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Ella, EarthWing Dragon

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Ella, EarthWing Dragon

Post by Ella on Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:46 am

Personal Info
Name: Ella
Alias: None as of yet
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Personality: When she is involved in new situations, she will be rather hesitant, but makes decisions based on what she has experienced in the past. Sometimes this can lead to bad decisions made, which she thoroughly regrets at later times. She is a calm earth dragon, and cares greatly for other dragons around her. Especially dragons of a young age, usually less than 5 years of age, she will look out for them and do her best to entertain the younglings. Because of her caring nature, she sometimes dislikes it when there are full blown fights occurring but will put up with it anyway and get to making treatments for the ones who come back wounded. That being said, she doesn’t mind sparing as isn’t an actual fight, but a way to improve skills. When Ella is around dragons who she fancies, she will become lost for words, stutters a little, and sometimes create incoherent sentences. This only lasts for a few weeks, until she can get a grasp on the fact that she is actually doing that. While she is in a stuttering state, she is easily aggravated because she doesn’t know how to stop herself from rambling. Aside from this point in time, she can be a bit stubborn when it comes to people angering her. She doesn’t like the feeling of being angry, so she attempts to remain calm when she is in a bad situation. The only times which she becomes angry is when a young dragon, her mate, or close friends are being hurt, if she is being lied to or if someone is ignoring rather important information she is trying to pass on. However, she isn’t all calm and boring, she has a very playful streak to her, she enjoys teasing and being teased, and doesn’t mind harmless ‘arguments’ between herself and others.

Interests: Ella enjoys friendly sparing, hunting for different herbs and  ointments to help heal other dragons, collecting silver from places she has been, experimentation as well as using her powers to help heal people.
Dislikes: Wars between clans, unneeded bloodshed, fire of any sort (including FireWings) and NightWings.
Fears: Ella fears the inky darkness of night for she can’t see beyond a few feet in front of her, coming home to find her mate/family/tribe dead as well as failing to protect the people who she loves (including the baby dragons).  

General Appearance
Height: 89 feet
Scales: Her scales are shaped similar to triangles, and they are a golden hue near her green claws and on her face and slowly change to different shades of green which cover the rest of her body.
Eyes: A lighter green.
Appearance: She has very large leathery wings, attached to a muscular frame. Her tail is a medium length, tipped with a serrated spear-like head. Instead of her underbelly being protected by hard plates, hers is covered in a layer of very flammable fur. The spines which protrude from her back are attached by a skin stretched between them. Even though this skin looks very flimsy, if is firm and tough. Behind her eyes are a pair of horns which go straight back, and they are a golden colour.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: EarthWing.
Rank: Healer.
Family: As of yet, Ella does not have a living family. And as cliché as it is, she doesn’t really have parents either.
Mate: Not just yet . . .
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
• Ella is an amazing climber and is rather clever with the things she comes up with.
• She is a relatively good fighter because of the sparing she sometimes takes part in.
• She also has her acidic breathe which can melt rocks, but it isn’t anywhere near as potent as other EarthWings acid.
• The fur on her underbelly also serves to keep her warm when she is in freezing conditions.

Special Abilities: At the cost of her own health, she can restore any wound a dragon receives. After using the ability, she remains very vulnerable for a few days because of the amount of energy she burns to use the ability. She has to drag herself into a den and rest there for 1 day, before she can then move around a little. After this 1 day, her recovering period can take an additional day and then to a maximum of 14 days to recover her strength. Another downside is that by using this she takes on the wounds of that dragon and they vary in intensity due to how large they are compared to her, and if they are close to her or not.

If a dragon DOES NOT trust her/isn’t close to her and has a broken wing:
• Under 20 feet, she ends up with several long cuts down her wing and it aches to move it. She needs to recover for at least 1 day.
• 21-40 feet, her wing membrane can become torn and she will be unable to fly for several weeks. She also needs to recover for 4 days.
• 41-80 feet, the injuries will be that she has the bones in her wing snapped, and more damage to the membrane. 6 days of recovery.
• 81+ feet, BOTH her wings will have every bone broken, membrane torn to shreds and it can take years, if not decades, to heal. 14 days recovery.

However! If the dragon is close with her, or the dragon is her mate and family, the following will happen:
• Under 20 feet, aches and slightly small scratches are on her wings. 1 day of recovery.
• 21-40 feet, the aches return, and there are slight marks on her wing membrane and she can’t fly when they are present and sore. 4 day of recovery.
• 41-80 feet, her membrane is torn, and some of the bones in her wings have fractured or snapped. 6 days of recovery.
• 81+ feet, her wing is snapped and is rendered useless for a few weeks to months until the bones heal. 14 days of recovery.

• She cares too much about her family/mate and the young dragons for her own good. If she sees that one is in danger, she will recklessly dive in to try and save them, relying on her sparing skills to be able to push the other dragons back.
• Her hide is extremely sensitive to fire, and in an instant her entire underbelly can catch on fire if she is not careful.
• Ella also has trouble fighting dragons larger than she is, because they weigh more than she does and her strength doesn’t allow her to throw dragons over 100 feet off easily.
• Another weakness is the fact that she is so vulnerable during her recovery time that if another dragon finds her, she has to rely on her mate or another dragon to help her if the unknown dragon wants to kill her.

Combat Style: She spars-and by sparing, I mean she was taught how to get close to maiming, but without actually hurting them. She fights by using her tail, mouth/head, her hardened wings her hind and front legs/claws. She can rake her hind legs down on another dragons belly, and has the strength to rip away some of their scales, and dint their plates. Her claws are tough, and she can use them to grab onto another dragons wing and bite down on her opponent. She basically aims to cripple them, and be on her way for she is against killing.

History: The majority is unknown, but it may come up in future rp’s. But what is known is that where she was born, it was icy cold. There were howling and freezing winds. The only reason she was alive was because of the fur on her underbelly. She was able to use small boulders as shelter and snuggled into the fur to keep herself warm.
When she was young, Ella also slept too close to a fire to try and keep herself warm. The stench of burning hair made her run for the nearest water source to put the flames out.
RP Sample: She recalled a memory, a memory which took place several years ago. She was bounding across the forest, kicking up leaves and dirt alike behind her in her haste. She was late, and she never liked to be late. A small rustle of leaves broke her thoughts, and Ella felt the wind being driven from her body. She hit the ground heavily, hissing in annoyance at what had knocked her over. To her surprise, there were several creatures there, all seemingly grinning as they had finally caught her off guard and knocked her over... It only took them 5 years to manage the task.
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Re: Ella, EarthWing Dragon

Post by Arkhor on Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:43 am


// Nice bio Razz //


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Re: Ella, EarthWing Dragon

Post by Ella on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:23 pm

Yay!! Thank you Arkhor :3 Would you mind if the other profile was deleted? It doesn't make much sense in keeping them both up

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Re: Ella, EarthWing Dragon

Post by Sponsored content

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