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Ventus Coelus

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Ventus Coelus

Post by Ventus Coelus on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:26 pm

Insert Image Here
Personal Info
Name: Ventus Coelus
Alias: Vinny, Aether
Age: Two dragon years old.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Personality: Ventus is much like his father Tulvir II. Ventus is very outgoing and likes to interact with other dragons no matter their heritage or background. He's very laid back and likes to nap beside his guardians when the other young dragons are getting into trouble elsewhere. He does have a playful personality so he will play with someone he trusts and loves.
Interests: Ventus likes to run and fly as fast as he can. Though he likes to sleep just as much. The young dragon also likes to listen to stories and make them himself. One thing he secretly likes to do when no one is listening is sing, and he has a great sound. With a voice as clear as the crystal lakes in the mountains Ventus could charm anyone if he didn't have stage fright. He also likes to carve things into little statues whenever he is bored.
Dislikes: Ventus does not like to sing in public, as has been said above. He also does not like to make speeches before a crowd. He dislikes being woken up from his sleep and will be very groggy after this. He also does not like being interrupted or ignored when speaking to and with others.
Fears: Ventus fears the monster that hides in the dark. He also fears giving speeches in front of a crowd. This fear is so bad that if he were forced to give a speech Vinny would likely pass out or puke out of stress. He also fears snakes.  

General Appearance
Height: His two year old form is only 12 feet tall from feet to the top of his head. Then 4.6 feet tall from ground to shoulder.
His adult form is 61 feet tall from feet to the top of his head, only 28 feet tall at the shoulder.
Length: His two year old form is 35 feet long from nose to tail tip.
His adult form is 86 feet long from nose to tail tip.
Scales: He has ruddy colored reddish orange scales and spikes. However near the ends of these spikes they fade into a bright blue color as if they had been dipped in paint. From far away he could be mistaken for having long fur hanging in straight tufts outwards away from his body, but this is not the case. The spikes and scales overlap each other so that if Ventus twists or bends he does not poke himself.
Eyes: Mostly golden eyes with blue fading around the irises.
Appearance: Many larger spikes arrange themselves in a fan shape along Ventus' cheeks then all the way to the top of his head. Two large curling black horns adorn this dragons crown. The angular features of his muzzle and face are acquired by his fathers blood while the many spikes along his body are given to him by his mothers blood. His lean frame is also acquired by his fathers blood while his paw-like claws are more like his mother. With black claws more like that of a wolf than a bird of prey, Ventus cannot use them to catch prey much like an owl or eagle would. Instead he has to use them for fighting and scratching. At the tip of his tail Ventus shows off a black spear-like section of hardened tail that can be used for defending himself.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewing  (blood wise he's 3/4 icewing and 1/4 firewing)
Rank: Hatchling

Tulvir II -father (firewing/icewing hybrid)
Wolf -mother (icewing)
Gray -half brother (3/4 icewing 1/4 wolf)
Ruby -half sister (3/4 icewing 1/4 wolf)
Silven -half sister (3/4 icewing 1/4 wolf)
and 12 other unknown half siblings all (3/4 icewing 1/4 wolf)
Mira -aunt (icewing)
Lynx -aunt (icewing)
Layla -grandmother (icewing)
Tulvir I -grandfather (firewing)

Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Ventus is a stamina freak. Maybe this is because of his mother who could run all day without a problem. Ventus gains a lot more speed than his mother because of his fathers more slender physique. So Ventus can strike fast and last a long time during battle. He is smart as well, and often observes things just to try to learn more about them.

Special Abilities:
Ventus can breath a column of ice that can slow any non firewing or non firewing hybrid opponents movements to three quarters of their average speed. While he cannot freeze these dragons solid this ability serves its purpose in slowing the dragons down enough so that he can attack or flee depending on the situation. This breath was given to him by his fathers icewing hybrid blood.

Ventus can also shoot small mouth sized sharp icicles from his throat and mouth to impale opponents should they not be fast enough to dodge the attack. This icicles are great for long range attacks, whereas his ice breath does not shoot farther than fifty feet. This attack was given to Ventus by his mothers icewing blood.

Lastly, Ventus can actually meld into ice and pass through it or stay within it without being harmed. He can sense where he is within the ice so that he does not get lost. While this is not an offensive attack, being able to hide inside a glacier away from a horribly strong opponent is a great way to not get killed. This defense is the unique ability of Ventus.

Weaknesses: Physically Ventus is not as strong as his mother or father since he acquires both of their speed and stamina. Fire is a big weakness to ice. He could get easily burned just from sitting in a place too hot for his own body. Being three quarters icewing, Ventus can be killed by flames despite being a quarter firewing. This is somewhat annoying as Ventus lives with his father in the firewing tribe where fire and heat make his life relatively miserable. Water is not too much of a problem for the young dragon. Ventus can swim but warm oceans are problematic and give him hot flashes. Lightning is a problem as well since being hit with a bolt would super heat his body. Ventus would probably get badly burnt by a lightning bolt. Both light and dark powers wielded by lightwings and nightwings do equal damage to the mostly icewing dragon.

Combat Style: Ventus will use all of his abilities while fighting, but will use different strategies against different dragons. For example, if he is paired up with a dragon faster than he is on land or air then he would try to use his ice breath to slow down his opponent. However because his opponent is faster there's a high chance that Vinny's attacks will miss. He won't start attacking with his spear-like tail, teeth, or claws until he knows he can land a hit on the other dragon.

Now if he's set up against a dragon of equal speed or slower than he is Ventus might forgo using his ice breath entirely. Instead he would use tooth and claw against his opponent. His tail would be used like a lance and his small icicle bolts explained above would be used here as well.

In either case if he can't beat an opponent and knows it Ventus will try to run or hide. While he lives in the fire tribe there is no place for him to hide within the fire or lava of the volcanoes, but if he is near water or ice he would be able to hide within them. Though he can't hold his breath for a quarter as long as most all of the seawings. So after about ten minutes he would have to surface for air again.

History: Not entirely sure why his mother and father were apart, Ventus would often wonder why he only has one parent. He does not even know his own history, but perhaps one day his father or mother will spill the proverbial beans and enlighten him. Though that might be far into the future when he is old enough to understand everything.
RP Sample: OOC: Just look at my giant Rii posts and you should be happy.  XD

Ventus sleeps in his egg doing egg-like things.

Ventus Coelus

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Re: Ventus Coelus

Post by Ventus Coelus on Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:43 pm

This is done and ready for approval now that I got the approval for those powers in the staff area. Smile He should be all good spare for the picture cause those spikes are going to take forever for me to draw.

Ventus's physical description here

Ventus Coelus

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Re: Ventus Coelus

Post by Sly on Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:02 am

The only issue I see here is that Ventus can pass through ice to get away from attacks. You will need to add a limitation, because this is almost borderline like teleporting. How much energy does this expend? What is preventing her from simply staying inside the ice most of the time, especially in an icy region like an ice cave?

Aside from this, I see no other issues. Bump when ready.
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Re: Ventus Coelus

Post by Rii Rii on Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:21 am

awww Hyruu said that was fine.....

See this is why you should have answered my dang thread int he staff approval area instead of cluttering this nice app. XD I would have had it fixed by now

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Re: Ventus Coelus

Post by Cosmos on Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:34 pm

I think it's fine. And there are simple solutions for the power not to be OP in combat.

Scenario A:

Ventus dodges an attack by slipping into the ice walls. Solution, break the ice? Melt it? Do anything to remove the ice from her physical body. Which is fairly easy. If anything, that could be something that prevents her from doing it in the first place. Or can only slip into ice surfaces that are her size or larger. These kind of go without saying

This would apply in several situations, and I don't think should be limited. This is like the NightWings disappearing into shadows. That and Hyruu already approved the abilities ahead of time and I, as well, gave a thumbs up. I think it should be accepted.


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Re: Ventus Coelus

Post by Sly on Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:50 pm



Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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