bits of dark brown earthy crusts around her two sets of horns that stretch out behind her. She doesn’t have a very visible tail as it connects to her torso, giving her a snake-like look just with two short hind legs at where the joint of the tail should be. Her claws aren’t webbed, but more of two-clawed with two extra claws at the sides of her legs and the bottom of her feet are padded. Her scales are also quite smooth and almost reptilian but there are some bumps visible at the joints.

Tribe Information and Status
Inheritance:EarthWing and SeaWing cross-breed
Family:EarthWing father – Stonehenge and SeaWing mother – Illumiqua (Missing?)

Skills and Abilities

  • Stamina – She’s able to run at a speed of 85mph for at least 1 to 2 hours, given that she’s running consistently at that speed. In air, it’s a 100mph for an hour but unfortunately cannot be compared with the SkyWings’ abilities in the air
  • Keeping secrets and promises – As mentioned before, Tamira is easily trusted with many things, and she’s quite loyal to those she loves as well.
  • Courage – She never backs down from anything, always ready to face it head on

Special Abilities:

  • Agility underwater – Even though she’s part EarthWing, part of her SeaWing heritage is visible in her sleek build and almost visible gills. This gives her the ability to last a little longer underwater (20 minutes) than the average EarthWing and it’s easier for her to move underwater as well. However, she isn’t as agile as a pure SeaWing would be. The fastest she can move underwater is about 70mph.

  • Corrosive Water – She can breathe and emanate bits of this liquid from the sides of her body, at will that can melt any substance. How easily it can corrode something depends on how tough the material is. The liquid takes the form of a muddy brown water.

  • Weight Distribution – Thanks to her padded feet, she’s able to walk across marshlands without sinking in or leaving too many visible claw marks


  • Heat – She can’t stand high temperatures of heat (50 degrees Celsius and above) for too long before she quite possibly catches on fire
  • Sensing the mood – Despite her being able to make someone feel welcome, she can get a bit too caught up in her own emotions and rarely understands another’s feelings. She’s a lot better at understanding her own self
  • Her stubbornness – As mentioned earlier, she’s a stubborn creature. Telling her what she can’t do will only add oil to the fire and this usually puts her in some form of danger

Combat Style:Tamira usually prefers not to fight, but when she has to, she relies quite strongly on her abilities and her slim build. This usually is able to bring down opponents with not as much stamina as she does.

History:Tamira, being part half land and half water has given her some discrimination and critique throughout her childhood trainee days. Because of her unique lineage allowing her to live most preferably in swamp or marsh-like areas, some dragons have given her the name ‘Swampy’. She doesn’t find it very flattering and to her it’s more of an insult.

Her mother abandoned her responsibilities as a parent when Tammy was about 8 years old and the difference in territories might have contributed to her mother disappearing suddenly. Her father then took her in and is still hoping to find her mother again. Throughout this period, Tamira always felt a bit conflicted whenever she saw a pure EarthWing, unsure if she herself was normal. Whenever she went out, she usually headed near the EarthWing and SeaWing border, but not quite out of the EarthWing territory, mainly because she wanted to be a little closer to her SeaWing heritage.
RP Sample:(Refer to Cariharn’s bio)

Tamira's Bio

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Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) Empty Re: Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid)

Post by Fallen Soul on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:17 pm

This looks pretty good! nice job. Smile


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Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) 8686354Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) 8686355Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) 8686112Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) 8686406
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Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid) Empty Re: Tamira - The Dragoness of the Swamp (EW/SW Hybrid)

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:28 pm

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