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The Rift Affinity

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The Rift Affinity

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:56 pm

The Rift Affinity

The Rift affinity is a Fantasy Mythical creature RP, this is the most complex site i have ever conjured and it is STILL in the making, but by my new years resolution I WILL complete my most beloved site. ALL are welcome to join and IF you have the experience perhaps YOU can help me complete my dream. The Rift Affinity awaits.

In the heart of the soul of every man, woman and child is a creature of legend and mystic... trying to get out

|| “The once mighty race of the Phoenix is now nothing but a candle's flickering light in the wind” ||

It was a new world, one that was created in vain of something much more vile. Alone, one man, one beast made a difference. The heart crystal was not only the soulful communion for the world, but it was also tearing it apart in secret. In the end of an all out war, the crystal shattered, creating and splitting itself into six singled crystals. A single individual took these crystals far from its homeland, and too a world across the sea. During the journey, he suffered from long nightmares, a burning inside his soul, terrors that would slowly destroy his very being. In a rush, he scaled the new world, hiding each and every crystal, in hopes that they would never be found, that they will never become one again. With his dying breath, the last of the shards was hidden and the man vanished to a pile of ash. As the wind blew, the ashes were scattered and months later as inhabitants began to come to the new world, the ashes unfolded an egg.

His past was taken from him, the burned images of the lost world in fragmented into the heart crystal's shards. The ashes rested around the egg, nestled deep in the lushes forest. Days turned to weeks, to months, to yers and soon centuries. Life still flourished and the crystals were dominated, until one day, the egg finally hatched. With no memory, the man didn't know of what he did, how he saved a world and now was succumbed to a new one, fresh and clean of the destruction of the old. In the old books of lore, his very existence was considered a legend now, but people had no idea how hard he had fought to save a world from utter destruction and in the end he created a new world. However, history would soon repeat itself.

In the new world of Vytautas, the phoenix was a crowned jewel, the heart of the society, looked on by other creatures and mystic's alike as soon their bodies were created into man's image, only taking their true form in dire need. They burned brightly until the day Adar Miervaldis founded the first crystal. Soon, over the centuries, the crystal's were being found, each one creating a new clan, pack or coven. Soon, the last one one was founded and the clan of Dwyn was formed. The crystal's power varied with each, but the groups that covered the lands each held one of certain power. Miervaldis Pack held the crystal of Earth, Gwrtheyrn Clan held the crystal of Fire, Zyanya Coven held the crystal of Water, Sigeberht Coven held the crystal of Light, Io Pack held the crystal of Wind and lastly, Dwyn Clan held the crystal of Dark. Each leader was a different creature, each having a different affect on the individual. Miervaldis's leader was that of a Nighthowl, Grwtheyrn's leader was that of a Levathian, Zyanya's leader was that of a Unicorn, Sigeberht's leader was that of a Dragon, Io's leader was that of a Grim and Dwyn's founding leader, was the oldest of the phoenix breed. Each leader agreed to make a centralized world for those that were attached to no clan, pack or coven. The Council Cathedral was thus established, and the council was formed.

Centuries beyond his life, Adar Miervaldis had burned in his fire, his ashes had been split upon his death. From his ashes, was born two seperate eggs, one hatched well beyond it's twin. Enzair Pyrrhus Dwyn, the surname of Dwyn attaching once his founding of the last crystal, was the oldest living creature on the continent of Vytautas, his memories and soul the very first of Adar Miervaldis who had founded the Miervaldis Pack when the world began. The age and wisdom granted the phoenix as High Councilor, taking place over Miervalidis who held the spot for centuries. During the beginning years of holding the crystal, Enzair suffered nightmares, much like all phoenixes. The crystal was known to have affects on the birds of prey much more severe that any other creature, including the dragons which seemed to have no ill affect. The crystals had power that not even the council knew, and they strived to keep the crystals safe, out of the wrong hands, and in custody of just the leader of high authority.

Nearing a thousand years, the second egg of Adar's ashes finally hatched. For about thirty years, the newborn phoenix watched the world begin to fall into his dreams. Flashes of memories, another life came crashing in his mind. Like his much older brother Enzair, who didn't know of his birth, and vise versa, the two men shared a link that was testing their very inner being. Determined and wild, Scovth Pyrrhus Rosario began to rebel against the council silently. His goal...


Something was driving him to gather them, something beyond his control. Nightmares wracked his body. Enzair's crystal begins to take a toll on the reborn-ed soul, causing him to go almost insane. Before his findings, the happy and joyous Enzair was loved by his people and friends. But as the years and centuries went by, he began to drastically change. The soul crystal was killing him slowly, sucking his very soul. His moments in life caved in on his body and during the moments of his subconscious, his very memories and life would flash to his young brother Scovth and the young phoenix knew nothing of where or how it was happening. The exact opposite of his split soul, Scovth was and had always been cruel, hard and very much sadistic and most of all, controlling. With the elders gone, Enzair has no one to turn to, and Scovth is fighting something he can't control.

What is to become of Enzair, and will he ever find his brother? Will Scovth soon put the dreams and nightmares together? How will the phoenix survive? Will history once again repeat itself?

Only time will tell, in the RIFT AFFINITY

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Re: The Rift Affinity

Post by Frostflare on Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:02 pm

Cool , so you are making an rpg site?Or is it done.I would like to know.

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Re: The Rift Affinity

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:01 pm

it has been around for several months, i have never really finished it, but it is open for you to join just let me edit in a link


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