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Draco the eternal flame (revised)

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Draco the eternal flame (revised)

Post by Draco on Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:28 pm

Personal Info
Name: Draco
alias:the eternal flame
Age: 14 in human years
Gender: male
Personality: Draco is the kind of dragon who will fight to the end until the battle is over and the tribe he is on has won.  Draco is a adventurous, battle hardened, and only wants to see the best for his fellow tribe mates (is that how you pronounce it?).  The only thing important about him is that he is a foreigner from another part of pyyria.  (But there is a tow things i forgot about draco, yet this does not count.)  draco is a flamling, which means that is where his special ability came from.  like for what the eternal flame's have taught him, he had never stoped training, and thinks he will never stop, because of if he had a mate with hatchlings, and he never trained, he won't be able to protect them (which actually happened one time way in the past).

General Appearance
Height:86 ft
Scales: red and gold
Eyes: gold
[]Tribe Information and Status[/b]
Tribe: FireWings
Rank: Warrior
Family: they are dead
Mate:also dead
Hatchlings:i think you know what i'm going to say next.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: he may be big and bulky, but he is quicker and more agile while in the air so he can launch attacks without being slowed down.
Special Ability: the eternal flames: this special ability may seem pretty weird, but this is passed down from generation to generation of the eternal flames.  What this does is that a high-temperature flame comes out of Draco's mouth when a trigger appears (which could happen at anytime at any place, when he is battle of course).  The flame is so hot, it is known to melt anything that is not natural like rock and dirt, but i melts right trough swords, arrows, maces, and even enchanted weapons.
Weaknesses: Draco is weak not only to ice, but he is weak to water and darkness, because he is a fire dragon, but he hates the dark since the attack on all of his loved ones took place at that time.
Combat Style: Draco has strong wings from the extensive training of being part of the eternal flames, so he can fly around and shoot fireballs,beams of fire, or even use the special ability, . But if he can't fly, he can still use his mind to use the environment to his advantage, like when he is battling a ice dragon, he can lead it to the mountians so the dragon can overheat and stop trying to hunt Draco down.

History: Draco was a kind-hearted dragon who had his trust on the humans on where he used to live, for where the eternal flames had been formed on the Continent called "Erthiaus" (but that place is now uninhabitable, so yea).  But what happened next was the reason he moved and why Erthiaus is a place of death and destruction.  When the moon was at it's highest point in the sky, Draco heard some screams and roars.  Draco ran to his family's home, he saw something so horrible, even i can't put this into details because it was so that grusome of his entire family, hatchlings, and his mate all dead.  H saw this and he flew into a rage so bad, that is why Erthiaus is uninhabitable.
RP: (note this is a flashback on to the incident of what Draco calls that).  It was a Dark night and Draco flew around the desolate islands where the humans and other animals used to live in.  He landed down on top of a pile of rubble of what was a house made of stone bricks, and a burnt skeleton of what was a dog and it's human owner.  There was a one human left on the island though, barely alive, and Draco put his foot down on the human and with the crunching blow it's entire body and killing it instantly.  But then, Draco woke up from his nightmare of his past.

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Re: Draco the eternal flame (revised)

Post by Arkhor on Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:33 pm



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