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EarthWing Tribe Info

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EarthWing Tribe Info

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:27 pm

Tribe's History: The EarthWings, like all the Dragons of Pyrria, are descendants of the ElderWings, a long-lost Tribe inhabiting Daelorios Island. A group of these ElderWings made their home in the most temperate climate on the main continent. Over generations, they lost their traits to ones suited to lifde in the forest; their abilities became those related to the earth. Soon, their numbers grew to be considered a Tribe. They named themselves EarthWings, in honor of their first leader, a female named Earth.
The EarthWings second leader was another female, named Shrillix. She was the beginning of a monarchy that continues to this day. The EarthWing's next leaders were a mated pair, Cosmos and Rektani. Cosmos is the biggest Dragon in all of Pyrria, an EarthWing standing at 300ft tall. Under his reign, the Earth Kingdom continued to thrive... But also suffered from conflicts with the Humans that lived in their territory. The first of these conflicts involved an ambush by a Human settlement that lived closest to the EarthWing Kingdom. While Cosmos and his family were away, a group of Humans managed to get into the Royal hatchery and steal Rektani's eggs. Meanwhile, Cosmos and the rest of the Royal family were being attacked by Humans. Cosmos was hurt the most severely, nearly dying, but the Healers ensured his survival, though he was left with mental and emotional scars. The Guardians were successful in retrieving all of the eggs.
The second incident also involved Humans.  Somehow, the Humans managed to amass an army right under the EarthWings' snouts. They attacked in the morning, when most were still asleep. The Guardians had no warning and no time to prepare. The Humans came with their usual arsenal: crossbows, spears. But this time also had giant nets, catapults which fired flaming rocks, ballistas that shot giant spears which kept the EarthWings from escaping by air. It was a massacre; defenseless Citizens and Hatchlings were killed. Even the Guardians fell. Worse still, Cosmos was nowhere to be found: he had left before the Humans arrived on a diplomatic mission. Without his guidance, these EarthWings descended into chaos. Some helped with the evacuation, others stayed behind and did their best to push back the Humans, their efforts in vain. It was discovered the Humans had some sort of deity with them. In the end, only a handful of EarthWings survived. One was captured by the Humans. Cosmos returned to find his tribe nearly extinct and led them into hiding underground. To the rest of the world, the EarthWings were no more; rogues were Swift to move in to the newly abandoned territory. Over time, a few more survivors emerged and joined the others. The EarthWings built a city beneath Pyrria and slowly rebuilt the Tribe.
Cosmos retired, his reign finally taking a toll on him. His adopted son--a survivor of the Human invasion--Baldirak Sapiens Draco, is the fourth leader. He was reluctant to take the throne at first, unsure of his capabilities as a leader. But he strove to serve his tribe in any way and now it thrives. With occasional guidance from Cosmos, Baldirak makes sure the EarthWings will be ready when the time comes to rejoin the world. For now, they continue to grow in numbers--so much so that they have constructed as second underground city.

Tribe's Territory: The EarthWings have territory above and below ground. Their tunnels run throughout nearly all of Pyrria. These tunnels are massive, able to accomodate their biggest members, and are a maze successfully navigable only by EarthWings. Here, they have a small settlement: The Haven, located beneath the neutral territory between the FireWings and SeaWings. The Haven has one level and is divided into several chambers. There is a Healing Chamber, Forging Chamber, Nursery and Learning Chamber, etc. The Main Chamber features a marketplace and is the center of life in the Haven.

The old EarthWing territory is currently in ruins. It is the largest territory in Pyrria. It is most!y forest, but there is also a desert oasis. It was soon be claimed by NightWings and FireWings, who seek to claim all Rogue territory to expand their Tribes.

Tribe's Special Ranks: After their fall, the EarthWings had to recreate some--and make new ones-- of their ranks to fit with their new home. Some of these are:

Caretakers: This is one of the new ranks. Caretakers help busy EarthWing parents by watching their Hatchlings when they're working. They also help take care of Wise Ones.

Architect: The architects specialize in building and make sure the tunnels of the underground cities are strong. They also make changes to the layout of the tunnel systems surrounding the cities.

Tunnel Scout: These are Scouts that patrol the labyrinth of tunnels beneath Pyrria  to make sure no Dragons who might have accidentally stumbled in discover the hidden Tribe.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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