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Joint Training (NW+FW)

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Joint Training (NW+FW)

Post by Oculus on Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:16 pm

Note: This topic is before the actual topic against the humans.

They had agreed to meet on the borders that touched the two tribes territories. Here, they had set up mock practice fort to attack. The plan was to get the NightWings and FireWings used to working with each other, and to get a general idea of the plan to be used. Oculus had come a little early, waiting for Tempest and the rest of the NightWings to make it here. He gave a set time for his troops to make it to the destination point, and held no doubt that those participating in the invasion instead of remaining behind to guard would arrive on time. He hoped that the FireWings would come on time too. He first wanted to just run the FireWings and NightWings through some drills so they got used to working with one another, and hopefully make troop pairings. Although most of the NightWings would be paired with NightWings in the tracker area, he figured some FireWings would join the initial strike group. The main strike force was probably going to be FireWings, as their guardians were much more fit than NightWing guardians. However, there was still a chance that some FireWings would be paired with NightWings in the main strike force, so practice would be helpful. Oculus would speak to Tempest when she arrived, suggesting a buddy system so that no dragon was severely hurt, and that there would always be the buddy to help them retreat if needed.
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NightWing Leader

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Re: Joint Training (NW+FW)

Post by Ignatius Sikum on Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:15 am

Tempest arrived early as well, having instructed the FireWings to group here around ten minutes after she had arrived. Looking down, she saw that the fort was well made, sturdy and also had those weird bolt shooters there as well. Tempest lands then-rather abruptly, half yelps in pain. She raises her wings, beating them several times as she rears onto her hind legs, snarling a little in annoyance as her front left leg stabbed onto a piece of wood. It was stuck in her flesh, and she ripped it away from herself. "I thought we cleared everything?" Tempest asked Oculus, rather amused at this. She then wandered over to where he was, and bowed politely to him so that she wasn't too rude to him.

"Thank you for agreeing to do this, I just felt that it was a smart plan to see if they would be able to work together..." Tempest explained quietly, then raised her head to Oculus. "I wonder what would happen if we decided to partake in this-we may put all our troops to shame." She said EXTREMELY quietly, so that only the NightWing would be able to hear her and, hopefully, see that she was joking around and teasing him.

Ignatius Sikum
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FireWing Guardian

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Re: Joint Training (NW+FW)

Post by Ignatius Sikum on Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:05 am

(( Bumping this because it's a thing for both FireWings and NightWings to try and work together before the human invasion-it's somewhat important ))

Ignatius Sikum
FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

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Re: Joint Training (NW+FW)

Post by Sponsored content

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