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SeaWing Ranks

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SeaWing Ranks

Post by Omichli on Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:26 am


Tribe Leader
Lieutenant (Currently occupied by Irroro Sei)
Guardian- Guardians are also oversee court cases where they judge a person accused of a crime.
Wise Ones


Sentinels: A sub-category of Guardians, the Sentinels are stationed around the borders of SeaWing territory, and manage what comes into the land. If one wishes to enter our territory, they must pass through a Sentinel. Sentinels are just as large and bulky as Guardians, with a lot of combat training to prevent dangerous creatures from entering our tribe.

EDIT: Seawings are allowed to enter an exit the land whenever they wish. However, dragons of other tribes must be escorted to their destination by Sentinels. This includes tribes allied with the SeaWings

Escorts: Escorts allow regular citizens to travel around the more dangerous parts of the world, protecting them during their journeys. They are some of the most capable combatants the SeaWings have to offer, and are also knowledgeable of the land's geography, in the event that the dragon they're guiding gets lost. They also escort groups of miners to the seabeds in order to keep them safe.

Miners: Miners are dragons that travel to the sea-beds and extract different materials from it, which the Vulcans use to create weaponry and armor.


The Seawing village contains a fairly large arena, where Dragons can duke it out in friendly sparring matches, or settle disputes via combat. The fights are managed by a sub-catagory of guardians, known as "Battle Guardians", who ensure that the fights do not get out-of-hand. Fight Guardians are trained to subdue violent opponents, capable of restraining dragons much larger than them.


The SeaWing tribe does possess a fairly large military force, but decides to keep it within their borders in order to protect the village. Their offensive military power is heavily guerrilla-based, making use of several different task forces to combat the enemies in different manners. There are 4 different groups, each divided into 5 squads of up to 5 people.

Wing: The areal assault group. Wing is made up of dragons with above-average flight capability that are able to fly above enemy lines and deliver a quick bombing run (in which they attack the enemies on the ground with long-ranged abilities) before flying back.

Talon: The assassins. These dragons have the greatest stealth capabilities of the tribe, capable of sneaking behind enemy lines to take out high-priority targets, before sneaking out.

Flame: The demolition group, Flame consists of dragons with incredible power, usually with long-range attacks, capable of grouping up and destroying large targets such as buildings or villages. They get in range, siege their target and then escape with (hopefully) their lives.

Aqua: The spy group. Aqua members specialize in concealing their presence under water, travelling to other tribes to gain information.

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Re: SeaWing Ranks

Post by Oργή on Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:44 pm

Guryon here! This looks really good, and I really like this. Good job with it!

Heres Oργή’s theme!

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Re: SeaWing Ranks

Post by Omichli on Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:18 am

Additional information added to Sentinel rank.
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SeaWing Leader

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Re: SeaWing Ranks

Post by Sponsored content

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