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Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished) Dragon10
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Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished)

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Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished) Empty Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished)

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:22 am

Personal Info:
Personal Info
Name: Shizarou
Alias: Sinful, the Black Death, Demon of Sin, Demon of True Darkness
Age: 2300 years
Gender: Male

Personality :
Personality: Shizarou is a dark being who only sees the pleasure in destruction, death, and blood, created for that purpose he spreads disease, death, and chaos across the lands. He is very manipulative and takes every chance he gets, even smiling to see the pain of others, being an opportunistic psychotic sadist who only seeks to be ruler of all, and stops at nothing to get what he wants, even risking his own body to gain the advantage. While he can make dealings with others, he kills them the moment they either start losing or have already lost, caring less for weakness and emotion. As for love, he has a love for those who share his interests: domination, destruction, darkness, and much more of the such. He craves power and eternal darkness to shroud the world, caring little for others, he does anything to get what he wants, and at times even allowing his pride to get in the way and is a smart trickster.

Interests: His main interest is to be above all others ruling any and all under his wings till the end of his time, he wants eternal darkness over all and will risk anything for that sol purpose and he loves seeing the pain of others. He has the superiority of flight and land battles, being both furiously fast and ferociously strong, he is very well determined to gain his power and become ruler. He is so blinded by his own power and hype and greed and lust for power that he calls himself God, not a god, God the LORD Almighty, from which he believes that he will take that status one day.
Dislikes: He believes that emotion is weakness, so seeing theories have emotion he considers them weak instantly and will kill them. He does not like being called weak, that fact of being called that in the past angers him to the highest point for he believes he is too far from weak at this point of his life. Loosing power is more of a fear, but when he feels like his power/energy is draining he will do what it takes to kill the enemy swiftly.

Fears: Only one fear he has is the fear loosing his power, those who gain so much power alongside others crave it the more, killing those close to them in order to keep their power and gain more out of fear. The fear of him loosing his power is quite unstable, in fact, it drives him mad and sends him into a bloodlust, killing anything and anyone in his way to keep his power.

General Appearance:
General Appearance
Height: 80 ft
Scales: Most of his scales are pure black, there are scales that come down to a sharp point around his maw which does act as an outer pair of chomping fangs, these scales are harder then most of the others on his body besides his wings, tail, and torso. The scales that are red glow red constantly due to the dark power and evil that flows through him. His scales are very toxic due to the dark magic he was infused with so long ago that they can absorb attacks made of darkness, yet the force of the attacks could still deal some damage.
Eyes: Glowing blood red
Appearance: Being the demon war and darkness, Shizarou is a pitch black dragon with piercing glowing blood red eyes, having several spots on his scales glowing red due to the dark power he possesses, his scales can be use as slicer along his body. His wings are feathers covered in thick, sharp scales that allow them protection and his tail is more of a sideways sword shape, the tail literally being used as a sword to hack at even the thickest of hides. The edges of his wings acts as blades as well, slicing any others in mid air, they can still take damage, but it would take powerful forces in order to do so.

Tribe Information and Status:
Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWing
Rank: Guardian
Family: No
Mate: No
Hatchlings: No

Skills and Abilities:
Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Having toxic scales that can spread plagues when needed, the scales act as very small knives (human sized daggers) and can slice through other wings and armors and scales and skin, once they have pieced through flesh, a plague will spread through the body of the opponent slowly during battle, causing them to loose strength and energy to fight which makes it the more easier for Shizarou to kill them. Compared to other beings Shizarou is large, being 80 feet tall, he is nothing but muscle, sharp scale, and disease, considerably he is sometimes called "The Black Death." His speed matches his strength perfectly, flying between 55-130 mph he had the strength to collapse an entire army of weaker dragons, with minimal damage, his scales are immune to darkness and fire, fire only to a certain extent, the force of the blasts however he is not immune to. Physical attacks do damage but not as much due to his thick scales and muscle mass, but the force from a powerful ranged attack could prove much use against him. He can absorb darkness from all corners of the area he is in within a 50 yard radius and use it for magics and attacks and defenses. He can extend his tail 35 more feet then what it usually is, which is already long enough, but this causes fatigue in the tail muscles and is only used j=in case he misses a powerful attack, but what is remarkible about this is that his tail is faster then himself on land then he is..

Special Abilities:
Special Abilities:
Life Bane: A form of Earth and Black Magic, Life Bane allows the user to slowly absorb the opponents life energy and power and give it to the user, although, this can only happen when the opponent is poisoned and are weakening. The drawback is that the user can only absorb so much, so they would have to use that extra energy in order to not have an overload and collapse form the shear power. The drawback to this power though is if he is hit hard enough (For example a large force enough to push him back) it would stop him from his life absorbing power, not only that, he looses half of the power he gained from the opponent.
Black Magic: Having a complete understanding and sinful uses of the arts of Black Magic, Shizarou uses all types of the magic, being filled with he dark magic itself his body is immune to that particular magic, and it give him the advantage: devouring and absorbing darkness and turning into his own. He can control darkness to his own whim and will, being filled with it already he can create voids and beams of beams of darkness instead of fire. The drawback to this is the amount of energy that is lost with eh use of the attacks and the charge time for each one, to be exact, a single beam of darkness could take up to one post to charge up and two posts to recharge.

Weaknesses: Although he is powerful, he is weak to light magics, at least stronger light attacks and tricks, and although his scales are thick and very well sturdy there are two spots on each of his sides, from which if an opponent strikes there hard enough it could knock the wind out of him and cause him to stumble, allowing the enemy the upper hand in attacking further on. When using a powerful blast of darkness or a certain black magic spell, curse, or attack he must recharge for some time in order to use another one, although he is filled with darkness he uses that darkness for physical attacks as well.

Combat Style:
Combat Style: Brutal, unrelenting and unmerciful, Shizarou attacks his enemies from all side, up front, from the side, from and above and under, and from behind he does not play at all, he kills, killing for a living and absorbing the power of his foes, gaining strength as he does from the dark magics he uses. He shows no mercy, yet, if he thinks a foe is as strong as him or is weaker then he will play with them, much like a child playing with its food. Although, when he does have followers and companions besides him he allows them to deal damage, and if they fail or die, he steps in and goes in for the kill.

History: Darkness and Light had fought for long before time, and from the ashes of war the Darkness had fallen into retreat and fear, knowing it would die form the light. One day, the Darkness had come up with a plan, to create the new ruler of darkness who would lead the forces of the abyss upon the plains for which it shall devour. It began its construction for millennia, taking the lives of the psycho, demented, and dangerous beings and forging their souls into a single one, taking their strength and power and putting it into one. This creation had to be created with time and effort and carefulness, filling the creation with darkness and black magics, the time earth was made had passed, and the time of the prehistoric had passed as well, leading to a new age, the age of the Dragon, but the age of Man as well. The creation was finally finished, the Darkness beginning to die into the balance with light as it turned the creation loose, giving it the name of "Sinful," or, Shizarou. As the Darkness disappeared, Shizarou was born without parent, but was found by a NightWing who would take him in and care for him, watching the hatchling, or whatever it truly was, grow into a truthful and well being of honor and pride. Shizarou started out in a forest where he was raised by a female Shadow Dragon, who took on the role as a Witch Doctor who cared for other dragons and would despell curses and sickness, but one day, Shizarou was sickened with a terrible plague, yet, he seemed completely normal. The disease was from a glass of liquid he thought was a healing potent for wounds, but he was dead wrong. The disease spread through his body, infusing with his scales and his inner darkness, unleashing the beast from within. The NightWing tried her best to cure him, but only failed and died but he hands of the now corrupt dragon whose heart is now of pure darkness, sin had taken over and destroyed the being he once was, and became the monster known today as The Black Death. Shizarou lived a life of conflict, seeking to fuel his greed, lust, and seeking to bring out wrath from himself, there was never a day he had not thought about his actions as weak and inexcusable, thus, he began to tap into the dark magic and as he defeated every opponent he came across, he devour their essence and life force, leaving them dead and devouring their bodies as well. For years, he had repeated this role, his greed an ever lasting hunger for conflict, he had grown powerful enough and blinded by this power and the sin, he proclaimed himself to be God of all, the Judge of man and dragon alike and different, he would go about spreading disease and darkness upon the lands, and thus, Shizarou became the evil tyrant known today as a very potential threat.
As time had passed, he came across the beaches of a vast sea where he would kill other NightWings and LightWings who had been conflicting, and killing them all, he was about to absorb their essence and devour their bodies, until he came. The seas arose as a large blue being arose from it, walking towards the massacre. He had a crocodile like appearance, standing on two legs, his armor was thick with blood as the red liquid seeped into the blue ocean, turning apart of it red. The two had spoke, and when the "blue one" had confronted Shizarou for his actions he called the black dragon "weak" and "pathetic." This angered Shizarou and he went into a rage, attacking the blue dragon first, but the blue dragon was swifter on land and ducked and spun, using the power of his body and tail and hitting the side of Shizarou very hard with a force Shizarou had not known. The black dragon stumbled back, shooting a beam of blackness towards the blue dragon only for it to be pushed back by a larger beam of blue fire. Shizarou was defeated and retreated into the skies, enraged of his loss, he would find rest and heal up.
Shizarou for years had wandered about, looking for land to rule of his own, and not finding any, he gave up that purpose and found a new one: for those who follow him shall find salvation in darkness and eternity, they shall wreak havoc on the gods, and for those who oppose they shall be devoured by the darkness, only to be tormented and punished of the likes of pain and suffering. Shizarou continued his onslaught on the land, growing even more powerful as years passed, and if he found that blue dragon again, he would kill it with the vengeance he wanted for so long.

RP Sample:
RP Sample: Shizarou flew about, the skies dark with darkness and raining down black beams of darkness destroying anything in their path. He was the Black Death, a creature fallen from Grace, and monster sinful not even hell could stand to keep it, it would have to be destroyed. Shizarou wanted to destroy and rule any and all, and as he landed an army of man stood in his way, prepared for the fight of their lives. But as they all rushed with their sword and shield and armor, Shizarou silenced them all with a wave of darkness which blew them back and cut down the army. Using the dark powers, he absorbed their essence and devour their bodies by the handfuls, blood and torn bodies splattering to the ground and as the ground soaked up the blood it created a land of horror, a scenery only beautiful to the Sinful Beast who feasted upon the souls and bodies of man. After Shizarou was done, he took off, looking for his next meal to fill his belly and fill his greed and last for power.

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Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished) Empty Re: Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished)

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:10 am



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Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished) Empty Re: Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished)

Post by Arkhor on Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:43 am


Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished) Otp62r

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Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished) Empty Re: Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished)

Post by Sly on Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:33 am


Alright, I'm pulling out Arkhor's Approval for 1 reason:

You have a total of 3 abilities, including the poison scales you have hidden under strengths. I have also noticed that you have edited your app almost a month after it was approved. I'm not going to point any fingers, but as of now, your character is overpowered (the scales not only poisoned, but being able to cut through almost any part of a dragon and poison them in the process).

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience but, because you have edited the app after an approval was made, the approval is now void and you will need a new one. Next time, when you edit your app, please ask for staff to review it again.

Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished) Empty Re: Shizarou, Demon of True Darkness (Finished)

Post by Celestia on Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:16 pm

Sent to declined due to abandonment. Please contact a member of staff if you wish to revisit this.

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