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Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle! Dragon10
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Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle!

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Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle! Empty Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle!

Post by Abyss on Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:18 pm

Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle! Abyssal_lagiacrus__finished__by_pyro_morfus-d63be6y
Personal Info
Name: ???
Alias: Abyss
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual.  
Personality: Abyss is mysterious. When speaking, her voice attracts the attention of all those around her, as she doesn't normally verbalize her thoughts. Soft spoken, her choices are lead by her leaders opinions. Generally she analyzes the situation before becoming part of it, and sometimes this can lead to her taking the blame. However, most outcomes are positive for this wingless dragon, as she tends to side with those who weigh in with more intelligence. Several things about her are unknown- hence the mysterious quality. She does, however, commune to the gods in a ritualistic manner. When need arises, she can go extremely wild.
     Analyzing situations.
     Situations in which she cannot decide what to do.
     Peer pressure
     Too much tension in an environment.
     Abyss fears the one thing that she prizes above all others will flee from her with age: Her intelligence. To prevent this, she has read every book, and gone to every battle her nation has had to glean information. She only surrounds herself with people who prove themselves worthy. Though she is a Vulcan and bookish, she also prizes her strength. Though she isn't as strong as other Dragons, she can still hold her own.

General Appearance
Height: Due to her mixed breeding, Abyss stands at 32 feet.
Scales: Her scales are black and grey, peaking at a cyan blue on her spines.
Eyes: Crimson, no pupils.
 Abyss is a mixture of three tribes. Her parents, Rogues, bred together to make her. The result was something that they abandoned on a cliff, hoping for reptilians to kill her. Black scales make up the majority of her body, her underbelly a softer gray. Cyan spines can be seen from her crest and  shoulders, along with spikes on her tail. These spines hold electrical charges, naturally formed from the currents of energy within her own body and the earth around her. Armor plating helps her with her electrical abilities, as she has gauntlets and plates on her fore/hind legs. Her tail has several iron spikes locked in chains, acting as multiple lightning rods. She can control her electricity extremely well without these augmentations, but when she uses them it's as though she doesn't have to think about it.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SkyWing
Rank: Vulcan Warrior.
Family: Family is dead, murdered by Abyssal's own paws.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
 Since she's a mix (25% SeaWing, 25%NightWing, 50%SkyWing) of Tribal blood, Abyss has several strengths. Her Seawing ancestry has allowed her the ability to breath underwater, her NightWing blood allows her mental prowess, and her SkyWing blood allows her to be a nimble flier. Though she has no wings, she uses her lightning to magnetize and de-magnetize herself using the planet itself as a base. In short terms. She's using magnetic force to allow levitation through artificial gravity.
Special Abilities:
 Dissaray: Using the electric current she naturally makes, Abyss affects the gravity of the area surrounding her. Through physical contact, she can change the gravity around another being. This allows her to either crush her opponent with an immense natural force, or help her ally in flight by taking weight from them. This is all through polarities, though.
 Magnetic Personality: If her opponent has armor with metal in it, Abyss can change the electric pull in the area surrounding her. This creates a magnetic attraction, causing the opponent to either relinquish their armor, or be jerked towards the SkyWing in a disorienting motion.
 Though she is strong, she isn't immensely strong. She tends not to do entirely well in 1/1 combat, and struggles when she can't find a way to defeat abilities. Short-combat is the way to defeat her.
Combat Style:
 Abyss tends to stay back for the beginning, observing her opponent and taking mental notes. When she feels as though she can properly read her opponent, she will use her lightning to taunt, jibe, and annoy the opposing dragon(s). If she can correctly read how they would react, she'll immediately go into close range combat. If not, she returns to the defensive.
 Being abandoned on a cliff, Abyss had to go through life as an outcast. Learning that she could swim, manipulate the mind of her prey to come to her, and fly through her own abilities, she had no issue growing as a rogue. When she came across her first dragon, however, her response was awe. The SeaWing leader, Omichili, was a being of pure beauty to her. Deciding she wanted to know more, she became a nomad. Acting as a scholor, she went through her adolescence learning from the tribes, reading whatever they would allow her to. Deciding that the Vulcan craft was one she should learn, she apprenticed to a few for a temporary time. When it came to crafting, she took the knowledge gained from the libraries to create her armor, and perfect an idea she had for her kinsmen. Finally, when she reached adulthood, she traveled to the land of the SkyWings- but first, she planned to enact revenge on those who made her life a living hell for the first three hundred years of her childhood. Her parents.
 The cliffs were like a different life to her, one without the intelligence she had purloined from the other tribes. Memories of the days when she struggled for food were a dim recollection now, as she glided through the air easily. Guardians from the tribe she was so focused on found her easily, though a few were in shock of her appearance. Word of a flying dragon without wings quickly spread, as she was taken prisoner for questioning. When meeting with the leader, she finally revealed who she was. Her entire history was relayed to the elegant Wyvern, the tale intriguing him enough to where he accepted her blood into his tribe.
 Now she works to make armor for her fellow tribe members, taking the skills she's honed over the years to new heights. Gas masks were made out of cloth and mail to protect her kin from the NightWing's breath, and smaller re-breathers came out of her forge with chemicals to give the dragons three hours of air. The result of her works was praised, though she calmly ignored it in favor of the humbling past she has experienced.
RP Sample:

The lightning in the storm above Abyss arced in a graceful pattern, signaling the dragoness that her time had come. The large metal poles around her shop attracted the energy, the lines of metal meeting to form a bowl in the middle of the forge. The blue electricity arced repeatedly, melting the ore into perfection. The energy was stored, magically sealed into the melted metal by the runes transcribed into the floors around the basin. The result was a cobalt-blue metal, bubbling within the center of the basin like boiling water. Soon, however, the lightning rested. The energy was now gone, but the rods remained a cherry red from the excess heat. Picking the basin up, the female Skywing poured the metal into the molds, letting it shape into the helm she desired. When it had cooled enough, she picked the unfinished piece out of the setting. Taking her hammer to the anvil, she began the long arduous work to craft a helm to fit herself. The cobalt armor would be known as her trademark, and its name would be written in her logs to be discovered by other dragons, and admired by all. Sky Craft: Aether armor.
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Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle! Empty Re: Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle!

Post by Abyss on Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:24 pm

Also, to clarify.

Her ability to change the gravity of someone based on the magnetic polarities is reliant on touch. Everyone carries a natural magnetic charge, so that's that as well.
SeaWing Vulcan
SeaWing Vulcan

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Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle! Empty Re: Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle!

Post by Cosmos on Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:41 pm



Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle! 10mqyci
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Abyssal Lagiacrus Storms into Battle! 6f61bk
Cosmos was the cutest baby..

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