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Destruction of Innocence [Open/EWs Only]

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Destruction of Innocence [Open/EWs Only]

Post by Rahnma on Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:35 am

In the forges of Vulcans, Rahnma would prance around in an irritable mood. He was up late this evening, planning the changes. He didn't have the gift of the paw to the metal, but he did have ideas. He thought that metal and stone armor was too simple and common. He felt that at this tribe was capable of honing to their natural abilities to their advantage in combat. What could work? - Steel? They could, but it'd be too heavy if it was completely made of it. He sat there, scheming at the hot embers of the forge in front of him, an assortment of metals sat beside him, awaiting their fiery fate. But he simply placed a talon on the desk and tapped with impatience. "What could protect everything but see nothing? Masks?" He pondered, reaching over to grab his journal to jot down ideas, "Perhaps covering the the body in a metal, durable but sensitive... yes, indeed. If dragons of Earthil can feel vibration from the ground, then this would be enhanced upon a particular metal that can vibrate upon the location of the targets. If this were to go through, our entire body, even our eyes, would be able to be secure while being able to pinpoint the location of a target." He began printing the idea on the rough piece of paper, perhaps this would be efficient in battle. Especially underground.

[I just plan to create/think of armors for us. ;w;]
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NightWing Guardian

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Re: Destruction of Innocence [Open/EWs Only]

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:14 am

Baldirak was awake against his will. A constant rumbling in the earth kept him from sleeping. So the King made his way to the forges and found Rahnma there...Why was he here so late? "Rahnma. Have you any idea of the time? Whatever you're doing here is requiring too much... walking."
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Re: Destruction of Innocence [Open/EWs Only]

Post by Rii Rii on Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:21 am

Rii had managed to get away from the nest for a while. Forging always got her mind off of things, and lately she had a lot on her mind. Mostly it was worries of how she could be a good parent to both Au and the eggs once they hatched. Yet there were some other worries that continually nagged at her. These worries included her peers suggesting she find someone to look after the young for you among the caregivers when she had to work or was away, and the same old worry of nightwings creeping up on her while she slept at night. That was one of the chief reasons why Rii couldn't sleep at night. Even being within a whole tribe she couldn't feel secure even though Rii knew that she should feel safe here. The bluish woman didn't know how to fix that, but she did know how to get her mind off of her worries. So she had left her eggs and a sleeping Au in the nest for only a few minutes to go work on something at the forges since she couldn't sleep.

When Rii got to the forges there were already dragons there, but she didn't see who. Instead the woman focused on getting to her work space and taking out the armor she had been making for herself. The breastplate was still missing. Probably with the king someplace as he had been interested in helping her figure out how to make the leather more acid resistant. The last piece she had to finish was the tail guard, and that was relatively simple to do. So Rii set up her anvil and fired up the forge to get it started. She checked one last time to make sure that she had enough regular leather to finish this piece. For now, without the acid resistant bits, Rii would have to keep from getting coughed on or spit at by her fellow acid using earthwings. Though that should be easy enough since there was no battle to be fought for now.

Rii's physical description here

Rii Rii

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Re: Destruction of Innocence [Open/EWs Only]

Post by Sponsored content

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