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Jacklyn and Jade (done)

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Jacklyn and Jade (done)

Post by Jacklyn on Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:06 pm

An Image will come given time so please don't lock this when am done.
Personal Info

Name: Normally: Jacklyn - Crazed: Jade
Alias: The broken dragon of jade / The dragon of two faces.

Age: 669 in human years but is 22 in dragon years.
Gender: Is androgynous in all truth but mainly female in appearance and body shape.
Sexuality: Jacklyn: Bisexual even thought she tends to like females even more / Jade: Pansexual also she has no preference over which sex is better looking unlike Jacklyn

Personality: Please note I do have plans for them both. But for that we just need time to tell if it ever falls into place.

Normally/Jacklyn: She is a kind and genital soul and never want to harm another living being even if it is to protect herself. She would die before harming anyone or anything that lives in this world or any other for that matter. The only thing that changes this is if a entity she cares for or loves is being put in harms way. Then she become the entity known as Jade a berserk only thinking of protecting herself. She smiles for the sake of others as most the time it is fake as she has a grim nature about her. Even if caught being grim she still will still try and hide that fact of herself. Still most should be able to see though her facade of lies and deceit that she weaves. Believing that it is not healthy for her friends to see her like the somber creature that she is. She never laughs even if thing are funny or when she is having a good time with her friends. She feels remorse after each time she goes into a crazed rampage while trying to protect her friends. Jade is also known to come out at random times and often a lot. Even when having the moment NOT being related to fighting or battles.

Battle(mostly)/Jade: When Jacklyn is forced to choose to either watch and let her friends get harmed or to fight her mind breaks and Jade is let lose to take control of their body. Risking her life without thought or hesitation as to her actions she is deadly for that alone if nothing else. She may seem to be mindlessly consumed by her emotions. But in fact Jade is planning everything out while she is on her rampages even when she is truly consumed by her emotions this is true. She is always crazed and has a genuinely good time and her smiles become real and also very creepy. When forced to be out and about she develops a blood-lust from the stress that Jacklyn had before Jade was awaken. She tends to be a bit giddy when like this as well. Leaving behind her somber and grim nature when she had been Jacklyn. Also she laughs when she is jade and that alone gives a sign she is no longer Jacklyn. Unless forced to take control Jade isn't very violent most of the time just utterly insane.

Interests: Jacklyn: Sweets, Cheering up others, long meaning full talks, and sleeping when she is alone / Jade: Dancing, Brutality, Fighting and playing games or rarely sports.

Dislikes: Jacklyn: Having to be sneaky, Seeing others sad or unhappy, Hate being forced to let Jade take over / Jade: Sleeping as she losses control of the mind she shares with Jacklyn, Being told what to do for any and all reasons, Being bored for any amount of time

Fears: Jacklyn: Dangerous entities as they have tendency to force out Jade, Jade herself as she is a cruel and violent entity / Jade: The night sadly the reason behind this is still unknown even to her she just knows the emotion, the dragon gods as she thinks they can make Jacklyn sane again if they wanted to.

Note: They can't as Jade herself has become her own person over time and as a result has her own soul no matter how evil it might be.

General Appearance

Height: 73 feet tall. (or at least I thin  it is to be feet.)
Scales: Mainly a very dark almost black tinted shade of purple that has a slight red hue to it while the second color is a slight grayish mostly black color. The design is that if a candy cane corn snake. Link: will come in time please don't lock until a link can be posted for those that may want to see it.
Eyes: A light purple with a slight dark red hue in it at the outer edges.

Appearance: Rather tall for a nightshade she is often mistaken for a male from a distance until they meet her up close then and see she is of a mainly female build. Her teeth are more of fangs as they resemble that of a sharks mouth when she talks or smiles. This gives her a rather frightening look and even more so when Jade is the one controlling their body. Her head has a triangle like shape to it as her snout is pointed like that of a poisonous snake. Her right horn is about three feet while her left is 1 1/2 and are smooth and straight even if the left one is broken in halve. Her rather large wings cover her whole body except her tail when they are tucked away. When stretched out the are a beauty to behold during the night sky when she goes for a fly.

She also has a scar over her underbelly going from her front right paw to her back left paw. As with all her scare it is made of jade and is a constant reminder to Jacklyn that Jade is just as alive as her. Her paws have a three pronged talons on each set of legs that they have. she is adorned with partial armor on her wing tips, sides of her wings and her chest area. Not to mention her jewelry that is embedded into the armor as well. The armor is more for show than it is for battle. The armor breaks easily against brute force but has decent resistance to magics used for combat unless it is fire magic or anything to do with mind control.

Tribe Information and Status

Tribe: Nightwings
Rank: Jacklyn: Healer / Jade: None yet - but seeking
Family: She abandon her family long ago seeing the way the treated others. The only one who joined her was her little sister who looked up to her for guidance and protection. Both of which she had failed utterly as it was her sisters death that first drove her insane.
Mate: N/A so far.
Hatchlings: None so far anyway. - But if a mate is found them maybe.

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: --Mental-- Jacklyn: Has a kindness that has no bounds unless a friend is being hurt or threatened of being hurt. / Jade: Will stop at nothing to achieve her goals even if she kills herself in the process. --physical-- Jacklyn love for her friends forces her to protect them at the moment they are in danger even if it means that Jade will awaken. / Jade knows very well the limits of her body as a result of fighting so much in the (relatively) short life that she has had to live with.

Special Abilities: Both Jacklyn and Jade: Can also feel pain of others dragons this can make a it harder for some to lie to them when they feel bad about doing so. When she heals from a wound their scales turn into diamond hard form of jade for some reason.

Weaknesses: Jacklyn: Being alone as she often find she as no one to talk to but Jade, To kindhearted even to those she knows to be a bad crowd of entities / Jade: Nighttime as she fears the dark despite being born a natural predator of the night, Her insanity makes her weak as she throws her life in harms way for little to no reason.

Combat Style: Jacklyn: She doesn't fight but she does build a plentiful supply of non-lethal trap and many hiding places while she tries to run away fearing Jade will come out / Jade: As she prefers to be a berserk like brute given away all control to her the emotions. She also has a sharp mind she almost never uses unless she is either retreating or is serous about the fight.


History: After setting off with her little hachling beside her Jacklyn and her sibling had grown to be side by side no matter where they went or why. Even so on one of their adventures they got into a bad situation had Jacklyn little sibling didn't make it out alive. (Age 126 almost 6 in dragon years) This drove Jacklyn into a state of utter insanity and she became two separate entities after that day. One a grim person who fakes being happy but is a genuinely kind, caring and sweet soul. The other is a volatile and cruel person when pissed off but is also a genuinely happy person who is always utterly insane.

Jacklyn soon became a nursing dragon because of her ability to feel other pain as if it was her own. And this life was all hear until she was sent to the front lines to help out with the wounded dragons of the dragons. Jacklyn became a war dragon (Age 600 in 20 in human years.meant for being a nurse but Jade kept coming out every so often. Mostly when she was sent to help the wounded near the front lines and the sort. Because of Jade and her cruel nature when near a fight or battle Jacklyn lost her job as a front line nurse. For the past 60 (2 for dragons at least) years both Jacklyn and Jade have been fight for control as they wondered the for a new place to live and job to take up once more.

RP Sample: A long time ago when Jacklyn was little hachling she ran away from her home not liking they dragons her family had become. When she left them behind she soon found she had a little guest that came along with her. Her younger hachling came as well saying she felt the same as her big sister had felt as the bond between them was magical. The pain felt by one was felt by the others as well making lying hard in her family. It was because of this family heritage that Jacklyn knew her family had become monsters in their own scales. So with find a new place to live they set out upon the world as a team looking for a new tribe to call home. Chasing adventure along the way was just adding fun to it all. Even if some of it wasn't very or pleasant in the least they still stuck by each other thought it all.

Note: The Rp Sample is a detailed piece of a short moment in their or more so Jacklyn's history I should say.

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Re: Jacklyn and Jade (done)

Post by Sly on Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:10 pm

You cant be a Nightwing and a Rogue at the same time. Rogues mean you are not living specifically in a tribe's territory.

Also you need to expand on your strengths. You must at least include mental and physical strengths. Of your character.

Bump when done

Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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Re: Jacklyn and Jade (done)

Post by Jacklyn on Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:46 pm

Done with what was asked. I added an extra interest for them both but if a fear or dislike is needed to balance them. Please let me know and i'll put another in for them both.

The reason for the extra interest was to make Jade more approachable. As am wanting her to see some time in the spotlight as well. I did make a few changes on Jacklyn to make Jade less of a crazy b**ch at times.

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Re: Jacklyn and Jade (done)

Post by Sly on Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:50 pm


Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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