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Tournament Idea (Idea in progress)

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Tournament Idea (Idea in progress)

Post by Bassasail on Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:08 pm

The tournament I had in mind was something that everyone could do, fights and challenges for team and individuals. Sad enough, gods are not allowed for, well, the fact with how powerful they are, this gives the more 'mortal' dragons a chance to be competitive and cooperative with their own team and against others. Challenges go from races, to capture the flag, to fighting, and all of that fun stuff! The top three teams get a prize for all of its member that participated, for those who only watched do not receive one, it is only for the team and individuals who participated. Please read the rules below:

Each arena is built a different style and size, the more base and simple arenas are the smallest arenas, arenas any larger are more advanced then theories with more obstacles, from dangerous erupting volcanoes to flooding tides with dangerous creatures in them, and to plains falling apart into the earth.

Rules: We all dislike these, but, its not a tournament without rules!
#1: There will be no killing just for the fun of it outside of a battle, the person will have their powers stripped from them and will be kicked from the tournament officially, they will receive their powers after the tournament.

#2: There will be no sexual harassment or raping other people, this will lead to serious consequences that most do not wish to endure.

#3: Requesting battles are not allowed for the battles themselves are picked at random as well as the fighters. If a fighter has lost then they have the option of staying to give support for their team or they can leave.

#4: Even after the battle there is no killing the opponent(s) if they are knocked out or forfeited, but as an added bonus to keep this fair as well there will be no absorbing others at any costs, there will be no stealing powers and keeping them after the battle, all powers and abilities belong to their fellow users.

#5: Members of other teams can speak with each other but will not fight outside of the battle, this will come to a ban from the tournament rounds they have to participate in and the rounds will be given to someone else.

#6: There will be no “extra boost” items allowed in the tournament itself, if found, the item will be destroyed and the user will be kicked from the tournament itself.

#7: There will be no ass-pull moves that you get, no powers that pop out of nowhere, and no strengths that you instantly get. If you have achieved a new power or absorbed someone and gained their power OR gained a new item, better put in their applications very quick, because if these "new powers/items" are discovered and are NOT in the application you WILL get kicked permanently from the tournament.

#8: HAVE FUN!!!

Challenge One: Earth Bound
This is the challenge that fighters are stripped of their own powers and basically become human. Any healing, extra strength and speed, psychic, blood abilities, etc. are disabled until after the battles, and will be given back to their corresponding users after they leave the arena. If the user still has a form of their powers then they will automatically be kicked out of that battle and will have lost their chance to fight in the rest of the tournament itself.

Challenge Two: Gravity Walls
The point of this challenge is to capture a gear from an NPC, the users will only have ONE of their power/abilities to work with which is given to them at random although there will be no blood/regeneration powers involved, all others are disabled, and the powers given to the users are chosen at random. Every few moments (three posts from each user) the NPC will change the gravity in the room, and the users will be dragged or will have fallen to the next wall/floor/ceiling. Whoever beats the NPC first does not matter, its whoever retrieves the gear first will win the round.

Challenge Three: Capture the Flag
One of the most common challenges, the elemental biome challenge is a serious of biomes split into different sections, where there are a total of seven flags, each one corresponding to their familiar biomes: Desert, Volcano, Grassland, Jungle, Cloud (sky), Ocean, and mountain arctic. There are three fighters for this challenge and this only requires the first person to gather ALL flags.
Concerning the Ocean Biome: you have to swim there, no flying and no manipulating the water in any circumstance. You can build a raft of a sort and go from there, but this gives most people the chance to race to that flag and fight for it underwater.
The Cloud Biome is a sky ship made of very thin glass! One wrong step and one could shatter the ship and the flag could end up anywhere, even in lava or deep underwater. Flying abilities are required for this Biome, and the flag is inside the ship as well, so good luck with that!

Challenge Four: Brawl!
Four people are put into an arena together and they will battle it out to see who the strongest, fastest, or smartest of all is. The first fighter to defeat the three others wins the round. This is a brawl match, meaning all powers are required, and until they quit, beaten until they cannot continue (this means no ass pulling powers), or are knocked out all must battle till the last. There are hidden trap that could absorb ALL of the fighters energy in one wrong move, fatally wound the challenger(s), or even knock them out! If the fighter is knocked out then they are not to be killed or beaten, they will be extracted via teleportation. There is not absorbing anyone in this match, there is no trying to kill anyone that is not fighting (Spectators/fighters not in the challenge), and there is no blowing up the arena either.

Challenge Five: Partner Battle
A total of four people will be thrown into the arena, but each fighter will have to partner with at least on of the other fighters, there is no choice in the matter. Example, Pyrrus and Nihlus team up they have to go against ShodowBolt and Rii, this is acceptable by all means as long as there are only two pairs of fighters working together. They have to fight until they cannot continue or until one of the fighter’s forfeits, if one of the fighters forfeit that pair that fighter is in will automatically lose.

Challenge Six: One on One: No Mercy
This challenge is made to put one person with another and allow them to duke it out at full force. There are no rules to this, but no one is allowed to kill any spectators/fighters that are not in the ring. The fight will wage on until the opponent is knocked out, cannot continue, or forfeits, there is no absorbing anyone or killing while they are knocked out.

Bonus Challenge One: Mash Up!
This challenge is very rare to come by, six people, free for all battle, whoever is last standing wins. Much like Brawl and One on One, everyone is at full power and force, whoever completely out of power, knocked out, or forfeits lose. People from each others guilds/clans/tribes will be put together as well against one another.

Bonus Challenge Two: Collapse
This challenge is made for close quarters combat. The entire arena will fall apart as time goes by! Flying ability and levitation is all disabled!

Placements and prices:
Losing: For those who lose they will not be able to participate in the rest of the tournament, and have the option of staying or going home. If they stay, they are only can watch. They are not allowed to assist other fighters in any way even if that means giving the other fighters extra energy or an item, they will be kicked from the tournament permanently.

Team prizes: the one team with the most members that have won and are still active (meaning no losses) will receive a big prize for the entire team, and smaller prizes individually.

Placement Prizes: Winning places from 1st to 2nd to 3rd for individual fighters will receive massive prizes for them and their own team. The top three fighters in the tournament will receive these prizes and for their teams as well, the 1st place will receive a bonus prize for their efforts of making it to the very top.

Breaks: Every five to six challenges there will be a break where your characters can hang out, freshen up for their next battle, eat (yes, in character eating), and some extra events that are on the side that your character could win a smaller prize.


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Re: Tournament Idea (Idea in progress)

Post by Bassasail on Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:31 am

Bumping this, It is updated, if any of you have anything you want to add anything that is fine.


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