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Roaming the darkness (Open to all/site activity bump.)

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Roaming the darkness (Open to all/site activity bump.)

Post by Echostorm on Sat Jul 25, 2015 1:36 pm

Basic plot:

Very simple, several different dragons (No, don't ask me WHY. Maybe it was an order, an idea, something you stumbled upon earlier, I dun care. ;_;.) are going to explore a large, unknown cave system. They will find all sorts of things, from abandoned mines to jewels and treasures and strange creatures. You can make it up as you go along. It is a little DnD sorta thing. Place NPCs, jewels, anything! As ong as it is within the lore and rules. No talking slices of cheese or rocket-ships. But grottoes with sea serpents and the remains of dead adventurers ARE probably okay. This topic is mainly to boost site activity.
NOTE:If you have created an NPC, You control it. Dun take other people's NPC's, okay? Unless they say you can.))

Echostorm stood in front of the cave. It was large enough to fit an Earthwing, maybe with a little digging. She was curios to enter it, but also a little nervous. There might be pretty treasures. Or maybe horrific monsters. She certainly didn't feel like entering it alone. Too afraid to journey inside, she began to draw. It was a picture of the very cave she stood in front of. Deciding that if it turned out to be a labyrinth, she might want a reminder to point her in the right direction, in case she forgot. She wrote the precise location, and, how to get there from her own home. Midway through, her pencil snapped and the paper blew away in the wind. Angrily, she lashed her tail, which clinked and glittered in the light. She stomped over to the entrance and glared inside. From the little she could see, it seemed to veer sharply to the left. So much for seeing what she was getting into. Squaring her shoulders, she prepared to enter the mystery cave.

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Re: Roaming the darkness (Open to all/site activity bump.)

Post by Aether on Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:03 pm

((Can I jump in? I'm guessing they've already seen/spoken to each other vaguely? So here's the link to Aether's bio ))

His wings carved through the air like a craftsman's blade, expertly angled to gain momentum and fly swiftly. Aether was sure he was late, and he was all but relaxed with the idea of cave exploring, the thought alone gave him shivers all over.

It's not as if he hadn't done it in his early youth; at barely older than a hatchling he was a fearless expeditionist. He had explored caves, ruins and forbidden territories alike, all with nerves of steel and a heart for adventure.

Nowadays the sentiment for simple adventure had become less appealing, and exploring in general had only one worth: Prizes. After hearing lore of this particular cave, known for being laden with rare stones and potential treasures, Aether had found his interest piqued and decided to join the merry company. He, however, wasn't thrilled about the prospect of being stuck in dark spaces with other dragons, that's for sure. Yet, such things must sometimes be done. If not for experience, then for reward.

Aether gazes at the map he was provided and then at the landscape surrounding him, if he was correct the entrance would be coming up on his left. Time for a grand entrance. He folds the map away and tucks in his arms, stretching his neck a little to loosen the tense muscles there from an hour of flying. Then, like the flick of a wrist, his wings fold and he veers to the left, diving nose-first towards the small clearing in front of the supposed cave entrance. Just before he hits the treeline, he unfolds his large wings and they catch air, landing him gently and quietly a small ways away from the opening.

He immediately spots a familiar dragon from the company, peering intently into the cave. He raises a brow, pursing his lips at the unneeded haste he had made as to not be late, they were the only ones present. "Fearing the worst?" he says aloud, a hint of sarcasm in his words as he gives the other a cursory glance.
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