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Aether - Lightwing Guardian

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Aether - Lightwing Guardian  Empty Aether - Lightwing Guardian

Post by Aether on Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:52 pm

Aether - Lightwing Guardian  Jeremy-chong-8
Personal Info
Name: Aether (- Can a mod switch my user to that name?)
Alias:  The Kaleidoscope, The Illusionist
Age: 154
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual 
Personality: Aether is a dragon of great admiration. Many even utter the words 'Passion' and 'Fervor' when they think of him. And in this they are correct, there truly is a sense of pure and grandiose love present when Aether sees his own reflection in a mirror or body of water. Besides vanity and self-appreciation, known as Aether's softer side, he is regarded as consistently jaded, sour, sarcastic and short-tempered unless put on a pedestal.

 Being cynical and self-oriented often has their downfalls, especially in Aether's case, however - where he values his own physique above mostly anything else, including the welfare of others occasionally. His vanity and egocentrism breeds cowardice, though this cowardice relates mostly to protecting his own life and appearance, and yet is still a heavily key weakness for a dragon of his rank. Based on the combination of his volatile personality traits and fear of death and defilement, Aether has developed a sense of cruelty as an outlet to express them; often merciless and delivering excruciatingly painful deaths to his enemies for his own amusement. He also tends to play with his food.

While being generally unappreciative of others, he does, however, tend to show favor to those whom can tell a good story by whatever medium; or share interesting information on things and places. Aether treats these kind of rare legends and secrets as currency, and may exchange secrets, fables, or even favors of his own in return.

+Finding the perfect spot to admire scenery
+Basking in rays of warm sunlight
+Colour and the nature of colour
+Reading - Whether it is information, fables, legends, accounts of war (etc.)
+Observing wildlife
+Flattery and prose
+Competition (As long as he's winning)

-Being compared to others in a neutral or negative light
-The feeling of grime on his scales and generally being dirty
-The prospect of losing
-Being helpless or confused (This frustrates him immensely)
-Being cold (unless flying)
-Total darkness

Fears: Due to his past, Aether both despises and fears humans all the same. You will often find him listening in to stories or reports on human movement and activity for his own assurance and steadying of heart. He is also typically fearful of the idea of being in total and complete darkness. Sure Aether likes a good shady place to nap in the jungle, and he has explored a cave or two in his youth; yet a place with no light, no sense of direction or- or... To not know what is really all around you, is truly a terrifying thought to him.

General Appearance
Height: 82ft (When fully grown he will be 100ft)
Scales: Opalescent (Milky white with shimmers of colour)
Eyes: Light teal, kind of Seafoam ((if you've ever played FlightRising))
Appearance: Aether is best described as sharp. His face begins with a pointy beak-like mouth with crisp ridges on either side of it. He has four small lightly coloured eyes with no visible iris or separation, this is to better focus when it is bright or he is using his breath. This gives way to his multiple horns and whiskers haloing his head, as well as a large, elevated, sharp, fin-like horn on his crown that is serrated at the base. His scales are a highly reflective pearly white and often showcase a range of colours on them as Aether moves; it is often compared to armour. His physique is lithe, with large featherless wings that are bordered by scales and strong, sinewy feet. Aether also possesses sizeable claws that are similarly shaped to his "beak."

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Lightwings
Rank: Guardian
Family: None, to put it simply they were killed for their pearly hides by humans, whom Aether despises deeply.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
1)Aether thrives in his understanding of the mechanics and strategy of attack, able to plan out courses of action in his head very quickly while under the pressure of battle. He is also good and creating strategies that leave leeway or the opportunity to diverge/change should it be needed situationally.

2)Ruthless and cunning, as well as a great reader of body language, Aether has the innate ability to infer his opponent's attack strategy and either counter it or use it to his advantage.

3)Personality-wise, Aether is a naturally competitive soul. Though some perceive this as a weakness, he believes this drives him to excel at anything he sets his mind to, and this is most oftenly true.

Special Abilities: Besides a Lightwing's natural ability to change colours, Aether is also able to change the colour of his scales to best absorb the sun's energy in most places - which tends to mean turning pitch black - willingly. This also happens to Aether under extreme stress, feeling intense emotion, or even to simply blend into his surroundings. He is also able to manipulate light and colour from his breath or the reflection of his scales (when in natural state) to create short-term yet convincing mirages, which he uses to confuse and frighten enemies. Maybe even tell an interesting story or two.
1)"Being cynical and self-oriented often has their downfalls, especially in Aether's case, where he values his own physique above mostly anything else, including the welfare of others, occasionally. His vanity and egocentrism breeds cowardice, though his cowardice relates mostly to protecting his own life and appearance, and yet is still a heavily key weakness for a dragon of his rank."

2)Besides being a major phobia, Aether's attack styles and trickery simply do not work in pitch darkness, his natural glow would not be enough to provide the reflection he needs and he would waste his breath trying to light this environment.

Combat Style: Aether is a fierce fighter, and a dirty one at that. He fights by creating a distraction, an illusion or simply temporarily blinding his enemies, then takes this time to circle and attack from the best possible angle. Aether prefers to attack from close range, he feels it gives him better control over the situation and frankly he likes to bite and claw from up close rather than aim and dodge from afar. His favourite move is to pin his enemies arms and scorch their faces with his breath from point-blank range, usually until submission or death. If death is what's needed he tends to knock his opponents down and then torture them until they are gone, gruesome stratagem used mostly for his own amusement.

History: To be added (very sad much cry boohoo)
RP Sample: ((The following is short-form, I can also do paragraph etc.)) A great rumble had erupted from Aether's chest, it vibrates into the rock and under his splayed claws. The weather was perfect today, the sun's warm rays of light seemed to spread over his wings like a warm hug. He lay on a large smooth boulder in a clearing, basking in the beautiful light that made the scales and ridges on his back positively radiant. Peace, at last.
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Aether - Lightwing Guardian  Empty Re: Aether - Lightwing Guardian

Post by Celestia on Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:49 pm


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