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Rye (Finished)

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Rye (Finished)

Post by Rye on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:37 pm

Personal Info
Name: Rye
Alias: Rye Rye
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Rye is a caring dragon. He always tries to avoid fights and rude conversations. He is set on finding his sister, who he lost when he was young. Even if she doesn't like him he'll still always care for her. He's not very good with other dragons, even if he'd tend to meet a lot while being on the move. He won't settle down somewhere until he has found his sister and insured that she is safe. He likes to coil around things because they give him a secure ground or just so he can feel something better. It's more of his way of hugging and greeting. He doesn't like to hurt other dragons for no reason other than to protect himself.
Interests: He likes small creatures because they tend to be cute. He was always interested in if he could tame one to not be afraid of him. Shiny things also intrigue him because they were so different and more lifefull than the other dull things. He's also interested in how stuff works. How did things become shiny, or how is their such diversity in the different dragons? But most of all, he's committed to never leaving his sister again, now that he's found her.
Dislikes: Being part FireWing he dislikes water and the cold. The cold because it associates with loneliness and he just doesn't like the way it feels. He doesn't like water as if he was a cat. He will still hunt fish in it but avoids it when he can. If water gets into his hair it will slow him down, and make him cold. Because of this he dislikes rain and storms. It's not the lightning that bothers him but the rain and wind. He doesn't like wind because it's harder to fly in.
Fears: That he'll find her dead or fatally injured. He also has a fear of getting tangled up and not being able to move and starve to death.

General Appearance
Height: Rye is 40 feet tall from head to toe. He's 18 feet tall at his shoulder.
Length: He is 128 feet long. 41 feet from neck to chest, 41 foot long body, and a 46 long tail. He also has 80 feet wings, not included in his total length.
Scales: He has purple scales with a darker, more royal purple pattern like a leopard. His underbelly is a lilac color.
Eyes: His eyes are a glimmering green. He has cat-like pupils.
Appearance: At the top of his head he is adorn with two antlers. Every season these antlers shed off of him and he grows a newer one. The new ones are bigger than the old ones and have more points. Under his antlers he has two ears. They are movable and are pink on the inside.
Next he has dark purple fur. This fur starts right behind his nose and travels down to his tail. It goes down until a section where it stops. After that it moves to the two sides of his tail where it connects at the end. There is some fur on the sides of his face as well. He also has some fur on his legs. On his front it is from his armpit to right under his elbow. On his hind legs it's similar to that, but it just stays on the back curve of his leg.
His nose is pink, and isn't physically different like a dog or cat nose is. If anything it is more like a horse, but not in appearance. His nose is just two slits on his face. He also has two long whiskers that he uses like a cat, to tell his he can fit into places. They are very sensitive to the touch. His tongue is like one of a snake, helping him sense better. He usually flicks it out of his mouth like a snake does.
Physically, he has a long body like a snake. He is a bit more muscular so even while he is slender he is still thicker than his sister. He tends to thin out more as you go down his body, his tail tip being the thinnest, if it wasn't covered with hair.
His front claws are good for gripping things and digging, even though he likes to hold things with his tail or mouth. He is able to walk comfortably along the ground, but has a slightly harder time running due to his long form.
His wings are large and bat-like. His leopard pattern continues onto his wings but fade out towards the end. They can fit along his body easily and don't get in the way of his digging or walking.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: EarthWings
Rank: Healer
Family: Rii - Sister
Mairii - Sister (Deceased)
Firewing and Earthwing parents
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Because of his tongue being like a snake he can scent things better. With his long body he is able to coil around things to hold them or squeeze the life out of creatures if needed. He can slither through narrow spaces that most dragons can't and he can dig relatively quickly. Breathing fire and Mud healing are also strengths, and will be talked about below.
Special Abilities: A regular ability he has is to breath fire. This fire is orange and not super hot.
Next, he has the ability to use mud to heal. It takes at least 6 hours to heal small wounds, and the mud has to stay on it the whole time. He can apply new mud if the old mud starts to fall off and it will still work. For bigger cuts it varies on how bad it is and where it is. A deep cut can take anywhere from 3 to 15 days or longer depending on how deep and long it is. A clean cut bone would take 13-15 days to heal. Burns or frostbite would take 14 days to heal depending on severity. He can also heal other dragons injuries but only if he prepares the mud before applying it, and this takes a lot of energy. He has to prepare it for at least 30 minutes before applying, but can do it quicker if he uses more energy. If he uses more energy when healing himself or others, he can cut the heal time down in half. He can replenish this energy by eating, relaxing in mud, or sleeping.
He likes to routinely lay in mud for a bit to keep healthy, even if he's not hurt. And it helps him regain his energy.
Weaknesses: Being super long he can get tangled around things. If he was to hug another dragon like him, he could have the possibility to get tangled. He could also possibly get himself into a knot.
His whiskers are also a weakness. If someone was to claw it off he would be in immense pain, even days after that. Luckily they tend to grow back.
His coloration is rather unnatural, as nothing usually has a lot of purple on it in the wild. This makes it a lot harder for him to hide, at least in well-lit places.
Combat Style: He's not much of a fighter, but when he does fight he uses his length with him. He tries to coil around the foe and immobilize them. Of course this leaves breath attacks open, in which he would either intimidate them enough or wrap his tail around their muzzle to prevent them from breathing it.

History: When he was a baby he had loving parents. They taught him how to hunt and find shelter and how to properly use his fire. When he was three his parents had another egg. He had never known what an egg was, other than the small ones they sometimes brought to eat. His parents had told him that this egg was different and held his sister in it. Even if he didn't understand what that meant he was very careful when around this egg.

Weeks passes and he always was around the egg. He would examine it by flicking his tongue out and very carefully touching it. Whenever he touched it he acted like the slightest movement would break it. His mother always was watching him carefully, or his father when she needed to get out and hunt. Its scent had been recognised by his nose so much he never thought he could lose it.

He was asleep when she first started showing signs of hatching. His parents gently woke him up and lead him over to her. He patently waited for her to hatch, although by the looks of his wagging tail he couldn't wait. When she finally hatched she opened her eyes and looked around as his parents went over and licked her and offered her food. Even though he was excited he waited until his parents were done with her before going over to the little hatchling.

Carefully making his way over to the hatchling his sniffed her. She had a slightly different scent than the egg, but he could still tell it was her. Flicking his tongue out at her he got closer and tilted his head at the little dragon. She stared up at him with her bright blue eyes and licked his nose. He was surprised at first, but then purred and gently curled around her. He didn't remember what happened next because he fell asleep.

A couple years later Mairii was born. Mairii and Rii became really close to each other over the years, but Rye still loved them both. Rye would sometimes go out to hunt with his parents, bringing back little voles or trinkets for the two. Their parents brought home real meals, like deer or dinosaurs. They were a happy little family.

When Mairii was four, and Rii was six, there was a stormy dark night. Everyone was sleeping in their little den when Rye gently felt a rumble through his whiskers. Peeking his head out of the den he saw something big heading nearby. After rushing to try and wake anyone he could it rushed into the den, taking everyone along with it.

With everyone getting swept along the current Rye was lucky enough to breach the surface. His head was still bobbing in and out of the water. He was just glad to be able to breath. Realizing he couldn't see anyone else he ducked back down, searching for anyone he could see. Under the current he saw Rii and Mairii. Acting quickly he darted towards one and brought her up to the surface, clinging on and trying to make sure they both stayed above the surface. Too afraid for her to go back under he stayed with her where he was sure they were both above the water.

After what seemed like hours of drifting along the rough current with moments of being back under the water they were finally dropped off on land. Coughing a bit he got up, looking down at the dragon he saved, who happened to be Rii. Letting off a smile he wrapped around her in a hug. After coughing up some water she looked up at Rye before asking where Mairii was. He glanced around before frowning, flicking his tongue out.

In a few hours their parents found them again. Happy that they were alive Rye wrapped around one of them. Behind them was the other, carrying the limp body of Mairii. After realizing that Rii was silent he let go of his parent and walked over to them. She was devastated about her death. Rye tried to comfort her, but she refused. What happened next was blurry to him, as was most of that night. All he remembered was that Rii left them, and he set out to find her again, no matter what it took.

(I iz sorry Rii if I mess up on chu ;-; )

RP Sample:

Rye was unsure of where he was, but he kept going. the dimming sky wasn't going to stop him from his search. The ground still held a bit of water from yesterday's rain. He let off a little growl. It felt wet and squishy under his paws. Rye flicked his tongue out trying to scent for his lost sister. Still nothing. He sighed and scented again, this time coming up with the scent of deer. At least I can make a meal out of it... The male though, slithering after it.

He came upon a herd after a bit of tracking. Satisfied he looked at the deer, trying to figure out which one he'd go for. He considered going after the male, but he was the only male in this small herd. Deciding to go after one of the females he snuck around, getting as close as he could before he scented they noticed him, and lashed out. Grabbing her in his jaws he bit down until Rye heard the crack of her neck then swallowed the deer whole. With a fuller belly, he continued on his way.

Continuing to make his slow progress through the forest he scented for other dragons. On most of his travels he met new dragons, asking them if they knew anything about a dragon known as Rii. Most didn't, but the ones that did didn't know much or where she was. There were many different stories he's been told before, but he couldn't even tell which ones were true.

The male had the scent of another dragon in the area. By the way it was it seemed male, so it couldn't be Rii. Either way, he continued towards the scent, but not directly at it. He would observe first, seeing if the male seemed hostile or not, then engage and see if he knew anything about his sister. Making his way there he continued his ever long search for her.

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Re: Rye (Finished)

Post by Arkhor on Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:52 pm



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Re: Rye (Finished)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:04 pm

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Re: Rye (Finished)

Post by Rye on Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:15 pm


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[14:31:40] Azure Xavier : Rye. Where are thou?
[14:32:28] Azure Xavier : Is your humble coils, and majifencent body, thus coilled sadly in thou corner?

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Re: Rye (Finished)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:28 pm

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Re: Rye (Finished)

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