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Lespernii, the Seedkeeper

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Lespernii, the Seedkeeper

Post by Lespernii on Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:10 pm

Personal Info
Name: Lespernii
Alias: Seedkeeper, Beekeeper, Queen of poisons
Age: 200 yrs (27 dragon yrs)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Lespernii was a cold-hearted dragon, who held no fear in letting others know of her opinion. Most of the time she was quiet, preferring to concentrate on her work and training to become a power fighter. Lespernii was also somewhat impulsive and could act rebellious, not resting until she could get what she wanted and such. Around friends, she would be extremely loyal and assertive of her ideas if they presented her with any problems. For others, however, it could be difficult trying to win her approval. Lespernii was prideful, somewhat vain, and very calm with any situation she walked into, sometimes liking to toy with others for her enjoyment.

There were times where Lespernii ticked. Most frequently was anyone storming into her working area and fiddling her plants and bees. She would curse, roar at them and force them out. As well as having a short temper, it was hard for her to forgive anyone who interrupted her like that.


-Beekeeping - Lespernii is fascinated with the nature of honey that she decided to dedicate a chamber within the Haven to keeping these bees and have them collect nectar from specific plants. Being within Haven meant she would have almost every plant the Earthwings could offer. In her spare time, Lespernii would open up shop to sell these pots of honey when ready.
-Plant cultivating - Lespernii was focused in trying to make favourable plants, whether they be the most beautiful, produce the deadliest of toxins or those that could produce the best fruits. Near her apiary was a greenhouse-like area for her work on these plants.


-Intruders coming in to see her while she was working
-Being told what to do, unless it was from her leader

Fears: Losing all of her bees and plants due to an epidemic or destruction.

General Appearance
Height: 160ft
Scales: Purplish brown scales. Her neck, underbelly and tail scales were rather thick and oriented in way they were like 'cages' or ribs, holding in what appeared to be blue under her.
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Lespernii is a large purplish brown dragon, very slender in her appearance, almost to the point that she was down to her bones. Her eyes glow blue, and her head brown with a few branches growing from the back of her head acting like her horns. She also possessed a very peculiar body, obvious in her chest and belly region, where the scales stuck out a bit and did not seem to cover her body completely, giving it a cage-like appearance holding the blur inner scales.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Earthwing
Rank: Scholar
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities


Lespernii is not much of a strategist but she knows to keep herself calm and collected when involved in a fight. None of her abilities could directly harm her opponents, saved for her bee manipulation, so careful planning was needed if she were to survive.


Lespernii was by no means weak in terms of physical strength because of her lack of muscles. She was incredibly agile, being able to strike swiftly that her claws move in a blur, and have the strength to knock down a thin wall of rocks. Her wings and tail were also very rigid, able to knock back foes senseless if they put themselves far too close to her. Despite her physical strength, Lerspernii absolutely despised having to fight close combat and would want to have her bees and plants do all the work.

Special Abilities:

Bee Manipulation/Summoning - To some extent, Lespernii can manipulate the bees around her to do her bidding, whether to attack in swarms or scare her foes away. If there were no bees around, Lespernii could flap open her wings and summon arcane bees from inside her wings and behind the "cages" of her body. These bees disappear once they performed their duties. Bee summoning would take a lot of time to charge and they were incredibly weak against fire. They were not as fast as dragons as well, so any dragon could just run as far away from her as possible.

Plant Sprout - Lespernii focuses on a particular area on the ground. A small green spell circle would appear and a magic plant would grow. The role of these plants vary. Some may thrash around as if they were alive with thorny vines, some into poison/venom bearing plants, some would grow into acid-spitting flowers or thorn spitters, and some may even bloom into flowers that would give off mental healing and soothing scents to Lespernii or other dragons (foes included) in a small radius. Lespernii may also contrate to increase the circle, summoning larger plants (no bigger than her size) or summon vines to bind her foes in place. The type of plants she can bloom is limited only to her imagination, and she even bloom herbs and ingredients to create medicines etc.

Fertilizing Breath - A standard acid breath of all Earthwings modified for Lespernii's use. As well as being used to burn her adversaries, Lespernii can shoot her acid near a plant to bring it to life (too literally) and also within her control for a short period of time. However she cant shoot directly at the plant or the acid may destroy it.

However, all these plants are weak against fire, and their strengths depend on how long Lespernii charged her energy. If she did not charge as long, the plants were weak like all ordinary plants and could easily be destroyed by crushing their stems. None of them can be summoned mid air. If Lespernii tries to sprout a plant from a small piece of earth, she can only create plants with roots that wont stick out of it (therefore limited options).


Fire - Lespernii is very weak towards fire and can her body can easily catch alight. Aside from this, all her attacks could be destroyed by a simple breath of fire.

Wind - This will eliminate her use of her plant's aromas as they would just be blown away.

Lackluster defence - Lespernii possessed almost no means of defending herself, except maybe sprouting a large budding plant over her that can resist damage. She could only dodge attacks in most occasions and this could tire her out.

Combat Style: Range fighting most of the time. Lespernii does not like having to dirty her claws, tail or maw with striking her foes and prefer to end fights gracefully. Even if she had to get up close, she would focus on striking her opponents with a barrage of attacks, stunning them before pushing them back.

Lespernii was more fit for a supporting role than fighting alone.

History: N/A
RP Sample: This is Sly

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Re: Lespernii, the Seedkeeper

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:20 pm

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Re: Lespernii, the Seedkeeper

Post by Cosmos on Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:02 am

Reminder to move approved applications to their respective fields. Thanks, Baldi.


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