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Tick Tock [Private Atmosphere/Kelarth]

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Tick Tock [Private Atmosphere/Kelarth] Empty Tick Tock [Private Atmosphere/Kelarth]

Post by Yalaruh on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:56 pm

Just two weeks after meeting the nice dragons, Yala was back to her usual antics. While yes, Tion had become a little bit better when it came to keeping her entertained, and working on her education, he still left her most of the time with either nannies or toys. Of course, Yala wasn't complaining much. She enjoyed the company of the nannies. Unfortunately, being the king's daughter, she was quite spoiled, which might not bode so well with her personality in the future.

At the moment, Yalaruh was in her room, as usual, practically buried under a mountain of fluffy toys. Being only about a foot or two tall, some of the toys were nearly five times her size, which only made things more fun for the young Yala. Being a dragon, who was able to get up and start playing at a younger age, the young Yalaruh, who was only about a month and a half old, was able to joyfully play in her fortress of fluffiness.

Right now, Yalaruh was taking a peaceful nap in her mountain of stuffing, blissfully unaware of any activity going on outside of her royal chambers, perhaps nurses, or other dragons, approaching to check up on her.

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Tick Tock [Private Atmosphere/Kelarth] Empty Re: Tick Tock [Private Atmosphere/Kelarth]

Post by Atmosphere on Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:43 pm

Atmosphere was walking the halls of the royal chambers. Being a Royal Messenger herself she had access to the place without have a guard escort her around. Although today was quite unusual as Atmosphere usually preferred her free time flying around and doing other things. Maybe it was the rumors that King Tion got a daughter and she wanted to meet this dragon.

Walking down to the door she listened before entering, making sure she wouldn't be intruding on anything special. She opened the door, peeking her head inside at the sleeping dragoness. 'Aww, how cute?' Atmos thought with a smile. Maybe she shouldn't disturb the little dragon right now.

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Tick Tock [Private Atmosphere/Kelarth] Empty Re: Tick Tock [Private Atmosphere/Kelarth]

Post by Yalaruh on Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:08 pm

Twitching slightly in her dreams, the little Yalaruh would let out a yawn, her tiny body shifting so that she could enjoy the fluffy goodness to its fullest potential. However, as she stretched, she would just get buried deeper within the fluff, soon disappearing from Atmosphere's sight altogether. This sudden submersion caused Yala to crack her eyes open a little bit, curious as to why she suddenly had a mouth full of fluff.

She would then let out a little sneeze, still only half awake, and stretch out her little paws. Her large wings would unfurl, and she would struggle a bit, attempting to readjust herself in order to get comfortable once more.

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