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Xia- May Light Follow Thee

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Xia- May Light Follow Thee

Post by Xia on Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:48 pm

Personal Info
Name: Xia Lozain
Alias: Xia
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Personality: Xia has grown up to become quite the lady. She is polite, formal, intelligent, mature, passionate, and affectionate. Despite having been trapped up on the surface, Xia has grown up around other dragons, being the daughter of Cosmos and Rektani. She was flowered in love and fortune wherever she went. But she was separated at the age of 10, and learned how to survive off the land, becoming so much more intuned with nature. She survived as a monk for nerely thirty years, before she eventually, finally, came home to her family. She now lives with the Earthwings, attempting to make what remains of their once proud tribe great again.
Interests: Helping others, gardening, helping her tribe, being with friends and family
Dislikes: Humans, Betrayl, anything unnatural
Fears: Monophobia, nyctophobia, entomocidphobia, spectrophobia

General Appearance
Height: 225 ft. (Make note of heritage)
Scales: Light green with a smooth, diamond pattern. The frill she has looks like it's made of flowers, but it is actually just a very thin area of skin.
Eyes: Bright Green
Appearance: She has a frill, pink in color, designed to look like the petals of a flower. It generally becomes a lighter pink in the sun, and a darker pink at night. If injured, the flower will lose its color and become a pale white, depending on how much blood she loses. This is because blood travels to the petals, and is kind of a backup supple, and will rush down to the body to componsate for the loss of blood.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Earthwings
Inheritance: Pureblood EarthWing
Rank: Royal Advisor (Intertribal Affairs), Caretaker
Family: Cosmos- Father
Rektani Lozain of Earthil- Mother
Satori- Sister
Siaga- Brother
Mate: N/A, looking
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Despite her size, Xia is very quick and agile for an Earthwing. She is a very calculating fighter, using wit and intelligence, rather than brute strength, despite her size. Though, she is aware of her size, and will use it to her advantage.
Special Abilities:

  • Intensifying Growth: Like her mother, Xia has the ability to breath quickly solidifying acid. However, the type she breaths isn't acidic at all. It a mixture of natural chemicals from her body, such as iron and potassium. She can cause these products to harden and form raw minerals. However, this can seriously damage her body if used more than once a day. This ability can be used on plants to, surprisingly, make them grow much faster then average, and can cause a seedling to grow up into an adult berry bush within a matter of a few days.

  • Greater Photosynthesis: When in sunlight and she collects vitamin D, the energy goes to special chloroplast, which can be used as a regenerative ability to help heal Xia. Under special conditions, she can heal others as well, but this is rare, and very unlikely to happen. It can only be used to heal herself under most circumstances. On rare occasions, she can use the Vitamin D already in her body, if the event is dire and she cant get to sunlight, but this could be very dangerous. She can now extend this to others, healing them using her own energy. This will deplete her own health, though.

  • Improved Disguise: Xia is able to naturally disguise herself using her flowers. She can curl her tail up, which is a dull brown color, around her body, and can tuck her head in to make it look like she's just a really big flower. And now that she is older, she is able to give off an almost chameleon-like effect, simply blending into her background. This can easily be seen if the dragon spots small movements in the scales


  • Fire and Heat. The flowers around her neck may be scales and flesh, but they are still septicle to fiery attacks. If fire touches her petals, the blood will retreat down to her body, causing them to grow pale and dead-looking. This can be potentially dangerous to her metabolism, for her body isn't used to that amount of blood. This may cause her to start randomly bleeding from her eyes or mouth.

  • Vile Hell: Because she has become a holy monk, surviving off the land, and following the teachings of a mysterious entity Silrah, or Faasrah(Arkhor), she is very weak to any kind of devilish, demonic, evil attack. Anything of dark origin will do 5x more damage to her. If this attack is combined with fire, it will do 10x more damage. The darkness, however, may, but cannot always, be battled with holy magic.

  • Trust Kills All: She trusts too easily. If one is able to get around her questions and inquisitive nature, once she gets to know you, and thinks you are not a threat, you have her utmost loyalty. She wouldn't dare betray you, as she believes you wouldn't dare to betray her. But she will not trust anything demonic.

Combat Style: Doesn't like to fight

History: Xia was a young, spoiled dragoness. As a baby, she would run out with Alphonse, the Vulcan, and would hang out with him and Edward, his human, who Cosmos, her father, allowed to live grudgingly. When the humans started an all out war on the dragons, and the Earth kingdom fell, leaving few survivors, Alphonse and Edward vanished, as well as many of Xia's sisters and brothers. Out of six siblings, only one other survived, but that one disappeared soon after, as well. One day, humans raided, and Xia was separated from her family. She was only ten, and left crying in the woods, above ground, somewhere. The forest spoke to her, and encouraged her to keep going. That's when she met a brilliant spirit, who helped her to survive. Xia, finding some old, Drokviran text, learned that the creature's name was Silrah, the god of life, better known in the world of Pyyria as Arkhor. She dedicated her life to his religion, and followed him, promoting peace, love, and life, in the world of the forest. One day, she returned to her home, finding it underground, reduced to a husk of its former self, and she has dedicated her life to protecting it.
RP Sample: This is the fabulous Rayla. I sure hope you derps remember how I roleplay Cheeky

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Re: Xia- May Light Follow Thee

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:11 pm

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