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Post by MoonStone on Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:05 pm

Personal Info
Name: MoonStone
Alias: Moon
Age: <1 year
Gender: Female
Personality: Nice dragon very kind and loving. Shy and doesn't do well in the spotlight. Gets mad only when something is amongst or wrong. Very determined when it comes to getting something done. Never gives up on anything, faith and hope.
Interests: Water, Flying, Moon
Dislikes: Poison, Mud, Lava
Fears: Spiders, Dying young, Not being able to fly 

General Appearance
Height: 1 foot Adult Height: 28 feet
Scales: Black and blue , rhombus shape
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Blue body and Black fin that runs from the back of head to tail and black lined wings with blue stripes blue can slightly change color

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue/SkyWings
Rank: Hatchling
Family: Areo Dynamic; Mother
MoonWing; Father
NightStrike; Aunt
Eveningsong; Aunt
Linus; Uncle
Exodus; Grandfather

Asero; Brother
Rateeko; Brother

Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Hiding, Fighting, Flying, Smart, Tell if dragons are lying easily by expressions
Special Abilities: Shoots out a blue beam of light that looks and acts like lightning only use once every 10 minutes.
Weaknesses: Tight spaces, act on uneasy situations, clumsy on ground, bad at history
Combat Style: Uses special ability when needed to. Bites or claws them when close.

History: I hatched. Deal with it.
RP Sample: I walk near a clear lake. As I stare into the lake my reflection gleams while the midnight moon reflects down at itself too. I hear a sound....a roar.... I think to myself.... where is this coming from? I look around and still hear the noise and follow the sound that my ears can hear. I look through the bushes and see another baby dragon. I walk up to him and see his left paw bleeding. I talk to him but he was trying to shun me away. I look at him concerned even if I didn't know him and get closer. He growls and says, leave me alone. I say, well I can help you with your paw if you just let me. He pauses and says, fine but only this time. As I get closer I look at his bleeding paw and see a big thorn from the forest deep in his soft paws. I then put my teeth on it and pull it out. He screams, Ouch! Hey, I got it out so your welcome. He stutters as he says, Thank you. I then ask him do you know where your going it is dangerous being out at midnight when you can hear strange sounds or sometimes cant see. He says, yeah I know where I'm going how about you? Yeah, I should be going. He says yeah I should too. I then try to fly but still cant so I run all the way back to my lovely home with mommy and daddy. Mom says, where have you been? I reply, sorry Mom I was helping this baby dragon. Mom says, well ok I was starting to get a little worried and your Dad wont be home for a bit he's out hunting for our dinner. I say, Ok mommy I'm going to the rock not to far from home ok? Mom says, ok but be home soon. I will, I always do. I leave home and walk up and lay on the smooth, flat rock. As I look up at the moon I begin to wonder, what is the next day to come? I then rest my eyes and suddenly, accidentally, drift to sleep.....

(Areo my bestest friend in the whole wide world helped me with this! ~ Written by Areo)


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Re: MoonStone

Post by Arkhor on Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:43 am



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