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Post by Deenirea on Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:17 am

Personal Info
Name: Deenirea (Dee)
Alias: Fire dancer
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Dee is a gentle, imaginative and passionate giant. She is someone you would call a wonderer in her element. Fire that is if you wondered. She loves it and would be lost without it. In a way she plays with it, dances with it and there is never a time where she is not surrounded by it. She sees fire as the beauty of the world and so uses it, mostly making it dance or creating objects/animals, build from the waves of the fire. Dee, however, has no patience. i wouldn't say that she snaps at one point but that her sarcastic, arrogant, and selfish personality increases throughout losing her patience. Her way of using the fire changes then, using it to demonstrate what power lies within those flames. She is not someone who runs from a fight, but someone who always searches for one. She finds it extremely amusing to harm other creatures, physically and mentally but she is no evil dragon, in somewhat ways maybe she is but she doesn't see herself as such. All in all Dee is a kind dragon with a little of an attitude which she doesn't fear of showing, including her sometimes arrogant, witty and sarcastic traits.
-Fire: She loves it, in her opinion theres nothing better than spending most of her time singing, dancing and playing with it.
-Singing: She is constantly singing, whether it's in front of other people or singing/humming to herself. She had the sweetest of voices in her family and used to always sing her little brother to sleep.
-Fireflies: Not only because they contain the word fire in their name, but because she loves the variety of colors and their wings, including their ability to fly so fast.
-Music: Hah Music, nothing better than making her flames dance to the melody or singing along.
-Causing pain: (Everyone has a dark side- Evil laugh..hehehe) She finds it amusing to see others in pain, squirming in pain or screaming in pain, its like music to her ears and eyes.
-Water: Big no go. She doesn't like it. For her it's like being forced in a plastic sac and  being slowly strangled  to death, that is when she is covered in water, not when she is drinking.She also hates it because it distinguishes her precious flames.
-Too kind dragons that waste her time. Why do dragons who feel like they have to help every single creature on this world have to waste her time by trying to talk to her. Just don't. Yes she is a kind dragon but she doesn't like helping too much. Every creature was born on this world alone and so they should learn the rules of either kill or be killed.
-Big groups of dragons. She feels very uncomfortable in large groups, talking with individuals, no problem, but large groups? No, better not, similar with being in water, for her it feels like being strangled of place and air.
-Water: As said before, being totally covered in water isn't good for her and she fears it very much. It causes her to be strangled of air and her precious fire.
-Loosing her fire. If you haven't realized yet she loves her fire and she wouldn't know what to do without her fire as it is the very soul of her.
-Crabs: No  no no. They are not even to be joked around with. She doesn't like them, if theres something like a crab phobia then she has it. She doesn't understand them, their hands or legs or heads or shells or anything about them. She panics fully when she sees them and she continues to believe that if she ever were to touch one she would faint.

General Appearance
Height: 47 feet
Scales: Her scales are mostly a mixture between orange and red. Where her back and muscled arms are a darker shade of red her chin, neck, stomach and under tail are orange.
Eyes: A greenish blue.
Appearance: For a fire wing she is rather small. She has a rather long body which is mostly covered with red scales except her underside which has a line of tiny orange scales. She has two large wings at her side and a long tail with a puffy tail tip, hair at the end. She has no horns on her body except at her elbows on her front legs where three short spikes have grown. Her head has four long skin strips hanging of each side of her head, with a thin membrane between each.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewing
Rank: Tracker
-Mother-Vingrea   -Father-Geriol  -Younger brother- Meranox
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Climbing and playing with fire. She always had the habit to climb onto anything that was climbable, she would always go to her limits, test them. Where others would fly, she would climb. Other hatchlings would get "Do not play with fire" from their parents.Dee never did, of course that is kind of obvious if you are a fire wing dragon, but while her brother never really used his flames other than to kill or defend himself Dee always played with it like it was her best friend. Early she found out that she had more control over her flames than her brother did, like make it dance with her or shape it into other objects or animals
Special Abilities: She can make fire bend to her will. Meaning she can make it move like water around her or shape into various animals or objects. The flames mostly come from her mouth but at some occasion it can come from beneath her scales. The edges of her scales would then light up and fire would escape from beneath them, however she merely uses this except in special occasions which causes her to make her image look taller or if she is in need of a great amount of fire in the quickest way possible. Even though that is quite useful she does not like using it because it causes a great deal of pain as her scales have to move in order for the fire to escape between the scales.
-Water: Any dragons with the ability to control water are in the advantage as they can distinguish her flames or cause hr to be strangled.
-If she makes the fire come from between her scales the amount of pain she feels while doing so is excruciating. It can cause her to be an easy target to the opponent or in the worst case cause unconsciousness and loss energy.
-When she plays with her fire she is deep in thoughts and so can easily forget about her surroundings and so be another easy target for other creatures.
Combat Style: In a fight she moves fast, swift and with ease. Her small and long body allowing her to do so. Normally she uses her fire to hypnotize her opponent for seconds so she can either move away or reposition her for a blow. With hypnotizing i mean occupying them with her flames making them move in ways that can confuse the brain, however just for several seconds or even milliseconds. With some dragons it does not even work. She also likes to harm people more with words than with actual physical actions.

History: In summary she grew up with a lovely mother and a bloodlust father. I believe one was maybe an assassin, i don't remember. She had a younger brother who she loved dearly, but got killed by a seawing for whatever reason he had. Since then she has had a grudge on them and doesn't particularly like them. When she was considered an adult she had left her parents and went for journey around the world, while traveling the world she had found many friends but one who she would consider her best friend. The last thing she heard of her was that she had joined the night wings and is now enjoying a wonderful life. Being told stories of her ancestors tribe she felt like she would have to join them at some point causing her to be here now, requesting to join the Firewings.
RP Sample: (Do i need to? My hands are in pain *Whimpers for emphasis*)
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Re: Deenirea

Post by Deenirea on Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:26 am

Could someone have a look at this? Would be superb
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Re: Deenirea

Post by Hyruu on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:54 am


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