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Post by Crescent on Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:34 am

not going to put an image because i can not draw
Personal Info
Name: Crescent
Alias: N/A
Age: 67 Human years
Gender:  Female
Personality: Crescent is friendly to those she call her friends (which is none) though to stranger she is hostile and will try to scare away anyone she doesn't know .Crescent is a fierce fighter but will not kill or cause pain unnecessary,she will flee fights that she thinks serve no point.Crescent prefers to watch from a distance than show her self and she tries to stay out of every ones way.even though Crescent stays away from other if she sees someone who is hurt she will try to help them or, if she cant.then lead someone else over who can. Very few see this side of Crescent though, many just see an unfriendly rogue who seems to hate other nightwings
Interests:  flying where the air is thin ,developing her flying skills and the dark
Dislikes: Causing/seeing others cause unnecessary pain on others, sunlight and cramped spaces
Fears: Crescent is afraid of other nightwings, especially her brother

General Appearance
Height: 113 feet (she is bigger than other nightwings because her grandfather was a large nightwing rogue)
Scales: Crescents scales are black tipped with sliver around the edges.
Eyes: Crescent can see but is normally mistaken to be blind due to her eyes being white
Appearance: Crescents sliver tipped black scales make her look like the night sky.she has two long black horns on her head and two smaller horns on her snout. she also has a row of sharp spines along her back ending in a barb at the tip of her tail which she can use like a spear. Crescent wears l silvery black  armer that covers her entire body apart from her wings,a gift from her father, and a moon shaped amulet that her mother gave her

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: She belonged to the nightwing tribe for the first month of her life before she was chased away and become a rogue
Rank: rogue
Family: Mother and father are both dead.Only her brother(who hates Crescent) still lives
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: using her mind to find out what others are feeling(she can only do this with dragons that are not protecting their minds), A strong and agile flyer for her size.
Special Abilities: can exhale a black mist that casts the opponent into a deep slumber. As well as knowing what some dragon are feeling she can make others hallucinate there fears for a short amount of time.
Weaknesses: if she makes other hallucinate there fears to much she begins to lose her grip on what is real and what is not. enemy's can stay in the deep slumber for up to a week though there is a common flower whose sent can wake up the sleeping creatures instantly
Combat Style: Crescent strikes from the shadows,never leaving them making it harder for enemy's to find her. She relays on her breath attack and never does close combat unless its a life and death situation

History: For the first month of Crescents life she lived in a nightwing tribe with her mother,farther and her brother,who was jealous of her because she had more power than him.Her mother and father were kill by humans when they had gone hunting.this left just her brother, who is older than Crescent by a few years, to look after them both but her brother had been listening to dark spirits who told him that he could get crescents power if he killed her.After her brother had tried to kill Crescent 3 times she gathered the few gifts that she had from her parents (the armer and the amulet) and fled during the night, becoming a rogue
RP Sample: the wind caught Crescents wings, lifting her beyond the clouds into the clear night sky that was her domain.


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Re: Crescent

Post by Arkhor on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:53 am



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