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Romance Of The Dragons Fanfiction

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Romance Of The Dragons Fanfiction

Post by Aoanani on Tue Dec 29, 2015 2:21 am

I DO NOT OWN STORM, ENDER, ATREX OR ANYBODY ELSE EXCEPT FOR ATHENA. This is a fan fiction, NOT what actually happened. If you want your characters added, go ahead and tell me! Storm, if you want him removed, thats okay! Ill just change it to Atrex since Cass said I could use him.

Storm X Athena (Stena)

Athena swiped at another target, her back leg slipping into the water. Picking it up, she moved to the side, muscled legs tense and ready to unleash.

"Shouldn't you NOT use magic?"

Athena whipped around at a familiar voice. Storm stood there, grinning sheepishly. Athena rolled her eyes and stood straighter. "I can use it when I want to," she snapped, looking back at the target. She seen Storm flinch but said nothing. Storm walked closer, eyes trying to meet hers. "Want to tell me whats wrong?" he asked, standing beside her. "Nothing's wrong," Athena hissed, shooting an ice blade from her tail at the target. She missed by a millimetre and it plopped into the river. Baring her teeth and screeching in fury Athena let loose a burst of ice. The log was frozen in mere seconds.
She panted after she finished, the magic draining her energy. She felt a wing on her back, supporting her, and she looked up to see Storm beside her, a look of confusion and worry etched into his handsome face.
"Athena-" he started gently. Athena brushed his wing off sharply and went back to training. "Athena," he said, more sharply. Athena still ignored him.


Athena froze at the frustrated tone. Frustration came from worry, which came from confusion, which came from.. an all manner of negative feelings. "What?!" she snapped, looking at him with a murdererous gaze. "Whats wrong?" Storm asked, his tone softening as he approached. Athena seen her was ready to leap away at the slightest aggressive attack. She felt pain stab inside her chest.
She glanced at the ground. "I'm just.." she started, before failing. Storm was now directly in front of her, his face and tone calm and gentle. Did he actually trust her not to kill him? A moment ago he was ready to leap away!
"I'm just.. wishing that I could relax sometimes. What with Gray and everything," She said softly. Storm smiled and took her wing. "Hey, its okay. Im sick of running around too," he said, gently tugging her after him as he walked off. Athena raised a scaly eyebrow, but followed nonetheless.

Storm led her to a cozy, sandy spot down by the river. "You know, I doubt any physco dragons can kill to find us here," he chuckled, sitting on the branch that hovered over the side of the river. The branch didn't even shift under his weight.
Athena hesitated, before following. The branch creaked under her weight. Storm is just small and skinnier then most she thought, in an effort not to feel fat.
Plopping down beside him, there was a silence. Surprisingly, Athena suddenly felt.. tired. She didn't want to leave this spot.
She glanced at Storm. The sun, illuminating the colour in his beautiful eyes, danced on his scales. Storm turned to her and grinned. "Close your eyes and just listen," he said softly, before closing his eyes. Athena raised another eyebrow and sighed, but copied. Without her sight her brain began to panic, but suddenly she was grasping the end of Storms wing with her own. Feeling her face that up she listened to the sounds of the forest. The river water, the birds, the leaves rustling in the breeze that carried scents of prey to her snout. And then, faintly, a beautiful elk's cry pierced the air.
All of this information went into her brain. Sighing softly, Athena found herself resting her head on Storm's shoulder. She felt him tense, but he said nothing. He relaxed and suddenly she felt a weight on the side of her neck and realised he was resting his head on hers. Allowing a smile to appear on her lips, Athena drifted off into a daze.. listening.

Not my best fanfic,and I need to improve on plot, but oh well!

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