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Nullyx, the Berserker

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Nullyx, the Berserker

Post by Nullyx on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:09 pm

Personal Info
Name: Nullyx
Alias: N/A
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Very unstable. There is no better dragon who represents the embodiment of anger, hate and insanity than Nullyx. His mind is completely absent from understanding consequences. He does whatever comes to his mind first without a thought on repercussions, even if it is incredibly dangerous. As such, he can be very disobedient and it should not come as any surprise that he is always in trouble or gets into senseless fights. Nullyx is a dragon who likes to fight, and will not be easily intimidated by any dragon, even if they hold a higher rank or if they are gods. He is very persistent in getting what he wants, on top of being a dragon of impulse. If anyone is to describe him, one of them would be its like he has no fear at all. Nullyx highly favours destruction and total anarchy, solely for his pure excitement without care of who is hurt, as long as they are not so important to him.

No one knows what Nullyx was like when he was a hatchling. Some supposed he used to be a strong and caring dragon, who would pick fights with even bigger dragons I they dared to trouble him in some way. But when his parents died, Nullyx became insane due to his inability to protect them from death. Others theorised that Nullyx was mental from the start, and that he was the one responsible for his parents’ deaths. Either way, Nullyx is never a dragon who freely shares his history with just anyone, even if they became friends with him.

To friends, Nullyx is more or less the same. He is very fidgety according to others and almost speaks cryptic. His awkward behaviours include suddenly lashing at someone he has seen in his nightmares, barging into confidential meetings between high-profile dragons or staring deeply into a candle like he was hypnotised. If anyone can put up with his personality, he is a great friend to have, willing to support their views and fight by their side, as well as providing encouragement. Overall, he is very unpredictable and well known to have settled for less just to put others off-balance.

If there are any advice, it is to not make enemies with him. Nullyx is a dragon who is known to hold very deep grudges against even those who merely cursed at him. This, combined with his anger issues, will lead to him constantly assaulting the dragons responsible at every opportunity he gets. It is likely Nullyx had been bullied when he was young and that led to his radical behaviour. However, Nullyx had some restraints whenever he is involved in a fight. He never uses his abilities unless fights do not go in his favour.

-All sorts of carnage and destruction
-Burning things, especially large structures
-Talking to himself

-Being taken advantage of
-Being told what to do
-Law and order

Fears: Nullyx has the most peculiar fear of sleeping. It makes him vulnerable and sometimes gives him nightmares. It is also likely related to what happened in his past.

General Appearance
Height: 80ft
Scales: Black scales
Eyes: Amber
Appearance: Nullyx is a large black dragon with distinguishable features. His scales appeared to have smoothened well with his entire body, but they were there and densely thick, providing him some protection. His underbelly is glowing red and yellow, akin to that of lava, and there are distinguishable ‘cracks’ all over his body that glow with his belly. Although they do appear to be weak, the underbelly is actually Nullyx’s most densely plated portion of his body. His eyes were completely amber in colour, giving off a vibe that he was a living rock statue with lava inside him.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewings
Rank: Tracker
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased

Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

Nullyx has a very good balance between strength and speed and he is well above the average range. With one swing of his claws, Nullyx is able to knock smaller dragons off their claws, and he could collapse a row of trees. However, this does not mean he is not at all stealthy or speedy. If the environment does not permit hiding his massive size, Nullyx will rely solely on his speed to get him to places. He is able to cover huge distances in a matter of seconds, up to 100metres in 3 seconds.

This is where Nullyx falters. Even as a tracker, Nullyx doesn’t possess a good memory and, when relaying information, he only states what concerns him the most, including if there are any threats in the area. He is very impulsive and, rather than coming up with a strategy, cares about pulling himself back up and keep lashing at them until they are down.

Special Abilities:
Flaming Oil Spray
Nullyx’s natural fire breathing modified for his use. Instead of spewing ordinary flames, Nullyx can spew flaming oil at his enemies, coating them literally in fire. Compared to ordinary flames, this will stick to the enemies right upon contact and will continue to burn them until they can put themselves out. Projectile motion is different as well, travelling in a parabolic arc. Maximum range Nullyx can shoot, without alterations from wind speed or direction, is 35metres. However, unlike ordinary fire breathing, Nullyx suffers from having to wait longer between breaths. Missing his spray can therefore be detrimental for him, and thus imperative that he is certain he can land a sure hit.

Air Bomb

Nullyx alters the oxygen density in areas of space around him. Due to his constant fire source from his body, this will result in the air immediately exploding like bombs the moment the oxygen density crosses a threshold to trigger a chain reaction. These explosions are lethal and, as long as there is enough oxygen, anywhere around him could explode. This ability is limited in its range, being 15metres from him.

Nullyx fights like a lunatic or a berserker, in a sense that he doesn’t care about what happens to his body, as long as he can fight and knock his enemies down. As such, a lot of the time he would run face first into any attack, even if they could kill him. He is also not a clever thinker, so use that to your advantage.

He is also a close-combat fighter, with his breath being the only ranged ability. In addition to this, Nullyx’s defence is very lackluster, relying solely on his large build and thick scales to get by.

Combat Style: Just charge in and lash his claws repeatedly. Not down? Lash at them some more! Still not down? Lash at them some more!!

History: N/A
RP Sample: N/A

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Re: Nullyx, the Berserker

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:18 am

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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Re: Nullyx, the Berserker

Post by Tahki on Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:07 am

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Re: Nullyx, the Berserker

Post by Nullyx on Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:14 am



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Re: Nullyx, the Berserker

Post by Tahki on Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:45 pm


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