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IceWing Information

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IceWing Information

Post by Apolis on Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:01 am


- Oligarchy: There are 4 branches within the IceWing Government that go hand in hand to lead the tribe. Within these branches is an Autonomy. The respective councilman can self-govern their respective branch however they please. They are as the following:

  • The Military Branch: This Branch and it's Councilman deal with the tribe's military forces and defenses. Very self explanatory.

    Councilman: Open

    Infantry: Trained soldiers who fight on the front lines and are called into battle to fight under the IceWing name. The Infantry soldiers are in one situation or other. They have to go through extensive BT (Basic Training) before they are sent off to be garrisoned. When garrisoned they are commonly sent off to train even more to become better soldiers. Exposed to all different kinds of conditions these are some of the toughest soldiers in the IceWing line of battle.

    Support: Soldiers who are always at the ready to be called in when needed. They supply the infantry with anything from bringing in food and water to joining the fight. Usually Supports can be seen before or during battle creating fortifications to help. After they pass BT (Basic Training) they are garrisoned like infantrymen.

    Royal Guard: Infantry Soldiers given a special position to guard the Monarch and attend council meetings. Given extensive training on disarming and defending these soldiers need to have what it takes and be ready for anything.

  • The Executive Branch: This Branch and it's Councilman deal with politics in all sorts of aspects in regards to the tribe.

    Councilman: Apolis

    Politician: Contribute to areas of the field of politics need be. Deal with allegiances if not the Executive, compose formal messages and announcements, and can fill in as representatives of the IceWing Tribe when in audience with other individuals of authority or tribes.

    Economist: Deal, manage, and maintain the tribe's resources, trade, and territory landmarks labeled for construction, mining, or preservation. Often appointed to supervise the harvesting of ores used for armors by vulcans. Very important in the system.

    Messenger: Deliver messages, requests, and written announcements from the Executive Branch to other branches or tribes.

  • The Sciences Branch: This branch and it's Councilman are in charge of the tribe's health, potions, experiments, magic, scholars and vulcans.

Councilman: Sindragosa

Scholar: Dragons in training who learn the theoretics of the craft they wish to perform later on. Similar to Trainee but exclusive to the Science Branch, Scholars can only become one of the ranks noted below.

Vulcan: Blacksmith of the tribe that work with usually durable materials and work them into armor and weapons for the soldiers to protect and fight with.

Warlocks: Addition to the offensive and defensive ranks of the Icewings, masters of ice magic that support and fight alongside the Infantery in war or support the Guardians in defending the territory. Go hand in hand with the offensive and defensive parts of the military.

Healer: Have learned the way of repairing the body. Can either be Priests, who use their healing capabilities within the tribe's territory or Combat Medics, who use healing magic on the battlefield to support the soldiers.

  • The Monarch Branch: This branch and it's Councilman are in charge of the tribe's citizens and issues revolving around that.

Councilman: Open

Caretaker: Mothers of hatchlings until they grow into a maturity-stage, can often fill in to take care of hatchlings without parents.

Runners: A type of Tracker, but instead, checks the borders of the territory.

Tracker: Hunters of the tribe, in charge of maintaining the food and source of such. Often managed by Economists.

Guardian: Defenders of the tribes Citizens, go hand in hand with the Military branch.

Knight: Branches off of Guardians and are assigned to specific people(s) to protect and supervise.

Please apply here for your new rank!
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