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Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight. Dragon10
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Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight.

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Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight. Empty Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight.

Post by Malachi on Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:30 pm

Personal Info
   Name: Malachi Serifis
   Alias: The Swarm Lord, The Traitor
   Age: 64
   Gender: Male
   Sexuality: Heterosexual
   Personality: Malachi is cautious to the point of reclusion. When in contact with others he is curt and to the point. He is a very self loathing dragon, avoiding anything pertaining to himself. His voice is gravelly, and quiet as if he would no like to be heard. He prefers to keep his distance from the goings on of the tribes, but when given a task he will pursue it to it's end. He considers the various insects living in his hide to be his friends and communes with them when no one else is around. In times of true duress, Malachi is a coward that flees from anything he feels he can't handle. Malachi is lethargic and prefers to stay still to avoid disturbing what lives on him.
Uncovering secrets
Situations where he is trapped
Being the focus of attention
Challenging powerful foes
   Fears: Malachi is deathly afraid of his own mortality. He is horrified at the notion that all things he knows and holds dear will eventually die. In attempts to prolong his own life, he seeks lesser creatures that can prolong his life functions, letting them inhabit his ragged body. He is also afraid of large birds.

   General Appearance
   Height: Due to his parentage, he is 53ft.
   Scales: His scales are solid black, with occasional cracked and broken grey scales.
   Eyes: Bright Green
   Appearance: Malachi is a sleek NightWing dragon, with black scales that overlap one another all down his body. His horns are long and as dark as his scales, but the left horn is broken shortly after where it leaves his head. He is covered in deep gouge marks, holes in his scales and small pits in which insects crawl and live in. He is also missing his left eye, leaving an open hole where a large spider has made it's home. His underbelly is a dark grey, and his wings are covered in similar scales, but dotted with luminescent white scales. His wings are slightly ripped and broken.

   Tribe Information and Status
   Tribe: SkyWing
   Rank: Tracker
   Family: Malachi's family was executed as traitors to the NightWing
   Mate: N/A
   Hatchlings: N/A

   Skills and Abilities
Malachi is quick witted and good at uncovering secrets others would rather keep and distracting enemies. He is also rather good at hiding away and not being found. Malachi is physically proficient in quick precise strikes, and his surprising speed in attacks when roused. He is great at finding an enemies weakest spot and striking there.
   Special Abilities:
       Swarm Host: Malachi's insects are addicted to the mind controlling gas NightWings spew. He can thus control his parasites to attack and/or spy on enemies through the use of it.
      Infectious: The insects are even more so attracted to burrowing into holes on whatever they are around. Wounds on enemies will get infested by insects.
Due to the many pits on his body and the burrowing insects, Malachi is not very durable and is easily injured in a confrontation. Additionally, he is unable to fly for long durations due to the state of his wings. And though he is quick, he lacks real power in his attacks. His size makes him a much easier target to hit.
   Combat Style:  
Malachi will assault his attacker by jumping from blind spots and and striking at weak points. He'll distract his enemy with his swarm of insects before attacking. When he does strike, he seeks to bite or claw open wounds on the enemy so his insects can start burrowing into them. He's agile and quick, using the darkness of his scales to his advantage when battling an enemy in close quarters.

   History: Malachi's family had begun to disagree with the empire ages ago, often offering its secrets to enemies. When it was discovered that his mother and father were spies, they were executed by the empire. Malachi and his brothers were left without any form of protection, and the radicals of the NightWing attacked them. His brothers were killed in the ambush and Malachi lost his eye and his horn. Eventually, his speed allowed him to escape his attackers but not before his wings were torn and his body ravaged with wounds. He slunk away into the wilderness where he began to seek anything that would allow him to get stronger. Malachi's time away from society made him lose sense of reason, accepting infectious parasites to inhabit the wounds he had received. As a Rogue he would challenge anyone who tried to get near him. One such attack had him meet a Guardian of the Skywing. Bested by the superior dragon, Malachi fled. But the guardian followed him. The guardian offered Malachi an option, death here as a NightWing or to join the ranks of they Skywing. Cornered and with no way to change it, he joined the ranks of the skywing in the hopes of being accepted. More recently, Malachi has become a strong Tracker to the Skywing, being able to spy with ease due to his insect parasites. Many skywing have come to rely on Malachi, but he is still wary of his new friends.
   RP Sample: The shadows seemed to move as Malachi rose from where he lay. He slinked towards the dragon that had come to alert him of his summons. As he arose from the shadows, numerous insects scurried for the safety of their nests to avoid the light. The scales on his back seemed to consume the light as it touched them. In a show of intimidation, he spread his tattered wings out to enhance how large he was compared to the skywing. Lethargic as ever he stretched his jaw and then lowered his snout to glare at the skywing.
"To what do I owe the disturbance?" He said in a low, gutteral voice.

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Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight. Empty Re: Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight.

Post by Hyruu on Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:49 pm

Uh weird I was sure I had answered this. I'm wondering if the stupid mobile site didn't eat my answer...
Erm, so anyway an interesting character. There's one thing I'm actually wondering, and it's how did Malachi manage to live with these insects. In which state are the "wounds" they are living him ? The flesh being necrosed would cause a problem for his health, and the flesh being bare would be atrociously painful for him. The only plausible way I see would be for his flesh to have healed but the cut still be present, leaving the space for the insects to live.

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Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight. Empty Re: Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight.

Post by Malachi on Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:13 pm

True, it'd probably be for the best they are more healed pits than open wounds. I'll write in that change.
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Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight. Empty Re: Malachi the Swarm Lord slinks into sight.

Post by Hyruu on Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:02 am

Then fine for me. Approved !

Characters : Hyruu, Asher, Loque, Mei, Aakesh, Seyn, Rhune, Nara, Nisha
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