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Zyazz blood SkyWing Joining

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Zyazz blood SkyWing Joining Empty Zyazz blood SkyWing Joining

Post by Zyazz Blood on Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:22 pm

Zyazz blood SkyWing Joining Index10
Insert Image Here
Personal Info
Name: Zyazz Blood
Alias: Zyazz Blood the revenger
Age: 14 Human years
Gender: Female
Personality: I am a sweet dragon with an optimistic look on life. I also am rambunctious and clumsy at times but, I don’t mean to hurt anything. I also have a side to me that’s a bit edgy and cautious. I don’t always remember what all I do in a day or what I am told. I have a Long fuse that is hard to light but once you get me going I lash out and snap but I will apologize and leave until I feel better. I think hard and logically sometimes and I tend to overthink things a lot. Overall I’m fun to be around and kind to those who I trust
Interests: I love to fly, sing, hide, sleep, and count my stones that are shaped like hearts.
Dislikes: Freezing climates, Death, Lies
Fears: I don’t like anything that bites and stings, and I don’t like the idea of being alone in the dark.*shudders*

General Appearance
Height: 15’
Scales: My scales are gold as the burning sun with white as the snow
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Appearance: I am a strong and fast dragon with a lithe build. most dragons think I'm weak

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SkyWings
Rank: Tracker
Family: My family is a long line of dragons of metallics with large wings and tough builds our Line has been decreasing due to humans wanting our hides for wealth and magic.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Flying is my top thing I’m fast, and I’m good at hunting my patients and my camouflage make me a great hunter even though I prefer to ambush my prey.
Special Abilities: I can make my scales colors when I use the sun to my advantage, It’s a camouflage  thing I learned as a hatchling.
Weaknesses: Fear, Sorrow, Rage, Blindly trusting others, oh yeah and my stamina.
Combat Style: I don’t really fight but if it does come to that I will talk my way out of the situation.
History: Some other time.
RP Sample: (Provide a RP sample of how you would roleplay.)

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Zyazz Blood
Zyazz Blood
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SkyWing Tracker

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Zyazz blood SkyWing Joining Empty Re: Zyazz blood SkyWing Joining

Post by Arkhor on Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:30 am


Zyazz blood SkyWing Joining Otp62r

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