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Which One of Your Characters Would You Be?

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Which One of Your Characters Would You Be?

Post by Alistair on Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:07 am

Ok, title says it all. Which one of your characters are you most like? Personality-wise and appearance-wise, and which one would you want to be?

Appearance-wise, I would be Gala. Because my hair is gold... Her scales are gold...  But my eyes aren't amber. Mine are blue. Razz

Personality-wise, I would be Kip or Yang. I am shy, and never talk unless I need to. Of course this is in real life... I am terribly bashful irl.

I would want to be either Alistair or Rylatha. Who wouldn't wanna be a dragon who could catch on fire? And be like a NightFury UFO? And Rylatha is awesome. She can shape-shift. Even into parasites, so if any of you people in chatbox try to eat her, she can change into a parasite and eat your brains.

So, what about you guys? Very Happy

[17:24:12] @ Celestia : taking my motercycle
[17:24:27] Alistair : oo motorcycle
[17:24:31] Alistair : vroom vroom
[17:24:45] @ Celestia : no cars go vroom vroom
[17:24:51] @ Celestia : motercycles go
[17:24:53] @ Celestia : zeeewwwww
[17:25:06] Alistair : and buses go honk honk <3

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NightWing Tracker

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Re: Which One of Your Characters Would You Be?

Post by Barracuda on Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:52 am

I ate her yesterday and she didn't do that.

For appearance? Probably Eve. I wear a lot of black and have tan skin, similar to black and orange feathers.

For personality? Hmmm... I have Warglory's dark humor, Elkas's love of knowledge (specifically science), Jadespine's scatter-brained personality and forgetfulness, I have Cuda's irritability and dislike for babies and toddlers, and I have Eve's shyness and desire to help. Really, the only charrie who doesn't seem to have a drop of my personality is Scourge. And he was based off someone else.

Who would I want to be? Well, Cuda has gills and fancy armor, and mirrors me when I'm mad. I would love to breathe underwater and would like to be her. But my new account, Echostorm, will have powers that I would LOVE to have. And Eve can talk to statues, but Warglory can create a huge image of whatever she has seen and name she knows behind her that mirrors her actions. Geez, this is hard.

I am also Elkas, Jadespine, Warglory, Eveningsong, Echostorm.

[18:18:21] * Arkhor slaps cuda with his tail
[18:19:14] * Barracuda "You DARE?" shoves Ark into the disappearing Volcano
[18:19:36] * Barracuda volcano-vanishes
[21:13:33] * Angel throws Barra out the window
[21:13:56] * Barracuda becomes the window
[20:47:03] * Barracuda give Baldi a bubble gun and a party hat.
[21:46:16] XDemonBloodWolfX : wheres the wiki?
[21:46:27] Barracuda : It is you, Demon
[21:46:34] Barracuda : You are the wiki
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Re: Which One of Your Characters Would You Be?

Post by Arkhor on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:35 am

For me my main choices are Ark and Devi, purely because their so close to my RL personality and their part of me Razz. So I like them both, each very similar but different.


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God of Life and Seas

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Re: Which One of Your Characters Would You Be?

Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:04 am

Oh gosh this is going to be hard XD

For Appearance: Honestly... Not really any. Maybe the closest would be Eva because of her brown and I have brown hair but Areo and Shore do have my blue eyes. But maybe if you mixed them together...
If you must:
ACK, NO! Welp... My dragons don't resemble me ;.;

For Personaility: I would have to say Areo on this one because she was based off of me and what I would do in the situation, hence first person. I not an overprotected who everyone hates, Bruno and Oreo, And I'm not super calm and healing all of the time XD, Shore. I'm not a total flirter like Kakori and Not a stalker like Sear, not distracted like Atmos, not mischevious like Eva, not a cold warrior like Angel, and... I'm actually a bit like Wolf is is strong headed and knows about Wolves... But I don't have a sister Razz.

Who would I want to be: Hmm well... I could be free, being a flirter would be fun, sister to a queen, healer with calming water XD, demigod? But honestly, I would be Areo because she's like me, doesn't have any 'super powers,' is fast, blends in, and... I just love her, you don't need to be a super awesome god to be happy, you just need you.
Aero Dynamic

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Re: Which One of Your Characters Would You Be?

Post by Eskan on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:16 am

I Might be Lynx, because I'm loyal to my friends, and am partially a leader. I also create, art, as Lynx creates ice art!


Last edited by Eskan on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:26 am; edited 1 time in total

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Re: Which One of Your Characters Would You Be?

Post by Asailia on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:18 am

Hmmm. Appearance wise, I'd probably be Neru. I wear a lot of blue and black, and generally spacey stuff when I can, and my eyes are blue like hers are.

Personality wise, well, I'm similar to Adra in a way, I guess. She doesn't like conflict, she tries to be nice to everybody. Problem is, my patience doesn't stretch out quite as long as hers does. Her limits for fighting are generally the same as mine though. Piss her off, you'll regret it.

If anything, I'd probably want to be either Zephyros or Neru, without her craziness. Zephyros is a cool dude, I like his powers xD He has a limit of getting too much electricity, but that wouldn't be too hard to deal with. And Neru before her craziness was pretty happy, plus she's a space dragon, which is just insanely amazing to me. She looks like a freaking nebula, and can go invisibleish and accidentally explode things. So yeah. Taadaa.


Alts: Adra, Neru, Wisp, and Zephyros

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