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Azronical (done)

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Azronical (done)

Post by Azronical on Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:34 pm

Personal Info
Name: Azronical
Alias:  The Blunt
Age: 1476 Years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Personality: Have you ever met someone so blunt that it didn't matter whether you where his mate or a god he would just strait up tell you what he thought? That's pretty much Azronical in a nutshell. Even if it was his mate that asked him whether she looked beautiful that day he would tell her an unbiased opinion. This is probably the main reason he doesn't have a mate. Don't mistake him for being mean tho he is actually quite the gentle soul happy to help and doesn't do anything to be spiteful. He can be described tho as quite the sarcastic dragon having a snappy comeback to many things said. He is very attached to any hatchling regardless if they are his own or not always playing with them. This does lead to quite a few painful situations tho as overprotective dragonesses are....... yeah. Overly curious at times he can be found listening in to conversations just because he likes to know everything he can.
Interests: Hatchlings. Sculpting stone into detailed structures and murals. He Is very determined to help with defending the lands they live in.
Dislikes: Humans. he holds quite a strong dislike of them. Most meats from domesticated animals leave him unhappy. Large crowds leave him on edge.
Fears: Food poisoning after getting a bad case of it. Angry Dragonesses is definitely a strong fear after the sheer amount of times hes gotten pummeled by them after getting caught playing with their hatchlings. And a strong fear of drowning in high current areas.  

General Appearance
Height: 140 ft
Scales: A dark brown color to his scales with a dull golden underbelly.
Eyes: Hazel
Appearance: A decently sized dragon he has a thick tail perfect for bashing. He has large wings and a sleek long muzzle, His legs are rather long giving him some decent height whilst his body is thick and stocky. Several spikes go down from the top of his head all the way down his spine and tail alternating from either side of his body. He has single large spikes on his knees. A spot on his right side looks to have the scales ripped off and not growing back leaving it bare. He has a large copper set of armor that covers his body an extra thick plate of the plate mail covering the part where his scales are missing.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Earthwing
Rank: Guardian, Architect
Family: His Mother died shortly after giving birth to his egg and his father ran away leaving him alone.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A all tho he dearly wishes for some.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Azronical is good at weathering the blows and taking them. Strong at close combat he can overpower strong foes his spikes making it really hard to bite down on his head or spine whilst his thick club like tail causes strong blunt trauma the pikes on it also digging into scales.
Special Abilities: He has the ability to shoot large spikes of stone from his maw that impale targets. These spikes can be avoided by faster dragons but slower ones have a much harder time avoiding the sharp devices similar to getting hit by an icicle.
Weaknesses: He has a part of his body where the scales refuse to grow back leaving his skin vulnerable to attack. He is also nearly blind In his right eye the vision really fuzzy making it hard for him to attack targets on that side.
Combat Style: Prefers to weaken targets with shooting spikes of stone into them before going in for a close combat brawl targeting the spikes already in the target to jam them deeper in causing grievous wounds.

History: His mother died shortly after laying him and his Father running away left him a very alone hatchling. He spent his younger years scrounging for food and taking shelter in an old cave before finally he got caught by a strange dragoness seeing his skinny underfed figure rooting thru the food she had put away. Despite his protests she took care of him until he was able to go out on his own. He has fond memmories of the one who took care of him but for the life of him he can't remember her name or what she looked like... He had not exactly left because he was told he could he was just to eager to see more of the world he was in. Maybe someday he will find her again and begin to form a semblance of a family... He deeply regretted that day he ran away... She probably was so worried to thinking he got hurt or something. Spending time amongst the other Earthwings he found out he was quite good at making intricate designs from stone and Fighting. To this day he looks for his father wanting to know what happened to him.
RP Sample: Azronical grumbled lightly looking at the small leftovers of his meal. The deer had been quite delicious and a pleasant change of pace considering he has had meats that didn't taste the best to him over the last few weeks. It's.... just that the meat didn't last long leaving him only eager for more. His home was quite a sight. He had fashioned intricate murals on the wall showing great battles and scenes of nature. One perticuler picture showed A giant oak tree large with old age over several dragons enjoying a large meal together some laughing and talking large grins on their maws as they had a fun time watching several hatchlings running around the surrounding plain rolling in the grass and play fighting. He looked over this perticuler wall a paw softly tracing along the curves of the dragons a sad lonely look on his face. So much did he wish to have a family... He never had the chance to cuddle close to someone when he was upset or take care of a loyal mate and her needs. He forced his eyes away from it before he could get upset his tail dragging along the ground as he made his way out of his home to go get more of that deer.... maybe it would cheer him up and distract him from his worries.

Last edited by Azronical on Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:53 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Added more backstory about the dragoness who took him in.)

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Re: Azronical (done)

Post by Hyruu on Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:35 am


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