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Tribe Customs Contest : Firewings

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Tribe Customs Contest : Firewings

Post by Hyruu on Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:46 am

This is the submission thread for the Firewings as part of the Tribe Customs Contest. Details and presentation of the contest are found here : http://www.rpgdragons.org/t3270-new-contest-tribe-customs Questions should also be asked there, to keep this topic only for submissions.

So let's get this contest start !

Characters : Hyruu, Asher, Loque, Mei, Aakesh, Seyn, Rhune, Nara, Nisha
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Re: Tribe Customs Contest : Firewings

Post by Kyuurei on Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:58 pm

Well this is a short entry but...

Every Full moon, The firewings hold a music concert. Using the instruments they've created to play their music they've created this month, the firewing bands have to play their music in front of the audience. There will be a competition during this and it will be judged on the originally of the music and the winners are picked on the most voted by the audience. The prizes are random every month and decided by the leader. There is an unlimited amount of bands that can participate in the contest but only firewings are accepted to join. With only one exception of having one non-firewing in a band can join.  

During the music concert, there will be markets depending on what the market sellers will be selling. Any dragon tribes can come to those markets.
In the center, there is a mini arena circle where dragons fight each other for fun to entertain firewings. Any dragons can try and fight against other, but there is one rule for this: in order to win, a dragon have to knock another out of the circle but if blood is spilled, then the dragon automatically loses. When a dragon wins the finals, they win a prize decided by the arena host.

At the end of day, the creature known as The Phoenix rises from the volcano and lands onto the center of the markets to greet the dragons. Dragons often come to see the magnificent phoenix at that time of day as the purpose of going to the event. The phoenix will perform a fire show at night with other firewings in the sky, then will accept some treasures given by dragons. Then the phoenix will return to the volcano where the firewing event will end and dragons will return to their normal everyday until the next event again.



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Re: Tribe Customs Contest : Firewings

Post by Deenirea on Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:00 pm

How about a Fire Ritual festival. Once a year in the middle of summer the Firewings perform dances and tricks with their abilities they have trained and perfected throughout the year. This can also be seen as a acceptance ceremony for hatchlings that believe they can master their ability. All dragons are welcomed here yet only dragons with  heritage of a Firewing are allowed to participate.
This festival begins as the last sun light leaves the soil. As soon as this has happened hatchlings of Firewing heritage perform with their special abilities, if they have any, trying to impress the audience and the especially the Queen. Once all hatchlings have performed the Queen chooses four hatchlings that have impressed him the most. These hatchlings are then honored with each a medal of their own, the sign of the Queen stamped upon each.

After that the fire dance festival begins. The best music band would then play the different firewing songs, while Dragons performed in the air. That of course has been planned out and practiced several days/months before the actual festival. Dragons would show of their abilities, some would dance, some would sing, and some would alight their fire to the eyes of others in order to make this festival greater than any other.

This would go on for around an hour or two, depending on what performances are presented. Once every performance has been showed the feast would follow. Food that had been stored over the year, especially for this event, would be served upon great stone tables outside. During the feast several bands would be playing and many dragons could dance or sing. From then on dragons could go or stay and enjoy the company of all dragons from every tribe. Only once a a year during a warm summer night Dragons from every tribe would come to watch and participate in the event in peace. Whether small or big, Icewing or Nightwing all are welcome to watch as hatchlings of the firewing heritage represent their tribe to show what the future generation might hold within the tribe and then to enjoy a feast with the best company and entertainment to celebrate into the morning when the first beams of sunlight is the sign to go home.
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Re: Tribe Customs Contest : Firewings

Post by Umbra on Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:02 pm

Well to put it simply it would be a ritual or ceremony. It could be used for a mating ceremony, a link. For a mating ceremony, a couple would have their tails and necks chained together and they would jump into a lava pool or fire pit. They would stay there for a day, and then rise from it, together, with the chains melted off. It could also be used for a Oath link. THey would do the same thing but for less time. and they wouldn’t have chains connecting them. THey would just be near each other. It would make one of the two swear a oath to the other and the other would do something in return. [This is all for now]

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