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Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 Dragon10
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Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY)

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Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 Empty Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY)

Post by Rii Rii on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:01 pm

First topic message reminder :

Date is present <3

Rii had relished the movement of her muscles only days before, but now she was starting to regret lifting so much and working so hard. Her back killed her, figuratively of course, and her stomach had horrible pains. She wasn't sure if it had been the work or something she had eaten, but Rii had gone to the bathroom more than twice already this evening and was already up to go a third time. She hoped that this time she was able to push the gas out, or whatever was blocking up her digestive tract. At least Rii hoped it was gas. In the beginning it did feel a little like gas, but now it was like 100 times worse than the worst gas she had ever had.

Standing over the manure pile, but keeping herself away from it and disgusted by the stink, Rii focused on trying to poop. Hours later, while ignoring others come and go, Rii had finally released whatever the hell had been blocking her up. She sighs and shakes while thinking that this was the last time she would ever eat a giant turtle ever again. Rii was lucky enough to be curious as to what her poop looked like. Turning around to see what had blocked her up so much Rii frowned as she saw a semi dirty but clean white object sitting on top of a smaller pile of excrement. She pauses, then leans down to sniff at the object. Immediately Rii regretted this decision as the smell of dragon poop around her filled her nostrils. However she did glean some information from the smell of the object. Firstly it didn't smell like any form of excrement a dragon could produce. Curiosity took Rii then as she rolled the thing from the manure pile to a puddle. Her stomach still hurt despite the fact that she had finished dropping whatever the hell this thing was.

Barely touching the thing because it was gross Rii brought it to a puddle of clean water then washed it off. The smoothness of the thing reminded her of a few things. One, a skull bone like Mairii's, two a smooth water eroded rock, and three....an egg.

Her eyes grew round and wide as Rii saw the egg finally through the muck. She washed it more thoroughly now, but gently and removed all of the excrement from it. It was an egg. Rii marveled at it for a full minute then put two and two together.

Did I just... but... Rii was entirely confused. The egg definitely had not been there before she went to the pooing area. It had definitely shown up after she finished depositing... Wait. Did she even go?

Rii went back to the area still holding the egg gently and ignoring little pains still in her belly. She went to the spot where she had supposedly "gone" and scented the area.

Her poop smell was definitely not there. Only the smell of the egg? Rii snapped her eyes back to the egg in wonder. Is this really an egg though? Or did I eat a stone at some point? Rii thought then wondered who she could ask. Tired, and just wanting to sleep, she shuffled through a hall cleansing herself before hand and then went through the halls. She planned on heading back to the healing den to see if anyone was around. However if she spotted someone helpful that she knew through the halls Rii would ask them instead.

Rii's physical description here

Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 5CaZRound is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 E6J4n
Rii Rii
Rii Rii
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Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 Empty Re: Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY)

Post by Hyruu on Sat May 14, 2016 6:36 am

Rhune blinked, realizing he had hugged Rii, and took a step backward. He took a deep breath, his eyes feeling dry. Was that sadness he was hearing in Rii's voice ? Making her sad was the last thing he wanted. The green dragon got a hold on his emotions, and gave Rii a small smile.
"Of course. I'm sorry, Rii... I didn't want to... bother you. I just wanted to... make sure you were okay. If you need anything... just call me, okay ?" he told her.
His sadness had left the place to another feeling. Was it resolve ? Determination ? In any case, Rii would feel the sincerity of Rhune's words. He was wanting to help her, and make her feel the best he could make her feel. The green dragon turned away, leaving the cave with a last look behind. Of course Rii needed some alone time. As he left the cave, he sat down for a few minutes, processing what had just happened. He had cried, but strangely... he was feeling way better. As if his past was less of a burden. All Rhune was thinking about was the future. Of course Rii's, with her eggs, but also... his own. His training was going forward nicely, and he was feeling better and better among the Earthwings.
With these last thoughts, he stood up and headed toward the baths.

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LightWing Hunter

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Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 Empty Re: Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY)

Post by Rii Rii on Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:56 pm


Rii didn't know what else to do with herself, but the silence that followed Rhune's departure somewhat calmed her. That and the smoothness of each egg as she polished and gazed over them. She settled then clutching at Mairii's skull and stared downwards lost in the millions of thoughts running through her head.

Rii's physical description here

Round is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 5CaZRound is the planet (EW'S ONLY) - Page 3 E6J4n
Rii Rii
Rii Rii
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Posts : 490
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