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Gaspar [Ready for review]

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Gaspar [Ready for review]

Post by thegreatgaspar on Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:12 pm

Placeholder for image - Will replace when I find one that fits the description
Personal Info
Name: Gaspar
Alias: The Immovable
Age: 843 yrs
Gender: Male
Personality: Gaspar is a quiet soul. He was never one to keep up with politics or even so much as to bother the neighbours unless he absolutely needed to. Most of his time is spent laying about in the sun or harassing the local farm-life. He is fairly suspicious of dragons that he is unfamiliar with, and can be somewhat secretive, especially when it comes to his personal belongings. In fact, many would say that he is quite possessive of his things, even moreso than what is normal for dragons. Those who get past his initial guardedness find a thoughtful and self-sacrificial friend, if a little bit sarcastic and stubborn.

Interests: Enjoys basking in the sun, collecting gems (as opposed to gold, silk or other fine things), sheep, the color blue, the sound of birds chirping, turtles, watching the stars, quiet afternoons alone, jokes and riddles, the smell of morning dew, swimming. He also likes to scare sheep. They are funny animals when they are frightened.
Dislikes: Sudden flashes of light, surprises, thieves, loud noises, viny plants, travelling.
Fears: Falling. He is to bulky and not a good enough flier to catch himself in the air most of the time.

General Appearance
Height: 100 ft from head to tail.
Scales: His scales are long and thin. They are packed tightly on his body, giving the impression that they are woven together like a vest, rather than the overlapping chain-mail style that is more common. They are a plain green-yellow color. From between them grow long quills that stick outward like a porcupine's. They normally lay flat against his body when he is calm, but can be raised to exhibit emotions. These are also greenish-yellow, but transition to a darker green at their tips.
Eyes: Golden eyes
Appearance:  Gaspar's general shape can be described as bulky. His legs are muscular and seem a little short for his body. His body is quite round, giving him a stout appearance, even though he is quite long to begin with. His tail is long and widens out at the end to create a spiked club. He has a shortish wide face (at least for a dragon) and wide golden eyes. His most prominent feature is the array of spikes that cover his body, neck, tail, the back of his wings and head and the front of his legs (see scales description above).

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue (Earthwing descendant)
Rank: N/A
Family: Father: Unknown (Baldirak Sapiens Draco) - Mother: TBD
Mate: None
Hatchlings: None

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: He is fairly intelligent and very large. His quills and tightly-woven scales make him extremely difficult to harm, and he is able to endure extremely harsh conditions. His legs are quite powerful, so he can move along the ground, dig and climb with more ease than it would seem for his girth.
Special Abilities: His body and the back of his wings are covered by an array of long quills that can be raised when he feels threatened, similar to a porcupine. Unlike a porcupine, though, they are made of the same material as his scales, making them far sturdier than any normal animal's. They are venomous and will severely weaken an opponent that is unlucky enough to be penetrated by them. The venom is not deadly, but causes fever, pain, dizziness, nausea and weakness of the limbs. Severe exposure can cause uncontrollable vomiting, which is about as unpleasant for a dragon as it is for anybody else. These can also be launched short distances with a flick of his tail.
Weaknesses: He is a poor flyer. He can get off the ground, but only after much effort or a bit of a running start, and is better at moving in straight lines over long distances than making sudden turns or dives. Think of the way a heavy beetle flies vs a fly. He also has no breath-attack, like acid or fire, but does have a venomous bite.
Combat Style: He is defensive fighter through and through. He is fairly tactical and has a solid understanding of his own strengths and weaknesses. He knows he is not agile enough in the air to go toe-to-toe with most other dragons on that front, so he prefers to let his opponent attempt a strike and punish them for their mistakes when they come in close or harass them from the ground with his projectile quills.

History: Gaspar spent much of his early life as a rogue dragon living on his own. His memories of his family, though happy ones, are faint at best. He had never know his father. His mother was a great quilled dragons like himself. She would bring him food and care for his needs as a hatchling.. but one day, she was gone. It wasn't long before instinct kicked in and he was fending for himself. He grew quickly over the years into the dragon he is today. He has managed to accumulate a large personal territory that he jealously guards. He occasionally associated with other dragons, but has kept to himself most of the time, so he did not gain much renown among other dragons other than for his stubbornness. In fact, he gained the alias "Gaspar The Immovable" as much for his unshakable personality as for his physical sturdiness.

RP Sample:

For a few  moments, nothing could be heard except for the soft drip-drip of water cascading from the cave ceiling and the shallow breathes of the human that stood in the midst of that chamber. What had brought that lone human here was a mystery to Gaspar. Perhaps it was one of the farmers looking for those sheep that had gone missing from the nearby farm. Maybe it was a treasure hunter that had foolishly presumed to have his way with the dragon's hoard while his attention was turned elsewhere. He could have even been a lost soul, trying to take shelter from the heat inside of the cool rock walls. Whoever this human was was of no concern to Gaspar. This was an uninvited, and most certainly unwelcome, guest, and that was enough for him.

The clamor of a dragon's guttural growling filled the cavern. The humans breaths became fast. It was frightened. Gaspar had been clinging to the cavern wall high above the natural field of view of the human as he observed it. Only after assessing the situation and administering the first dose of intimidation did he descend into view. His quills were raised high into the air, making his already massive form seem larger and more menacing. He bared his sharp teeth at the human, letting him know that he meant business as he stepped forward slowly.

The human took a step back. Gaspar took a step forward. By no means was the same distance covered the two, and the human found itself much closer to the dragon than it was moments ago.

Gaspar let out a mighty roar that shook the foundation of the mountain, much less the human, to its core. The human ran screaming for its life and was soon gone from view.

"Well, that was bothersome", Gaspar said to himself once he was satisfied the threat had been taken care of. He took a moment to take stock, walking into another chamber nearby that contained his hoard. It was a modest collection. He wasn't in an area that was particularly well known for its economic prosperity. Nevertheless, he surveyed his pile of gemstones with the look of satisfaction on his face. Everything was as he had left it.

He moved outside into the sun and his expression changed as his thoughts turned back to the intruder. This had not been the first human to wander into his lair, and it would unlikely be the last, especially since they had seemed to be more active as of late. He had heard about what they had done to the Earthwing tribe, which, until recently, had controlled a vast territory not far away from his own. He was sad about the loss of their tribe. He had had several run-ins with Earthwing dragons in the past and they had always parted ways on good terms.

His own relationships with the humans in his territory could have best been described as a tenuous peace. He would occasionally hunt over their farmlands, but preferred not to encroach on their settlements when food was available elsewhere. Yes, the rise in human activity, and boldness, was something he was sure he would have to deal with in the future.

Gaspar pondered over that idea for a moment, and then looked up towards the open sky. He could worry about that when it became a problem. Today was a bright and sunny day and he wasn't going to waste it.

"I think I'll bask in the meadow today", he said to himself before taking off at a brisk pace.


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Re: Gaspar [Ready for review]

Post by Atlantis on Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:32 pm



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