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Short chapter (please check)

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Short chapter (please check)

Post by Luke on Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:51 am

Hey guys, Luke here one more. I've created this new chapter right and it seems pretty good as a side story, I'd just like to have your opinion on it as to what you think. My goal is to continue writing as a side hobby and see what I can do for everyone entertainment wise. Includes a dark Luke from the future (spoilers), Sam, me as well as a friend Kate and grace


We both looked up over the hill side. "Beautiful...". Sam stepped up beside us quietly and I reached up to rub his neck as he peeked up over the edge. 'And full of rats if you know what I mean' said Sam as he looked down on the small anthro dragons below, they had been possessed by the darkness during its initial realise. Loki grinned slightly as he summoned his staff beside him, "well shouldn't we do something about that?". Luke landed beside us and folded his wings neatly beside him as he touched down, "it's just them, I checked for reinforcements but I couldn't see any" he chuckled slightly when he saw Loki, "I do like the whole staff of doom there though".

"Well what are we waiting for?" Said Sam audibly, grinning slightly at Kate thinking of her beautiful bow latched on the side of the saddle Sam had on the base of his neck. It was made of ebony and crafted to perfection as a gift from the knights from an unknown knight. I smiled at Loki as Kate saddled Sam and leaped forward into the air. "Those two always forget me" said grace as she paused a moment near Loki and i, watching the two of them curve around back towards us before taking a running leap up as they passed over and flipped up and spun to land on Sam just behind where Kate's saddle as he flew and folded her wings behind her. Sam wings beating the air as he prepared for a final pass over us.

"Ready for this Loki?" I asked, he grinned back with an expression that almost said 'are you kidding?'. Spinning around on his heal and saddling an old motorbike, kicking the starker as it roared to life. His staff planted behind him securely. I laughed. "I'll take that as a yes, beak you down there!" I told him, he revved the engine and the back well spun and kicked up dirt. As I ran down the side of the hill towards Sam, Kate and grace as they went for the final pass. I leaped up as they passed over, catching Sam's tail. Kate had already pulled out her blow and I could feel the tingle of magic from sam's tail as she pulled it tort slowly, aiming carefully at the first of the possessed anthro dragons. And I climbed up Sam's back, using his spines to reach just in front of his saddle.

--------(character swap) ----------

I took a deep breath as Sam levelled out, 'better hold on grace' Sam's mind voice sounded out as we began picking up speed, the trees starting to pass by a little faster and the wind whipping at my leather breast plate and my hair flinging behind me slightly in the wind. 'aszer' I whispered, the magic flowing via our bond and collecting at the tip of the steel tipped arrow. I let it fly as the energy peaked, the arrow flew true, impacting the anthro dragons shoulder and exploded in an ice shower on impact as we passed over the carnage. I quickly stealthed the bow with the quivers on my back and leaped from Sam as he curved around in a tight circle towards the group once more. I climbed up on the saddle and paused a moment before I leaped from he back, pulling my short sword as I flew through the air and impacted an anthro dragon on the way down. Slamming him to the ground instantly with my sword in his chest and killing him instantly, I pushed of the dead dragon and levelled my sword to shoulder level as others clouded slightly in front of me.

I took a glance over to grace as she pushed off another dragon she had killed, having the same idea and leaping from Sam at the same time as me. I nodded to her as she stood, readying her claws. Loki chose that time to land with his bike near us, staff in hand and glowing as he raced passed the group of anthro dragons, tacking out two more as he passed. Once with his staff and its energy and the other with the blade as he raised it up and cut one down in a swift stroke. Grace and I started jogging forward towards the disorganised group, cutting one down with my sword as it raised its claws to swipe and flipping it over my back. Silencing its unnatural growl as I stabbed it in the chest. Sam's deafening roar sounding out as he lit the majority of the group alight with flames as when's around for another pass, graces claws tacking down two more. 'Three more' I thought to myself. Hearing one come running towards me as I pulled out my sword to meet it. Luke suddenly landed in front of me, flattening the offending creature with eyes glowing a bright blue as he turned back towards me, twisting his sword in the creatures chest as it struggled slightly under him.

Swinging in an ark as he cut another creatures leg off at the knee and moved to finish it as I turned back towards Loki, seeing him finish off the last of the anthro dragons. "These guys never stood a chance against us did they?" Luke said as he looked around at the settling carnage, "until we all find their leader this war is far from over and every race is in danger" Loki spoke. I turned to leave as I couldn't feel any danger, I was about to stealth my bow as I had pulled it out to kill the last possessed creature when I suddenly caught movement. 'Dark luke!' Sam called out in a mind voice accompanied closely by a challenging roar.

The dark Luke quickly swiped Loki's staff away with his claws, moving to punch him but I pulled my bow taught, letting the arrow fly swiftly. Hearing his cry of pain closely following. Loki kicking the dark Luke away swiftly and pinning him to the floor about to stab him in the back through the cloak he wore when the dark Luke elbowed Loki, hitting his dagger away.

Sam growled as he helped hold the dark Luke down with his claws as he landed hard with a thump, "you can not stop us, you can not stop the darkness" Struggled the dark Luke, growling at Sam and Loki holding him down. "Silence!" I shouted, Rage bubbling inside of me at what the dark Luke had caused. I raised my sword when I neared him about to deliver the final blow and end the war when he turned his head partly towards me, "should have ended me when you had the chance" he laughed, his entire body vaporising in seconds as he disappeared. Sam growled loudly, looking around for him like the rest of us. Luke swore loudly closely followed by "we lost him. Again!" He shouted, slamming his fist on the ruined tower wall then sighed after a few seconds. "He still could be here.." Warned Loki. Luke looked up, "no he's gone, I can't sense him anymore".

There was a moment of science as we all steathed our weapons. "Well, home then, we'll need to figure out a new plan of attack for next time". I looked up at Sam and stroked his neck lightly as I walked towards him, he closed his eyes in contempt and growled lightly as I jumped back onto his back. "I'll catch up later.." luke looked behind himself without turning, "I need a little privacy for a while" he added sadly. Loki walked over to his bike and kicked the starter again, grace jumping onto Loki's bike and sitting near the steering column as he did so the engine roaring to life once more. "I agree, ill see you there then", Sam suddenly leaping forward into the air at that and pumping his wings. Starting the long trip home again. Loki's bike moving to the tracks and moving into the country side and quickly disappearing over a hill. 'Do you think they will be ok Sam?' I asked him, 'I'm sure they will be' he smiled.


Disappearing for a long while and coming back after forever... like 2 years changes a lot of things...

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