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Rhafala Brightwing

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Rhafala Brightwing Empty Rhafala Brightwing

Post by Rhafala on Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:38 am

Rhafala Brightwing 5Hw1pG7
Rhafala Brightwing Qm8xzXr
Please note I own both images, having drawn them, and would appreciate they not be used elsewhere
Personal Info
Name: Rhafala Brightwing
Alias: Steelweaver. Far - this is more of a nickname than an alias, and is simply a shortening of her given name
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Rhafala is, first of all, a very stubborn creature. Once she sets out to do something, that's it - there is no turning her aside from any goal she has set her sights on, and likewise, it can be hard, if not impossible, to change her mind once she has taken a notion or idea to heart. This makes her rather heard headed, and very unlikely to ask for help, even if she needs it. Rhafala views asking for assistance as admitting she's wrong, or weak, and she won't stand for either of those things. One cannot be seen as inept, not if they want to be alive at the end of the day. On the good side, it does make her very loyal, too, for once you've earned her good favour, that's it. She's with you, until the end.

Somewhat of a loner, Rhafala has little patience for crowds or noise, and gets snappy rather quickly when confronted by either. As well, she has next to no tolerance for hatchlings, or youngsters in general, finding their higher pitched voices, and general lack of social graces grating on the nerves. While generally near silent unless a situation demands she speak, being hemmed in and irritated will bring her temper surging to the fore - making you realise that this rogue vulcan actually has rather a short fuse. While she won't stoop to seriously harming anyone, swatting at the offending being with wings, tail, or a closed paw is fair game. Even worse is the sharp edge of her tongue - be warned.

Overall, though, Rhafala can be reasonable and pleasant. You just need to be patient and willing to put up with some cynicism and sarcasm to get there. Dedicated to her craft, Rhafala will gladly show off her work to any interested party - she doesn't care about tribe or rank, long as they appreciate good smithing. Talking about forging is, actually, one of the few times Rhafala will talk at length, and with animation, getting kind of hard to shut up.
Interests: Learning, Forging, and flying
Dislikes: Children, Crowds, being the center of attention, and loud noises

  • Deep, dark water - drowning is, to Rhafala, the worst way to die, and she actively avoids deep water if she can manage it.
  • Being badly maimed - losing a limb would hinder her ability to work, and she would rather die than ever stop forging.  
  • Small spaces - Rather claustrophobic, Rhafala will refuse to enter a space that she cannot spread her wings within. It's a fear of being grounded and helpless, rather than dreading the space caving in on her, though the latter does factor into her worries.

General Appearance
Height: 85ft
Scales: Rhafala's scales look almost like feathers - were they not much more stiffer than feathers, obvious in the way they trail from her tail. Not stiff enough to serve as spurs, mind you - just not enough give in them to look all swishy and elegant. They are not as tough as true scales either, but they do give Rhafala a little more freedom in movement, allowing her to twist and spiral around in the air. They are coloured a pale yellow-gold on her face, and a dark brown-orange on her body normally, with
Eyes: Bright Blue
Appearance: Her entire body, bar the throat, is covered in feather-scales, with the feather-scales growing into a bird-like tail, with a dragon tail at the center. In colouration, she is a bronze-yellow for most of her underside, though the top sides of her wings and face are a cream colour, with markings in an almost gold-yellow. There is a crest of half-circle shaped feathers on the back of her neck and head, with a longer, fluffier feather hanging down along one side of the neck. The crest is coloured a vibrant red, with markings in orange and purple. On the side of her head, Rhafala has a grey horn, that curves out from the face, before arching back towards the neck. The horns, from above, resemble crescents, and serve to defend the vulnerable neck when the head is arched back. The upper jaw is beaked, with the tip a sharp hook, while the lower jaw is more rounded, and lined with sharp fangs.

Rhafala's legs are scaled, like those of an immense bird, and coloured a drab grey, though the thick plates on the front of the legs show scuffing and some scars here and there. The talons themselves are long and hooked, and the dragoness tends to make clicking noises as she walks on hard surfaces. Which is why, usually, Rhafala will fly to wherever she needs to go, using broad, powerful wings, the undersides of which are webbed, and coloured like a dusky sky. Towards the wingarm, the webbing is a deep purple, lightening to paler colour on the outer edge. One other thing to note are her eyes - a bright, almost glowing, blue, as keen as those of any bird of prey, and about as friendly.

As she moves, one gets a sense of the character within - despite her looks, Rhafala is not a creature of sunshine and warmth, at least, not in the cheery sense. No, Rhafala is a forger of weapons and armour, and is well versed in using what she crafts to great effect. As such, Rhafala can often been seen wearing the fruits of her labors - talon sheathes of shining steel, a blade strapped to her tail-tip, though she eschews armour. It would just slow her down.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Lightwing
Rank: Vulcan

  • Father: Kunzra
  • Mother: Raialah

Mate: N/A - Open
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

  • Speed: Fast on the wing, there isn't much that can catch Rhafala if she doesn't want to be caught. Not that she can keep the pace for long, mind you.
  • Agility: As well as fast, Rhafala is agile, able to turn and twist in the air. The fancier her flying, however, the sooner she will have to rest.
  • Weapon-Play: Being a vulcan, Rhafala obviously deals with a lot of weapons. Her favoured tools of violence are a set of talon sheathes, worn over her claws, that extend her reach and improve the chances of dealing harm, and a blade strapped to the tip of her tail. She can use swords, but is simply mediocre with such things, and prefers her sheathes and tail blade.

Special Abilities: Rhafala is adept at wielding light, as a member of the LightWing tribe. Her favoured attack is a flash of light intending to blind an opponent, but she also uses her colour changing scales to similar effect, patterning herself in disorientating bands of colour, with the intent of making her hard to look at, let alone hit. Obviously, this takes a certain level of concentration, since the colour changing is linked to emotion, so it cannot be done for long, or very drastically. It is usually pulled out as a last resort, hoping to shock an enemy into a lapse in concentration.

  • Stamina: Rhafala doesn't have a lot of stamina - she's amazing for quick, powerful strikes, but she can't do it for long. As such, she prefers to fight hard and fast, and get a brawl done as soon as possible.
  • Hot-Headed: With rather the temper, Rhafala often ends up in fights she can't win. Being too stubborn to back down, it's a wonder she isn't maimed - or worse.
  • Weak-Scales: Her scales are softer, and more flexible than those of other dragons. While this allows her greater maneuverability, it also affords her poor armour, and she can suffer wounds much easier from an errant swipe of claws. She also molts. A molting Rhafala is a very grumpy lady indeed.

Combat Style: Rhafala fights fast and hard, holding nothing back. She aims to blind the enemy, and close in for the kill, preferring the strike from the air, rather than on foot.

History: optional

RP Sample: Rolling her eyes, Rhafala leaned forwards, tapping a talon on the blade of the sword. Nestled against a sheet a dark blue velvet, the weapon shone bright silver, like a deadly-edged star. Doubtless it was this shimmering that had attracted the attention of this dimwit. He had come here, all full of bravado and swagger, and demanded her finest weapon for, tomorrow, he flew to war. Trailing after him were moon-eyed females, swooning and cooing like insipid doves. Rhafala spared a moment to lift a lip in a dismissive sneer, before turning her unimpressed gaze on the male.
"You don't warrant my best - you'll just get killed, and that's that! It's lost!" Before he could reply, a paw to his chest, wounded pride in his eyes, Rhafala slammed her tail behind her, startling him into silence. "I know a warrior when I see one, and you still have shell behind your horns - go pester someone else for their steel - you'll not find it here. Now get out of my sight, before I encourage you to do so!" She had raised her voice, and now dragons were staring so, with some bluff of 'my father will hear of this!' the male and his covey left, leaving Rhafala to stare down the rest of the market. One by one, they dropped their gaze, and went about their business. Snorting, the dragoness set about rearranging her wares, so the sword did not shine so much. Magpies were not usually the best fighters.

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Rhafala Brightwing Empty Re: Rhafala Brightwing

Post by Hyruu on Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:08 am

Refer to my post on the other topic, and just letting you the time to see if you want to change something ^^

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Rhafala Brightwing Empty Re: Rhafala Brightwing

Post by Rhafala on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:31 am

She's good to go Very Happy I may edit in history as I go, just to keep track of things that happen in character, but for now, I'm done.

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Rhafala Brightwing Empty Re: Rhafala Brightwing

Post by Hyruu on Thu Nov 05, 2015 4:45 am

Alright approved then!

Characters : Hyruu, Asher, Loque, Mei, Aakesh, Seyn, Rhune, Nara, Nisha
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